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Profile Overview


Reman Male

Character Information


Security/Reman Commando
RRW Jarok (Archive)






A rough, grumpy, yet highly dedicated officer and family man, Vuzhan serves as the RRW Jarok‘s chief of security and commander of its Reman Commando Corps (RCC). Having suffered for years under a regime that considered him a lesser form of life, he is exceptionally dedicated to the goals of the Romulan Republic – even if he doesn’t always trust Romulans to keep his people’s best interest at heart.


Vuzhan is of slightly-below average height and stocky build. He has a square jaw and wide features. Time spent as a mining slave and then as a warrior have left him with an impressively stout, muscled physique. Despite his unimpressive height, he is considered by many to be quite physically imposing.

Vuzhan’s skin is of a pale, mottled blue complexion, and his face is adorned with off-white tattoos that resemble finger bones. His eyes are green, and he has a prominent scar on his right cheek and jaw that he acquired during the Dominion War.


Gruff and no-nonsense, Vuzhan approaches his job with a fierce, almost vengeful determination fueled by a life of subjugation. While not necessarily unfriendly to his Romulan comrades, he keeps his distance from them; Vuzhan much prefers the company of fellow Remans. He is very, very protective of his Commandos – while he understands the necessity of giving lives to protect the Republic, he is very passionate about making sure that his soldiers are never viewed as more expendable than the Romulan members of the crew.

While off duty, Vuzhan is a loving and doting father to two boys and a girl. While he would prefer to stay on New Romulus with them, he believes that his presence as an officer within the Republic Navy is doing far more for Reman kind than he ever could staying home with his family.


Vuzhan was born in 2351 to a pair of slaves in the Remus Dilithium Mines, and was put to work alongside his parents at age 11. He quickly earned a reputation for being clever and a subversive thinker, which oftentimes made the Romulan overseers pay extra close attention to him and punish him harder for perceived infractions.

Growing up, Vuzhan’s determined yet conniving personality often made him a ringleader amongst his peers, despite his relatively small size. He quickly figured out how to steal extra food rations from his oppressors, then subsequently figured out how beneficial it was for his social standing to share said food. By the time he was 20, Vuzhan was something of a Reman mob boss, carefully orchestrating efforts to improve his people’s quality of life while doing his best to stay beneath the notice of his Romulan overseers.

Unfortunately for Vuzhan, it didn’t take long for said overseers to identify him as a potential nucleus of a slave revolt. While he was initially slated for execution via “industrial accident,” an opportunity happened to present itself that would put Vuzhan’s skills to a more important use within the Star Empire: the Dominion War.

Vuzhan was conscripted into a Reman Marine detachment, and his conniving nature would eventually see him rise to the rank of Squad Leader. He fought in numerous battles against the Dominion, seeing many friends die and even engaging Jem’hadar in close combat in more than one occasion. Vuzhan’s detachments would be amongst the many Reman units that would see combat under the command of Shinzon, who’s keen military mind certainly left an impression on the young man.

When the war ended, Vuzhan was able to remain in the Imperial military, and was amongst the many supporters of Shinzon during his coup. He one of the “officials” on Remus during the coup, and fought viciously against the Romulan invasion once Shinzon was killed and the coup failed. Ever the pragmatist, Vuzhan had been prepared for such an eventuality, and was able to escape alongside his parents and a few close friends to a system on the edge of Imperial space, where he remained for over a decade, laying low and hoping to avoid notice from his former oppressors.

It was only after the establishment of the Romulan Republic that Vuzhan began to consider dedicating himself to a cause again, as one of the Republic’s supposed core tenants was equality between Romulans and Remans. Venturing into Republic space alongside some fellow Dominion War veterans, Vuzhan made contact with the Republic Navy and was granted asylum on New Romulus, eventually bringing his parents on a later flight when it had been established that the Republic was genuine. Shortly after arriving, Vuzhan fell in love with a Reman refugee named Tamal, and would go on to marry her. A year later, Tamal gave birth to a pair of twins, one boy and one girl; two years after that, they had another son.

During this time, Vuzhan was using his experience as a Dominion War veteran to work as a junior instructor within the fledging Reman Commando Corps. in 2399, he was offered the position of Security Chief onboard a Warbird; an unthinkable position for a Reman in the old Empire. While Vuzhan desperately wanted to stay with his young family, he decided that he could be of better help to his children by proving to the galaxy that Remans could serve as senior officers on starships.