USS Apollo (NCC-82789)

Small, fast, and punching far above her weight class, the Apollo is a Starfleet scout vessel constantly probing the edges of the frontier and bring light to injustice.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 669
Executive Officer
ID: 1432
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
ID: 2121
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 1432
Ship's Counselor
ID: 669
ID: 669

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25 September 2021

I - The Prodigal Captain

USS Apollo: Back in the Saddle

Shuttlepod #47 was making a low and slow pass around the full length and breadth of the starship Apollo, staying within five meters of the hull to keep the highly sensitive metallurgical analysis it was carrying in range. After more than a month in drydock, she was finally fit to return to duty, [...]