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New Task Force 93 Executive Officer

July 30, 2023

A few days ago, Commander Taylor Shakespeare (aka abrasam) stepped down as Task Force 93’s Executive Officer due to real-life matters. His tenure in this role for the past five months has been exceptional, and we thank him for his time, dedication and service. We hope one day we will be able to have him back!

In the meantime, we are happy to announce that the new Task Force 93 Executive Officer will be Lieutenant Commander Joshua Bryant, better known as Garrett on Discord. We wish him all the best as he gets to know his new role and gets to know the great bunch in Task Force 93!



  • Thank you to abrasam for everything you've done! Real life really sucks sometimes. Congratulations to Garrett!

    July 30, 2023
  • Yes, thank you for everything! I wish you all the best. Congratulations to Garrett.

    July 31, 2023