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USS Notus (Archive)

Task Force 93

The crew of the USS Notus is a dedicated and small  compliment of Starfleet officers united by their unwavering commitment to exploration, diplomacy, and the pursuit of peace. With a shared passion for boldly venturing into the unknown, they embark on their mission along the Romulan border, navigating the delicate intricacies of interstellar politics and fostering relationships that transcend cultural boundaries.Led by Captain Alexander Peak, a new and empathetic leader known for his strategic thinking, the Notus crew is entrusted with the critical task of maintaining stability and promoting cooperation in a region that has long been marred by tensions and mistrust. The USS Notus embodies the spirit of exploration and diplomacy, representing the best of Starfleet’s ideals. As they navigate the vastness of space and engage with Romulan counterparts, the crew of the USS Notus stands as a beacon of hope, fostering understanding, and forging lasting connections to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for all species involved.

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12 June 2023

A Shiny New Button Part 1

USS Notus (Archive): Running Fence

Getting off the transport ship USS Kallua.  Lieutenant Alexander Peak grabbed his bag headed out of the airloack docking onto Devon Fleet Yards.  The Yard was not just one or two ships but a series of docks working on all types and sizes of Starfleets ships.  From a Galaxy class [...]