Priority Mission: Ashes of Deneb

August 24, 2023

The Dominion Lost Fleet caused chaos across the Deneb Sector, ravaging the frontier as the Changeling-infiltrated Starfleet Command deliberately turned a blind eye to the disaster. Only the intervention of the Fourth Fleet brought salvation to these worlds. But it takes more than winning battles to save the day.

Ashes of Deneb is a new fleet-wide Priority Mission, launching today! Priority Missions are long-term narratives that run outside of major events, Fleet Actions, or campaigns to give members options for guidance and frameworks in their storytelling. Previously, PMs were run by and for individual TFs, but going forward there will only be one fleet-wide PM at a time, developed by the Intelligence Office. This means that writers across all TFs may collaborate, if they wish, rather than being divided between their units.

Where FAs and campaigns depict intense high stakes across a relatively short period of time, PMs depict less urgent scenarios and may last a matter of months, allowing members to dip in and out as they wish. They are here for members who prefer to engage with fleet canon, or enjoy writing in a framework provided by staff, or like to collaborate – either directly, or by engaging in the same sandbox/scenario as others. While the Intel Office highly encourages all writers to participate in an FA or a campaign, PMs are highly optional, and members are welcome and encouraged to continue to develop their own narratives and stories outside of major events if they wish.

Ashes of Deneb continues the narrative of the Deneb Sector, where the Fourth Fleet seeks to keep the frontier safe, assists rebuilding, and begins new missions of exploration into the unknown. It is a chance to follow through with plot threads left lingering after the Fleet Action. Members who were assigned Mission Briefings in the FA with wiki articles are encouraged to update those articles to reflect any important events from the Lost Fleet campaign.

You may see, in coming days, that Task Force staff will begin narratives or storylines occurring in Deneb. These plotlines are open to writers from any TF; a problem with past Priority Missions was that individual TFs had too few writers interested in collaborating and thus engaged and creative members were kept separated. Now, any member may collaborate, just as they may in campaigns/FAs, and TF staff may drive narratives or create storytelling opportunities that can be shared across TFs.

Ashes of Deneb will not include Mission Briefings like the Lost Fleet; the BFMS briefing provides direction for members and TF staff to create their own stories going forward.

The Intel Office anticipates Ashes of Deneb to last several months until the next major fleet-wide storyline.