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USS Siren (NCC-91253)

The Siren and her crew have been tasked with escorting various civilian vessels and small Starfleet ships through the Thomar Expanse, toward the unknown regions beyond Ultima Thule, and to continue exploring outward from there.

USS Siren

Manticore-class • NCC-91253 • Task Force 47

Ride Heavy Explorer Division

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16 November 2023

3 - Briefing

USS Siren: The Old Wounds

Looking in the mirror was always a hit or miss for Lieutenant Commander Deriad Leis. Being a joined Trill, he was used to his own face, as he’d been looking at it in the mirror for the better part of three decades. For the past six years though, he had also been the host of the Leis symbiont. [...]

14 November 2023

2 - Final Addition

USS Siren: The Old Wounds

Most of Captain Nushif Ejoma’s early childhood was spent among Vedeks and Priests of the Bajoran faith. Her family had always been called to the clergy, so growing up around asceticism had just been a fact of life. Liminal spaces and sparse accommodations with the bare minimum of creature [...]

10 November 2023

1 - Passing In Review

USS Siren: The Old Wounds

To say that it had been a trying week for Captain Nushif Ejoma would be a gross understatement bordering on parody. Over the course of the last six days, she had conducted an away mission to a set of ruins, asked her El-Aurian flag officer about the Borg, and lambasted the same flag officer for her [...]