Niana Tondro's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Rear Admiral

    • Sean is another member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty who came on board during the transition from what was to what now is. In the last year, Sean has been bounced around a bit as he’s been needed in a few different places. 

      Originally, Sean was asked to take up the difficult mantle of the last incarnation of Task Force 9. In that position, Sean was able to make objective and valuable recommendations based on what he saw in the aftermath of Task Force 9. It was due to this feedback that the last incarnation of Task Force 9 was closed, seemingly a chapter in Bravo Fleet history that was meant to come to a close. However, Sean wasn’t done! During that time he helped develop almost completely on his own what became Task Force 25: an experiment in canon that had never been tried before in Bravo Fleet, based around The Reliquary canon that Sean had built, and with which the BFA was more than willing to let Sean try out. Task Force 25 survived for almost a year before we were unable to realistically continue its operations, another honest and forthright opinion given to us by Sean.

      Now, Sean serves as the Bravo Fleet Magistrate as a result of his objective, even-keeled decision making and welcoming demeanor. However, for all of his hard work in the past year guiding TF9 and TF25, I’m happy to congratulate him on his promotion to rear admiral!

      — FAdm Teylas Ramar, BFCO

    09 June 2020
  • Promoted to Commodore

    19 April 2020