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Profile Overview

Deriad Leis

Trill (joined) Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Leis


First Officer
USS Siren


Deriad Leis




Deriad, the current and fourth host of the Leis symbiont, is the First Officer of the USS Siren. He came up through the ranks in Tactical and Security, showing an aptitude for handling stressful situations with a calm demeanor. Those who have served with him have considered him to be a fair officer, and a man with an impeccable sense of duty.


Deriad has a sharp wit, and a keen sense of duty.


Starfleet Academy

Deriad’s scores throughout his time at the academy were within the above-average range, and he largely spent his time there taking elective security courses on how to deal with the various belligerents of the Federation as well as several command track courses.


Deriad was stationed on the USS Valedictorian, an aging Ambassador class starship on her final cruise before decommissioning. Assigned mostly to personnel transfer and “milk run” missions within the Alpha Quadrant, he considered it a relatively boring posting, but it did allow him to quickly learn the ins and outs of a ship’s security detachment. It was during this time that the Trill Symbiosis Commission contacted him, requesting that he become the new host to the Leis symbiont. Leis’ previous host had been in a shuttle accident, and the prognosis was grim.

Deriad had never really considered the idea of joining, but he was unwilling to let a Symbiont, a sentient being in its own right, die because of his inaction. He took a shuttle to Starbase 211, and underwent the joining process. He was ordered to take two weeks of leave to help him adapt, before returning to the Valedictorian. 


Deriad was transferred to the USS Phoebe, a  Luna class science vessel, as the Chief of Security. The ship’s mission was to explore beyond the Typhon Expanse, and undertake the regular mission of the Federation; peaceful exploration and humanitarian aid. In a stroke of bad luck (or good luck as most of his fellows would say,) the ship was stranded in the Expanse during Frontier Day.


Owing to the need for more command officers in the field after the disaster that was Frontier Day, Deriad was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and assigned to the USS Siren as the ship’s First Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2393 - 2395 Security Officer USS Valedictorian
2395 - 2401 Chief of Security USS Phoebe
2401 - Present First Officer USS Siren
Lieutenant Commander