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Profile Overview

Amanda Greystone

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Greystone


Mission Specialist
USS Siren


Amanda is an accomplished senior field officer with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. She’s known for her quick mind, adaptability, and her ease in dealing with fellow wrench-heads. She is currently stationed on the USS Siren as a mission specialist.


Amanda is somewhat tall for an average human woman, standing at 5’10”. Her dark brown hair is kept in a neat bun lest it fall down past her shoulders.

Her default expression could best be described as “painfully neutral” or “disaffected” at worst. She carries herself with the professionalism expected of a seasoned field officer by both her posture and her demeanor.


If nothing else can be said of Amanda’s personality it’s that she is a nerd for anything mechanical. She thoroughly enjoys taking things apart to see how they work, and re-assembling them based on knowledge gained.

Outside of work, she is an avid card-player, mostly enjoying poker and blackjack. She reads avidly (mostly fiction), and enjoys exercise either organically in the outdoors or on the holodeck.


Starfleet Academy

During her time as a cadet, Amanda showed a proclivity toward an Engineering track, enjoying the more physical and mundane aspects of it versus the academic and theoretical. Never one afraid to get her hands dirty, she spent two years as a cadet engineer responsible for the upkeep of the Academy’s fleet of small craft.

It was also during her time at the academy that Amanda poured over the logs and data that the USS Voyager had published after its return from the Delta Quadrant, and became fascinated with the Borg


Amanda’s first posting was on Szilard Station, a tertiary Starfleet Corps of Engineers station in the Alpha Quadrant, as a junior researcher. Her assignment while stationed there was with the engineering team assigned to the power station. This offered her a significant amount of “hands on” experience in the field, but did little to sate her professional and personal curiosities.


Amanda’s second posting was at Starbase 211, also within the Alpha Quadrant, as a research fellow. During this time she was part of a team interviewing and documenting the lived experiences of xBs, as well as doing theoretical studies on how best to adapt Borg tech to suit Starfleet’s needs in the field.


Amanda was given command of a small station on the fringes of the Beta Quadrant in 2395. Along with a team of scientists and engineers, the job of the station was to study and disassemble a severely damaged Borg Sphere that had been found adrift at the edge of the Quadrant. This was the assignment that Amanda enjoyed more than any other she’d had to that point.

In 2401, due to the sudden activation of the Sphere, she had been forced to scuttle it, rendering the base’s function all but useless, and she was ordered to report to Starbase 47 for reassignment.


Amanda has been assigned to the USS Siren as a Borg mission specialist. It is her first posting aboard a starship.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2388 Engineer Szilard Station
2388 - 2395 Research Assistant Starbase 211
2395 - 2401 Commanding Officer Brunel Station
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Mission Specialist USS Siren
Lieutenant Commander