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Deep Space 19

Unity-class • DS-19 • Fourth Fleet

Deep Space 19 (DS-19), code-named Concordia Station, is a Federation Unity-class starbase located in the Kovar system on the outer edge of Federation space in the Alcott Sector of the Federation’s shared border with the Romulan Free State. 

After its construction in 2380, it was initially intended to be used by the Federation to promote joint exploration missions with its former and new allies after the Dominion War. Though it was only sometimes successful with representatives from the Romulan government, it has successfully served Starfleet for over two decades in promoting coordinated exploration efforts beyond Federation territory with other powers.

Furthermore, Deep Space 19 is a critical link in Starfleet’s hyper-subspace relay network for its deep space exploration assignments—many compressed data streams from ships on deep space exploration assignments in the Beta and Delta Quadrants are received by Deep Space 19. 

It also provides defence for one of the Federation’s prominent colonies, Kovar Prime and is critical to the security of the Federation border in this region. Further defence duties were assigned to the station in 2399 when Coppelius in the Vayt sector became a Federation protectorate.

Odyssey Heavy Explorer Squadron

The Odyssey Squadron is a formation centred around the starship USS Odyssey, the prototype of the Odyssey-class explorer. It is currently under the command of Fleet Captain James Preston McCallister. The squadron was assigned as a deep space expeditionary force within the Delta Quadrant. Assembled at the end of 2400, the squadron was ordered to proceed to the Swallow Nebula region beyond the Gradin Belt to begin re-exploration efforts. The squadron was assigned directly to Fourth Fleet Operations and not one of the fleet’s task forces; it also works closely with the Delta Exploration Initiative.


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22 June 2024

Give Me Your Tired - 5

Deep Space 19: Give Me Your Tired

Feeling a mix of anticipation and caution, the away team quickly checked their surroundings after materialising in an empty but cramped storage room. Taf, her heart pounding, had her tricorder out and was flooded with relief to see that they had found a place to use to sneak in [...]

18 June 2024

Give Me Your Tired - 4

Deep Space 19: Give Me Your Tired

Anizza was making the final adjustments to the tractor beam systems when she felt a cold chill go down her spine. Then, the loudest sense of pain, extreme pain, overwhelmed her. She felt dizzy as she knew exactly what it was. In fact, it wasn’t a what but a who. Tate. She turned around in her [...]

17 June 2024

Give Me Your Tired - 3

Deep Space 19: Give Me Your Tired

“Tate!” a familiar voice called after him amidst the commotion of sparks flying in all directions, the sounds of people weeping or crying out in pain, and the sense of being in an overcrowded space. Looking around what was meant to be a transporter room but could have been a barracks with the [...]

16 June 2024

Give Me Your Tired - 2

Deep Space 19: Give Me Your Tired

“And with that, the first batch of new orbital platform weapons will come online by the end of tomorrow, ma’am.” Looking up from her PADD, Admiral Jaret’s gaze met the Bajoran woman standing before her and the other senior staff. She smiled at Dalen, appreciating her consistency in [...]