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Profile Overview

Jaxxon Horin

Betazoid Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Horin


Executive Officer
USS Formidable


Jaxxon Lewx Horin

2nd January 2359

Mellstoxx III


Jaxxon Lewx Horin is a Starfleet officer and the current Executive Officer assigned to Deep Space 19. He was the former Chief Strategic Operations Officer on Starbase Bravo. He has had a very steady career, one that has been plagued due to his family’s status in Betazoid society. Almost seen as having regal stature due to him being a member of the Fourth House as the eldest son, Jaxxon’s mother’s position within the higher echelons of the Betazoid government is notorious. Her influence rivals many others in similar positions, not just within the inner aristocratic circles of Betazoid traditions but in many parts of the Federation, too. That said, Horin’s career accomplishments have separated him from his heritage. A skilful tactician and pilot, he is renowned by his peers for his detailed examination and worthy tactics in any situation. 


Jaxxon has always kept his dark brown hair brushed backwards and off his forehead. As he has got older, he has grown a strong stubble beard and keeps this well-maintained. He hated how much people referred to him as being young-looking as he took on more senior positions. 

Standing just slightly under six feet, he is an imposing figure but is known to keep himself physically fit. Often, he is seen taking morning or evening jogs (depending on his duties and his mood) as a way of not just keeping himself healthy but also to help him clear his mind. This is something he has done since his academy days. Though not a keen weightlifter, at least once a week, if not twice, he will find the time to visit a gym to further add to his exercise regime. 

Taking after his father, his dark black eyes have a slight twinkle in them, which is something his wife said was one of the first things she found attractive about him (along with his smile and sense of humour).


There’s a lot to say about Jaxxon, but at the very least, he’s active and confident. Of course, he’s also tolerant, dutiful and sensitive. His active nature, though, is what he’s most well-liked for. On many occasions, people will count on this and his forthright nature when they’re feeling down. 

He is someone that others turn to for his idealism, especially when others need that extra boost of encouragement.  His wisdom and objectivity, though, are what he is kind of cherished for. People regularly count on him and his strong leadership in times of crisis.

Nobody’s perfect, of course, and Jaxxoon has a few less favourable characteristics, too. Those who work under him quickly find he can be quite the taskmaster. He wants things done in a timely manner and rarely gives any leeway. This is because he expects the best from everyone, and when someone makes a mistake, and they do not learn from it, he becomes quite irritated with them. This all said those who serve with him in the end develop a high level of respect for him and his methods of getting a job done. In recent years, though, he has mellowed with this approach.


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Federation of Planets


  • Mother: Vxivanna Horin, Federation Emissary
  • Father: Darrexxa Horin, Starfleet Admiral (retired)
  • Sister: Louwanna Horin, Starfleet Captain 
  • Wife: Anizza Horin, Starfleet Commander 
  • Son: Tateumm Horin, Starfleet Ensign


Early Life

Born to the Horin family of Mellstoxx III, Jaxxon Horin was the oldest son of a Starfleet commander and a member of the Betazoid government. His father, a Starfleet officer, was one of the liaison officers assigned to the colony, and his mother worked in the diplomatic services. Growing up in the family’s estate in the northern hemisphere, the Horin family was part of the Fourth House of Betazed; as such, they were quite high up in Betazoid society. A member of the aristocratic society, Jaxxon was cared for by a range of nannies and childminders, just like his slightly younger sister Louwanna. 

Thankfully, both children were fortunate to have one particular nanny who gave them a well-rounded informal education and ensured the children didn’t have a silver-spoon upbringing. Her progressive views of ensuring the children saw how others who were not part of their House lived aided how the children viewed the world and the galaxy around them. She taught them strong values and principles, somewhat in conflict with their parents’ views on certain matters. However, the children eventually understood where their parents came from. When they were old enough, they both attended private boarding schools. Louwanna was left at the family home for a couple of years without seeing her brother on a daily basis. The siblings only saw one another when he was home for the holidays or at certain functions or events their parents had to attend or even host. 

While at boarding school, Jaxxon’s interest in almost every subject served him well. An almost academic genius and extremely gifted when it came to sports, Jaxxon took on every opportunity that came his way and did it well. Completing his education with the top grades gave him a great start when he applied to join Starfleet. His entrance exam was a challenging one for him at first. Nevertheless, a strong lesson in humility was enough to help him pass. 

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Completing his entrance exam at the Mellstoxx campus, Jaxxon found himself at the heart of one of the most sophisticated training centres outside of Earth. For his first year, he was stationed on Mellstoxx before he was given the chance to go to Earth for his second and third years. By this time, he had already picked his specialism in astrophysics and astronautical tactics. Being a capable cadet, he was encouraged in many other subjects. 

Returning home to Mellstoxx to complete his fourth year, Jaxxon returned as a different young man. Not as cocky and so sure of himself all of the time. His taste in interacting with others and different species was enough for him to make sure he was reflective on his work and took the time to ensure whatever assignment he was given, he put one hundred per cent effort into it being his best work. His perfectionist routine was noted by his instructors and professors on several occasions. 

USS Prometheus (NX-74913)

After graduating in 2372 and at the top of his class, Jaxxon was approached to join Starfleet R&D to train as part of a small group of people who would learn how to operate a new top-secret vessel: the USS Prometheus. Initially assigned as one of the pilots, Jaxxon found himself enjoying his work on the ship as it was built in secrecy. His time away from his home caused some distress from his mother, especially as he was bequeathed to marry someone whom they had set up earlier on in his childhood. Similar to what his sister had done, he had placed his career above his family commitments, something he came to regret eventually as somehow his betrothed was funnily assigned to the Prometheus as one of its engineers. Anizza Teavi was of the same age as him, and both had been on Mellstoxx at the academy campus in their first year together. They had bumped into one another during a few basic training sessions, but nothing more happened after Anizza moved for her final three years to study on Archer IV. 

In 2374, Anizza and Jaxxon decided to give their relationship a try, and at the height of the Dominion War, they weren’t sure if they would remain on the Prometheus or not. While out on a supply run between the test site where the Prometheus was working on some of its experimental systems and Beta Antares Shipyards, the ship was hijacked by the Romulans. Unable to provide any assistance in time, the two officers were left behind and were forced to watch the ship escape from Starfleet control. Though only junior officers, the two were placed on board the USS Spector to assist with the recapturing of the prototype after the USS Bonchune was disabled in Starfleet’s first attempt. Knowing some of the ship’s systems and abilities gave Starfleet some upper hand in tracking the ship down, but no one was prepared for what happened when the task group sent engaged three Romulan D’deridex-class warbirds. In a bold attempt to use the Prometheus’ access codes, Jaxxon and Anizza worked together on a plan to break through the ship’s regenerative shielding system for a brief amount of time and beam aboard a Starfleet commando team. Their plan was never implemented due to the fact that the ship was retaken by its Emergency Medical Holographic program alongside the EMH belonging to the lost USS Voyager. Once it was safely placed back in Starfleet’s hands and the incident with the Romulans dealt with, the Prometheus required a crew, and both Jaxxon and Anizza were keen to return to their work. 

For the next four years, they remained on the ship; Anizza was made assistant chief engineer by 2377, while Jaxxon was its chief flight control officer. In mid-2377, Anizza fell pregnant, and the two decided to return to Mellstoxx III to get married before their son was born. Applying for positions in the system, Jaxxon and Anizza were able to join the crew of Starbase 4 while they settled into their new life.

Starbase 4

Before starting their new jobs, both of them were married in a traditional Betazoid wedding among family and friends. Several weeks later, they joined Starbase 4, with Jaxxon becoming its new Deputy Director of Tactical Operations. This position gave him the flexibility to hone his skills in tactics while expanding his knowledge and understanding of defensive systems, and on some occasions, he was allowed to command small missions on runabouts and other smaller crafts. Almost halfway through 2378, Anizza gave birth to their son, Tateumm Andreus Horin. Both of them took paternity leave, and after a year at home on Mellstoxx, Jaxxon returned to his duties on Starbase 4. 

By the time Tate was eight, Jaxxon was offered the chance to become the chief security and tactical officer on board the USS Artemis, a brand new Obena-class vessel. Being able to bring his family along made a huge difference to the Horin family. Anizza was offered the chance to be the ship’s chief engineer as well after the original one was reassigned elsewhere.

USS Artemis (NCC-83011)

For seven years, Jaxxon enjoyed being head of the ship’s security and tactical division. Eventually, he was made second officer, too. The Artemis served within Federation territory and spent at least three years working along the Romulan border. In 2393, the ship was sent to the Cardassian border as part of a small Federation task force to deal with some pirate raids taking place among the colonies there. Jaxxon was commended by his captain for his tactical thinking in being able to develop tactics to locate and capture the pirates. Furthermore, they discovered that the pirates were being supplied by a Ferengi merchant that he also went on to be able to capture.

A year later, in 2394, Anizza and he decided to call it a day with starship life and wanted to return to Mellstoxx III to give Tate the chance to enjoy living on a planet again as he entered his last years as a teenager. Both of them took up jobs working on the construction of the new Starbase 4. 

Starbase 4 – Starbase Bravo

Being part of the huge project to assemble the new Guardian-class starbase, Jaxxon and Anizza would travel every day via shuttle to their work after Tate was sent to school. Both worked as one of the assistant construction managers, overseeing different areas. Jaxxon was assigned as tactical development lead, while Anizza coordinated a team of engineers who worked on the actual assembly. Eventually, their jobs led them to be offered positions to remain on Starbase Bravo. Jaxxon was given the chance of being the new Strategic Operations Department head, while Anizza was offered the position of Director of Shipyard Operations. He took the role, but Anizza had to turn the job offer down due to the need for her to take personal leave to help her sick mother. 

By 2400, Jaxxon was promoted to captain and, after the death of his mother-in-law, took the time to help his wife with her loss. Anizza, not wanting a high senior position, was allowed to join Starbase Bravo as one of the leaders in starship construction, a job she was overqualified for but loved nevertheless. During all of this time, Tate had already started at Starfleet Academy on Mellstoxx, and when the opportunity for him to join the Starbase appeared, Jaxxon was all too eager to do so with his son.

Deep Space 19 – Concordia Station

After the Frontier Day Massacre took place, Jaxxon was given the chance to join the crew of Deep Space 19 after its own First Officer was promoted. More than anything, Jaxxon wanted a fresh start for him and his family. While out on a family vacation, he had to watch his own son become a Borg Drone before him. Both his wife and he had to subdue their son from attempting to take control of their runabout.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2368 - 2369 First Year Cadet Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx Campus
Cadet Freshman Grade
2369 - 2370 Second Year Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2370 - 2371 Cadet Third Year Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2371 - 2372 Cadet Fourth Year Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx Campus
Cadet Senior Grade
2372 - 2373 Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer USS Prometheus (NX-74913)
2373 - 2375 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Prometheus (NX-74913)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2375 - 2377 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Prometheus (NX-74913)
2377 - 2379 Deputy Director of Tactical Operations Starbase 4
2379 - 2384 Deputy Director of Tactical Operations Starbase 4
Lieutenant Commander
2384 - 2386 Deputy Director of Tactical Operations Starbase 4
2386 - 2392 Chief Security & Tactical Officer USS Artemis (NCC-83011)
2392 - 2394 Chief Security & Tactical Officer & Second Officer USS Artemis (NCC-83011)
2394 - 2399 Tactical Development Lead Starbase Bravo Development & Construction Project
2399 - 2400 Chief Strategic Operations Officer Starbase Bravo
2400 - 2401 Chief Strategic Operations Officer Starbase Bravo
2401 - Present Executive Officer Deep Space 19