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USS Columbia

Galaxy-class • NCC-76991

Welcome to the USS Columbia, one of the Fourth Fleet’s finest ships that boldly goes where no one has gone before!

This persistent sandbox is open to every member of Bravo Fleet ranked midshipman and up. If you’re interested in applying, click the Apply Now button. Remember that your character biography should be complete, and you do not need to include a writing sample. Check the guide for more directions (this includes our rules).

The USS Columbia is an ongoing open sandbox for members of Bravo Fleet. Open to everyone holding the rank of midshipman and above, this space is meant to provide people with an opportunity to write character development stories and organic plots without relying on direct game manager intervention like a traditional RPG.

Set on board a Galaxy-class starship, the Columbia provides members with the full writing flavour in an environment similar to Star Trek: Lower Decks. It focuses primarily on the lower decks characters set in the departments of command, engineering, operations, security/tactical, science and medical. 

Unlike SBB and Avalon, this sandbox allows members to collaborate with other members in a set time to complete a sub-storyline/plot within a main mission arc.

Click here to read the USS Columbia Guide.

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17 June 2024

Old Tech, New Foe

USS Columbia: Beyond Borders

Sonia stepped into the transporter room, the helmet of her EVA suit tucked under her arm, as she waited for Gil Droc to arrive before they continued work about the wrecks from the Dominion war. Setting down the helmet on the transporter pad she couldn’t help but fidget, “Why are these so [...]

15 June 2024

Lost And Found - The Beginning

USS Columbia: Lost And Found

“Captain’s log stardate seven-eight-seven-zero-zero. While on patrol along the Cardassian border, the Columbia encountered what can only be described as a flotilla of alien ships that had been damaged after traversing over forty thousand light-years. Each ship has come from the Delta Quadrant [...]

13 June 2024

A Gift

USS Columbia: Beyond Borders

It had been only a little over a day since their return to Columbia, and to his surprise, Matthys had to admit he missed the ship. Their away mission, while mostly uneventful, had ended in far more drama than he would have liked – to return to the mundane routine of life on board their [...]

13 June 2024

Sunrise Splashes

USS Columbia: Beyond Borders

“Mission leader’s log, supplemental, after encountering extreme graviton pulses in the McAllister C-5 Nebula, which forced us to eject our warp core, we have landed on a small Class O moon in the Paeko star system near the Setlik system. Though the Chawla has sustained heavy damage, everyone [...]