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Profile Overview

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Matthys Clark

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Clark


Science Ensign
USS Columbia




Matthys Jakob Clark




Matthys is a newly assigned Starfleet nurse assigned to the USS Columbia. He is a recent graduate of Starfleet Academy on Earth and will be entering his career with this first starship assignment. The son of two accomplished physicians and youngest of three siblings, all of whom serve in the fleet, he is feeling the pressure to carry on the Clark legacy – albeit when it comes down to it, he may not be as fully committed as he needs to be.


Matthys has a toned but slender build and is of average height. His skin is fair and soft in appearance and he takes good care of himself. He has beautiful hazel eyes and keeps his hair loosely styled. He tends not to carry a smile too often on his face but rather a sullen and neutral expression that sometimes might lead someone to believe he is disinterested.

Created by Annex


Matthys is extremely smart and much of what is tossed his way academically provides little challenge to him. Some might accuse him of being a bit passionless in his approach to his work, he is certainly adequate and sees things through but does not venture into the realm of ambition in things. He does, however, rather enjoy his moments of off-time and lives to spend them attending a good dance party on the holodeck. He is social in that sense but keeps those around him in the workplace further than arm’s length. He enjoyed art immensely and is quite talented in the abstracts himself, something passed down by his late grandmother. Matthys is not exactly sure of his commitment to Starfleet yet and even less so his choice of profession but felt rather pressured into following the rest of his family into service in the fleet.


Early Life

From as early as he could remember, Matthys knew what Starfleet was and was acutely aware of how much it consumed the identity of the family he was a part of. He grew up in an environment that was nurturing but more so in the academic sense. His parents had extremely high expectations of him and his two older siblings and aimed to mold them into upstanding, perfect citizens who would emerge as successful physicians. His grade school life consisted of as many extracurricular and character-building activities as they could muster.

Matthy’s favourite part of his childhood was periods when his parents were both on deployments for extended periods and he and his siblings were able to live with their grandparents. This environment was less stringent and allowed more time for play and fewer expectations of oneself. He was particularly close with his grandmother, who was a painter and artist. The two spent as much time as they could together where she passed down her skills and passion to him.

In his teenage years, Matthys’ desire to pursue the arts was shot down by his parents. His older siblings both had been accepted into the academy to pursue their own medical degrees. Matthys certainly was not the rebellious type but he did push his parent’s boundaries to the extreme during this time. It was clear his desire to follow the path so carefully laid for him had lacked in comparison to his brother and sister. He came to a compromise with his parents and put his efforts into being accepted into the nursing track of the academy – not because he had a particular interest in the field but rather because it appeased his parent’s medical interest and ensured he could get out of the academy without having to pursue six to eight years of study.

Starfleet Academy

Matthys entered the nursing program of Starfleet academy and accepted the journey as well as he could. He made a couple of close friends and particularly enjoyed a small art community that was present, who also shared in the fun of many nights out in their leisure time. His academics were adequate but he certainly did not rise above the middle line.

In his third year, his grandmother passed away – something that devastated him. He fell into a bit of a depression which led to a slipping of his grades even more. His parents were relentless in insisting he get help. Matthys was able to overcome this loss and sadness with some therapy, which turned out to be an even greater thing as he was able to delve into his current situation and resolve the misgivings he had about his upbringing.

His graduation was lackluster as his parents were unable to make it due to their active postings. Both of his siblings were there in support though and his grandfather too. He was grateful to have them there to celebrate with.

USS Columbia

Upon graduation, Matthys secured a junior officer position as a Nurse on the USS Columbia. He was able to shift his mindset with the help of his therapist to embrace the journey he was forced on as best as he could.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - 2401 Starfleet Cadet Starfleet Academy - Earth
2401 - Present Nurse USS Columbia