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Profile Overview


Romulan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Nitala


Operations Ensign
USS Columbia






Nitala is a Starfleet Officer currently assigned to the USS Columbia in the operations department. She is a recently graduated from Starfleet Academy on Mellstoxx III campus.


Nitala is average in appearance though a bit on the shorter side and a petite young woman. She has long flowing brown hair halfway down her back and hazel eyes.


Natala is a quiet woman and can be a bit shy at first until she gets to know someone. She feels unsure during different types of social situations and sometimes will take the easy way out and not participate. However, she is trying to overcome this obstacle as she wants to join in and be able to make friends despite her insecurities as a Romulan within Starfleet.


Early Years

Nitala was born on Romulus where she lived a simple life with her parents who were farmers. She grew up comfortably learning how to assist her parents with farming while going to school. Her parents wanted her to decide what she wanted to be when she got older, even though they would like to see her take over their farm one day. Nitala had dreamed of traveling the stars, she was curious to know what was out there and what was beyond Romulan space. Things changed when word of the supernova hit and evacuations started, she had gotten separated from her parents and unfortunately wouldn’t see them again.

Nitala got a transport and was taken to Virinat where she struggled to survive, as well as grieving her parents not knowing if they survived or not. She spent the next few years on Virinat working odd jobs just to have a roof over her head and food to eat. Eventually, she wanted to leave and look for a new life, so she returned to her dream of discovering the vast galaxy beyond Romulan space. She secured transport and headed towards Mellstoxx III where she would apply for Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy

Nitala’s first year was a bit rough as she had trouble fitting in and finding friends, she felt awkward unsure of what was acceptable or what was not. She would spend the next year sticking to herself and began to focus on her studies. She excelled in all of her classes, and while she had trouble fitting in and making friends she wasn’t afraid to engage with the lectures and asking questions. She was a bright young woman who would continue to excel within Starfleet. She finally began to make friends and would assist others with studies they were struggling with. She would continue the rest of the three years excelling in her classes and finally graduating at the top of her class. She would then be assigned to the USS Columbia for her first assignment after graduation which opened up a whole new journey for her.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - 2401 Cadet Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx Campus
2401 - Present Operations Officer USS Columbia