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USS Vostok (Archive)


USS Vostok

In its heyday the Vostok was a little long in the fang, bantam cock of an Aquarius class. Now that it’s been dug out of the mothballs, semi updated and given a fresh sanitizing, it back in the ring again and ready for a fight. The crew is as new as the Vostok is old, but the necessity that brought them aboard isn’t giving them much time to work out the kinks ahead of time. It’s a trial by fire on both sides.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 1866
Executive Officer
ID: 1866
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
ID: 1866
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 1866
Chief Operations Officer
ID: 1866
Chief Science Officer
ID: 1866
Chief Engineer
ID: 1866

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7 May 2023

Something Old, Something New, Something That's Cadet Blue

USS Vostok: Of Butterflies and Hurricanes

The PADD was addressed to Captain Lily Rae Sawyer, but no one called her that except for people who didn’t know her or superiors wanting to sound officious. She was called Bee, and she had been for all of her life. Sawyer was a newer addition, but that, too, felt like a title draped across her [...]