Profile Overview

Cris Ruiz

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Ruiz


Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Vostok (Archive)


Cristobal Guillermo Ruiz


SS Poesía en Movimiento


A known troublemaker within the ranks, Cris purposefully pushes the envelope to see how long it is until someone responds. He has his own agenda that he plans on handling with or without help, but that’s not something that he talks about.


Naturally Cris stands 5’10”. but he has a tendency to slouch, which makes himself look shorter. He habitually bucks policy and grows out his black hair to his shoulders just to see who it pisses off. Cris has dark brown eyes, a thin, scrubby beard that never seems to fill in all of the way, and a handful of tattoos and scars that he won’t explain. The man’s carriage is very quiet and unobtrusive, like a slinky cat that’s careful of where it steps because there’s danger all around.


Most people think that Cris is just quiet, but he’s watching and listening even if it doesn’t seem like he is. He tends to be aloof and distant at first until he gets a good feel for who you are and what you’re all about, then he swoops in like a hawk with discrete advice or quiet gestures of support or disagreement. He’s an extremely passionate person, but it’s been stomped down so many times that he guards it now. Cris is very careful and mindful of the chain of command, and will always show respect as it is due as a token if nothing else.


Cris doesn’t talk about his past, so you have to read his records to find out that his parents were traders who’s ship was captured by pirates and he was taken and sold as a slave, not to some shadowy alien culture, but other humans. He passed hands several times until he was rescued during a Star Fleet raid and brought back to Earth. There was no family for him to be reunited with, and his parents were never found, so he became a ward of the State of California. Cris was never adopted, which was okay. At that point in his life he preferred to keep to himself. Even at that age he had a goal in mind, and that was to make a career out of apprehending people like the pirates and slavers and grinding them out of existence. This was why he joined Starfleet, and what pushed him to work hard to make it through the classes.  Throughout his career in Starfleet he’s been up and down through the ranks, earning himself a bit of a reputation for picking fights and going off the script.