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USS Vostok: Of Butterflies and Hurricanes

After the Vostok was hurriedly slapped together and crewed up, it was immediately sent out on an escort mission to the Triangle in order bring down an illegal arms hub. The USS Tangir was to take the lead with infiltration and the USS Vostok was to offer backup and defense. Sit back, look dangerous and wait for the signal, only things go horribly off the rails the moment the Tangir puts boots on the ground.

Mission Description

The Vostok crew fall in line with the Tangir and their more experienced-if-not-over-confident Captain Ainsley calling the shots while trying to mesh together as a functioning crew. As they arrive they are told to hold their location, run silent, and wait while the Akira Class sends an infiltration team before the ground pounders to siege the multiple compounds. Shortly after the infiltration team is on the ground, the Tangir explodes. The only survivors are the six man infiltration team.

As there are no obvious threats, the Vostok falls back to regroup internally and vote to go after the infiltration team. They send a small group of their own with a time limit and no contact order. If they don’t return in time, they’re to leave the Triangle and go seek help. Armed with only partial information and going in blind, the away team’s goal is to retrieve the infiltration team first, and find out what happened to the Tangir second. If the Wenfeqi Organization is dealt a heavily blow in the process, that’s just icing on the cake.

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7 May 2023

Something Old, Something New, Something That's Cadet Blue

USS Vostok: Of Butterflies and Hurricanes

The PADD was addressed to Captain Lily Rae Sawyer, but no one called her that except for people who didn’t know her or superiors wanting to sound officious. She was called Bee, and she had been for all of her life. Sawyer was a newer addition, but that, too, felt like a title draped across her [...]