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Profile Overview

Riley Abbot

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Abbot


Chief Medical Officer
USS Vostok (Archive)


Riley Prescott Abbot


Shivan Colony, Mars


Riley is a striking older man with pale gray eyes offset by rich, dark skin and honey brown curls. He stands at 5’11” and has a lean, fit build that keeps him running strong with the younger crew. He carries himself with an air of refinement and grace.


Riley is uniquely Riley and there’s simply nothing that restrains the particular love that he has for music, art and dance. That carries over into everything he does, from singing in sickbay to inviting fellow crew to movie nights in his quarters or growing giddy over finding some new piece of art or trinket to send back to his wife Laura and daughter Darla on Earth. Once he looked forward to having a post where the family could be together, but Riley found himself content with watching from afar as Laura did a better job of parenting Darla than he thought he could if he was involved. He know that he’s a good man, but there’s a lot of past behind him that he doesn’t ever want connected to Darla’s name.


Riley Abbot used to be Tomas June. Tom grew up on a colony world, yes, but it wasn’t Mars. It was a Bajoran colony where his parents and their friends ran an unauthorized operation to track down missing Bajorans and Star Fleet personnel that were never found after the Federation-Cardassian War. They and their friends were mercenaries who really didn’t care about collateral damage so long as they got their intended target back. Riley was deeply involved from the time that he was 8 as bait or a look out until he was 19 when a particularly violent op left his team mostly dead, and the voice on the other end of the rescue call- his mother- told him it was too dangerous to come for him. He was captured and traded back to the Federation as a part of a prisoner exchange. He was able to tell his story and names the right names that earned him a new identity and a chance to use the skills he earned for the right side. He was trained as a medical officer and tasked with gathering intel while stationed on ships back to Intelligence about connections that only people with his background would know to make.