Profile Overview

Max Tracey

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Tracey


Executive Officer
USS Vostok (Archive)


Maxwell Clay Tracey


Fountain Inn, South Carolina, Earth


Most see Max as a bit too safe. He plays by the rules, uses his best manners, and just exudes this air of that guy that you’d bring home to meet your sister.  He’s a little more diverse and complicated than that, but he keeps his cards close to his chest.


Great hair and a good beard, brown eyes and a handsome face: that’s the general description that Max gets when other people ask about him. He’s stands 6′ even and has the kind of toned body that takes a lot of work to achieve. His secret vice is a small tattoo on his left bicep that says ‘Mom’. Max doesn’t project his personality into his walk or stature, he’s carefully neutral.


Bland is the first impression of Max. He’s a little too safe, a little too by the book, a little too poster boy for Star Fleet. Underneath that there’s a lot of conflict stemming from who he truly is on the inside. Max is still in the closet with his sexuality- not because he’s ashamed of it, but because his family are legacy Star Fleet officers and he knows that several of them would absolutely consider him a tarnish on that perfect image if he were to be open about it. He’s always done everything in his power to live up to expectations. This he struggles with internally over when it’s right to bring it to light or if he can continue carrying on this careful tightrope walk of holding his opinions, his personality, his sexuality carefully buried within.


Maxwell was born aboard the USS Shoshone to a the perfect couple. His father was a tactical officer, his mother a ship school teacher. They had exactly 2.5 children and still serve together with his younger sister Cicely and the family dog Clyde. As the oldest and the only grandson of the latest generation of Traceys, there was a lot of pressure on him to fit a certain image, follow a certain path. It was one that he was happy to do, just not quite the way that it was wanted him to. Instead of entering the Academy on the tactical track as his father and grandfather had, he changed his focus upon arrival to the command track. While he performed as expected in the Academy, on his first post, the second, the third, even the fifth there were really no highlights to those missions. It was textbook correct, but without the fire and verve needed to go further than the rank of commander which he’s hung at forever.