Profile Overview

Harris 'Dec' Declan

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Declan


Chief Operations Officer
USS Vostok (Archive)


Harris Cormac Declan


Vancouver, Canada, Earth


Harris is brilliant and he’s not shy about it. He’ll tell anyone who listens to him much to the dismay of the general listener.


Dec has bright red hair that refuses to be styled, dark brown doe eyes and a riot of freckles that covers his whole person. He stands at a gangly 5’10” that no matter how much he works out, he never seems to build bulk.


There’s a fine line between being brilliant and arrogant, and Dec missed the note on that. He’s always muttering to himself and drawing on walls to work out his problems. He’s used to being given free rein to do whatever he wanted with the ship by his former department head who was terminally bored on their long haul missions, not to scrutiny or even question. This is an inherited trait from both of his parents who were also geniuses in their own rights in other fields.


Dec was an only child and it shows. He grew up in a pretty little corner of Canada with all of the stimulation that his little brain could manage. No siblings to compete with, no restrictions or rules. They were a ‘yes’ family that ran off of an incredibly intellectual conceptual format where they all did their own thing. This only resulted in injuries on occasion, and many life lessons were learned the hard way. At twenty-one he was told to go forge his own way in life and given an apartment and all of his belongings- it was a disaster. One of his professors pointed him a Star Fleet program that he thought he could get him an interview for- you know- to teach him discipline and life skills in the real world. He did get into the Academy, but not the program as his social skills were lacking the finesse.

His time in Star Fleet has been incredibly lucrative as he’s put several out of the box systems into play, but he’s been held back from advancing too far because he- again- lacked social graces. Dec recieved his promotion and the department head position at the same time. This is his trying ground.