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Profile Overview

Theo Kennedy

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kennedy


Chief Science Officer
USS Vostok (Archive)


Theodora Gray Kennedy


San Diego, California, Earth


Theo is a bright, bubbly young mind with an deep inner joy and a natural fascination with the natural world.


Theo has shoulder length black hair that’s straight as a stick and thick. Her eyes are a dark brown that always seem to be alight with humor and joy. Whit skin the color f caramel naturally, she never has to worry about getting too pale from extended space travel. Theo stands at 5’3″ and has a slender, coltish build. She’s almost always grinning, always happy or cracking a joke. Theo ambles instead of walks and bobs her head frequently when deep in thought.


Theo was born a good natured child and never quite grew out of it. She is an unusually happy young woman who’s still very much in love with the world around her: even the dark, dingy spots. She can talk to anyone, find a common trait with anyone, and rarely passes on the experience to try something a little daring or new. Though she’s never faced much hardship in the form that others have between being San Diego royalty and afforded the best clothes, best schooling- whatever her heart desired, really- she always felt a little lost before Star Fleet. Out of all of her sisters, she was the only one to apply- and naturally got in- much to her family’s dismay. She still hasn’t figured out what she wants, but she knows it’s out there.


Everything the Kennedy family has is inherited. Not one of the last four generations have had to lift a finger if they didn’t want to. Their name carries a certain noblesse oblige tacked onto it, so there were expectations. Always expectations. Theo was the third of five girls raised by nannies and shipped off to schools, only unlike her sisters, she chose science over fashion, acting or interior design. She graduated an an advanced track and was a shoe in to the Academy, which was a huge relief. Even though everyone still knew her famous actor father and his model wife, she was her own person there and the same was expected of her that was of everyone else.

Theo finished the academy with many ribbons, honors and letters of recommendation. This trend continued on her first assignment aboard the USS Stewart. She expected to stay there for as long as she could learning the ropes until she was rather suddenly reassigned to the USS Vostok as the head of the very small science department. It was both terrifying and amazing at the same time as she doesn’t feel that she’s ready for it, but she’s willing to give it her best.