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USS Dragon (Archive)


“All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.” Bruce Lee

One of the latest Inquiry class block three ships to enter into service, the USS Dragon spreads it wings as it joins Task Force 47 and Bravo Fleet.

With the diversity of the crew kept in mind along with their experiences the Dragon fullfills a primary exploratory role within the Thomar Expanse for Task Force 47.

It has also been deemed as one of the Task Forces premier intelligence gathering platforms, being capable of intelligence gathering and analysis beyond a typical federation vessels. This is due to the addition of a redesigned intelligence gathering and analysis suite installed as part of a modular kit upgrade in the ships port side mission bay.


Swearing is permitted, with some limitations


Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.


Violence is permitted, with some limitations

RPG Rating 2 1 2

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20 November 2023


USS Dragon: Cadmus

“Commander Lighia, I’m Captain Rigras of the USS Dragon and this is my Executive Officer Lieutenant Bearsong.” they entered the commander’s office. “Ahh yes, we have been waiting for your arrival.” the commander said as she pulled a PADD from the top of the pile on her [...]

31 October 2023


USS Dragon: Cadmus

“I’m here to see the XO, as directed,” Aryanna said to the Lieutenant sitting in front of her at a console. “Yes, Ma’am. I’ll let him know that you are waiting” The lieutenant hit the internal comms button on the console. “Captain. Commander Rigras of the Dragon is here to see you [...]

18 October 2023


USS Dragon: Abeloth - Aftermath

“Lieutenant. We are working on the data from team two. Looks like they may be right though. The data seems to correlate to known lost fleet operations.” “Good, good.” “Lieutenant, we may have something here.” an ensign in engineering gold said from another group. Zhaishi made her way [...]

2 October 2023


USS Dragon: Abeloth - Aftermath

“Lieutenant, we are sixty seconds out from the piece bravo. Coming up on the starboard side.” “Thank you, Ensign.” The Lieutenant said as she looked out the shuttle’s front viewing panels. She picked up her helmet from the port side station behind the helm officer’s seat [...]