USS Dragon (NCC-89882)


Inquiry-class • NCC-89882 • Task Force 47

“All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.” Bruce Lee

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” SunTzu

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One of the latest Inquiry class block three ships to enter into service, the USS Dragon spreads it wings as it joins Task Force 47 and Bravo Fleet.

As Dragons of old where wise but yet powerful, strong but yet humble, protective of all they saw and of those lucky enough to be counted as friends so shall this Dragon be.


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20 March 2023

Knock knock

USS Dragon: Hatching grounds

240102.01.1000 Kr’antren and Aryanna exit the captain’s ready room. “Morning everyone, are we ready to spread our wings?” Kr’Antren looked around the bridge, taking in the new console/positions and nodding to himself. Aryanna took a seat at her console and tapped her internal comms [...]

27 February 2023

Welcoming the 612th MSS

USS Dragon: Hatching grounds

240101.30.0100 For the next several minutes the four officers went through a repeat of the earlier conversation between Kr’Antren and Aryanna, including rewatching the video and both Aryanna and Zhaishi reading the mission report.  Doc M’gok looked at the two officers with a look of sorrow [...]

14 February 2023

Meeting the staff - part 2

USS Dragon: Hatching grounds

“Good Evening everyone, If you missed the theatrics a few minutes ago let me introduce myself. Commander Kr’Antren, Captain of the Dragon formerly of the USS Osiris. My Executive Officer is Lieutenant Commander Aryanna Rigras.” he nodded to her sitting beside him. “Believe me when I say [...]

14 February 2023

Meeting the staff - part 1

USS Dragon: Hatching grounds

“Enter” The first to enter was a female and male Lieutenant, one wearing the gold of operations and the other wearing the blue of science.” No, no, no… Sust we can not fly the Dragon like we did the Raven’s. She is too big for those types of maneuvers.” “Look, dear sis, look at the [...]