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Profile Overview

Sustram Dromi

Betazoid Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dromi


Chief of Operations/FCO/Nav
USS Dragon (Archive)


Sustram Dromi(m)

6’0” / 181 pounds

Degree in stellar cartography from Starfleet Academy.

Quit, shy, keeps his thoughts to himself (opposite of his sister), intelligent, Stoic, Has trouble making friends, 

Youngest of the twins, his sister is Viameli, by five minutes.

Followed his sister into Starfleet as he felt he had to protect her from others that would take advantage of her. He actually scored higher than her on their entrance exams but has not told Viameli that fact. Raised in a matriarchal society has led him to let others, especially females, take the lead both personally and professionally. 

Captained the USS Mogrus (Raven class)