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Profile Overview


Saurian Male 5’8”

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Yatokii


Chief of Security
USS Dragon (Archive)




USS Dauntless - Galaxy class ship




Yatokii is 5’8” and roughly 162 pounds. He has light grey to pink skin tones with yellow eyes.


Quiet, calm, mild-mannered, inquisitive, soft spoken, educated, street smart, loyal,


Yatokii is part of what many are now calling the “galaxy-class kids”. He was born on the USS Dauntless both of his parents are  Star Fleet officers, his mother is a talented pilot and command staff officer his father is a doctor.

At the age of six, while they were on the USS Cushing an Olympic class medical variant. Yatokii started having issues with being bullied by the some of the older children. This led to several incidents the last which had put the bully into the hospital ward with broken ribs as yatokii while quiet and soft spoken also, at the time, had issues with controlling his anger and using that to fuel his strength which being a Saurian was already beyond even some of the older kid’s. These incidents of bullying were also affecting his school work and home life. His parents faced a dilemma after that incident they were told that if their was one more incident like that last even if Yatokiinwas defending himself that they would have to send him to family planetside as he would not be able to stay on the ship. Doing some research and asking around his father found what he hoped maybe the answer. This is when Yatokii was introduced to the art of aikido, his parents hoped that between the physical aspect and the mental aspect of the art, hopefully their son would find a balance. Yatokii was a fast learner and quickly moved up the ranks, during this time his parents noticed an upwards swing in his school work and in his home life.

By the age of 16, and now assigned to the USS Capella with his parents he attained a black belt and was even teaching. It was during this time that he met the woman, a master chief petty officer, that would become his mentor. She pushed him to challenge himself and to start thinking of his future. She allowed him to start shadowing her, with his parents permission, as she was one of the senior enlisted on the Capella and chief master sergeant of the security department.  During this time Yatokii started to develop a sense of street smarts, using what he experienced as he grew and the mentoring of the chief.

Upon graduation and hitting the required age he took and passed the Star Fleet entrance exam at the behest of his parents and his mentor. However he knew that this was not the path he wanted to follow, he knew that he could become an officer in other ways. So when the Capella made its next stop at a star base, Yatokki went to the promenade and found the star fleet recruiting office.

For the next several years Yatokii paid his dues as a security crewman and then transitioning to the tactical departments. During this time he had attained a double bachelor’s, one in criminal justice from Arizona State University through their distance learning program the other through Star Fleet academies distance learning program this one is in History.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
238302 - 238308 Recruit Star Fleet Basic Training
2383 - 2388 Security crewman USS Kepler
2388 - 2389 Security Services School Student - Force Field Specialist
2389 - 2393 Force Field Specialist USS Blackwell
Petty Officer 1st Class
2393 - 2395 Beta shift Security Chief USS Shanghai
2395 - 2396 Student Security Services School - Phaser Systems Specialist
2396 - 2397 Officer Canidate Star Fleet Academy - OCS
2397 - 2400 Tactical Officer USS Toyko