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Profile Overview

Viameli Dromi

Betazoid Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dromi


Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Dragon (Archive)


Viameli Dromi (f) – third daughter of the seventh house

5’5” / 132 pounds, female, bisexual

Flight control officer / helm

Degree in systems science from Starfleet Academy

Dedicated to her role in starfleet, intelligent, can be seen as flirtatious around those she feels comfortable with, raised  by her mother to be stoic in her thoughts and actions, places trust easily, 

Viameli is the oldest of the twins, her twin is sustram, by five minutes. 

Being the third daughter, knew she would not inherit her mothers titles as her two older sisters filled that role, and decided to pursue a career in Starfleet. 

currently in a relationship with Zhaishi and possibly someone else, so the rumours go.

Captained the USS Brontos (Raven class)