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Part of USS Dragon: Cadmus and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg


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“Commander Lighia, I’m Captain Rigras of the USS Dragon and this is my Executive Officer Lieutenant Bearsong.” they entered the commander’s office.

“Ahh yes, we have been waiting for your arrival.” the commander said as she pulled a PADD from the top of the pile on her desk.

“Lieutenant Bearsong, how nice to see you again.” she gave a nod towards Meadow.

“Commander” was the simple greeting Meadow gave as she looked over the women standing in front of her, remembering their time working together on Starbase Bravo before the commander was sent here. “How are things going in the Delta Quadrant and why request the Dragon when you have ships assigned here that could do the job? “

“Full of intrigue and quite busy. We are still trying to clean up the last of this Blood dilithium mess. Lots of animosity toward the federation in how that was handled. Though I think we have most of it cleaned up.” She looked over at Meadow, ignoring the second question and the tone that it was asked.

Meadow nodded as she looked over at her captain with a raised eyebrow.

“So commander, what do you have for us?” Aryanna asked as she took a seat, trying to diffuse the tension in the room.

“Ahhh yes, we have a matter of critical importance for you to look into.”

The commander looked at the two of them with a raised eyebrow before tapping on her console. “Commander T’lin, the dragon is here in my office.”

“Bring them to room 3-India-Charlie-Alpha-1.”

“Very well.”

“Due to the nature of the information we have decided to move this briefing to another location. Please follow me.” she picked up the PADD and made her way towards the room’s door.

Several minutes later they entered a room that overlooked a rather busy operations center. The room faced a large display of the Gradin Belt with various pieces of information displayed. As they entered they saw that already seated in the room was another commander in a red tunic.

“Commander T’lin this is Captain Rigras of the Dragon and her executive officer Lieutenant Bearsong.” Commander Lighia made the introductions as they entered the room.

“Captain, Lieutenant” A middle-aged Vulcan shook their hands as they entered. “Please have a seat.” he pulled up the console for where he sat at the table. “Computer, security delta lockdown room 3-India-Charlie-Alpha-1. T’lin-Alpha-Mike-Mike-Three-Zulu-Delta” the lights went from a warm coloration to a blue.

Aryanna raised an eyebrow at hearing this particular security protocol being enacted. “Interesting.” she sat back in her chair and motioned for them to continue.

“Captain, we have a mission of vital importance for you. It would seem that we are getting some reports of possible Borg movements within the Belt.”

“Say that again?”

Commander T’lin looked at Captain Rigras and steeped his fingers. “We have reports of Borg ship movements within the Gradin belt, so far these reports have been mostly focused in our northern region with some along the chaotic space region. Mind you most of these reports seem to come from long-range sensor data which can be intermittent at best with chaotic space acting as a buffer between us and that area of the Gradin belt.

Commander T’lin typed something on the console as a holo map of the Gradin Belt came to be over the middle of the table. “According to the data we have, these areas are the ones in question.”

“So what do you need from us? Do you expect us to go look for them or to go see what they were so interested in?”

“Captain, logic would dictate that before such a mission were to be thought of we would need more information. That is where you come in, captain. We would like for you to see if you could secure us more data from local powers within the Belt. There are many places that we are blind to and they are not, maybe their sensors have picked up on more. We need that information Captain; we need to know if the Borg are on the move. As for the second question, that is something for another ship to worry about.”

“Commander, may I recommend the Aztec” I’m sure you will find her Captain and crew a good fit for this type of mission.”

Commander Lighia sat forward in her chair. “I will take it under advisement, Captain. Nonetheless, we need to focus on your mission for the moment. We have highlighted several entities from around the belt that we think could have the type of sensor data that we need to make any further plans. You are to approach them and do what you can to gain access to their sensor data. We of course will share whatever data we have with them to fill in any gaps they may have.”

“I guess that is where I come in, though I am curious to know why me. There are plenty of negotiators in the fleet, why me? And why request the Dragon?” Meadow said from her chair.

The two commanders looked at each other with raised eyebrows. “Well for the second part of your question, we requested you due to your profound experience of not taking no for an answer. It just so happens that the Dragon has the type of abilities needed for just such a mission such as this, and the addition of your squadron mate ties up another loose end making it so we do not have to pull valuable resources from their current missions.” 

Meadow looked from them to her PADD as she focused on the details of the orders and what was being requested of them. “You have got to be kidding me, Do you think the Devore Imperium will be willing to share their data with us? The other three are understandable but the Imperium is not exactly known as being one who plays well with others, especially after the latest happenings in this region.”

“Yes, that one might be a bit of a stretch, but with our data pointing towards the northern reaches of the belt they are a prime candidate to have the type of information we would need. If there was going to be a problem area, it would be with that particular entity. But we are hoping with the possibility of the Borg being active in that region of space that they just may put their differences to the side for just this matter. After all, the Borg would be just as much of a threat to them.

Aryanna chuckled. “From what I know of the Devore Imperium, which is only what I have read in reports. I doubt they will be putting out the welcome mat for anyone.”

Commander T’lin took a drink from the glass that was in front of him as he considered what he was hearing from the two officers in front of him.

“Be that as it may. This is what we have to go off of for now. The Dragon is to negotiate with those powers on your list for the information that we need. That information is of vital importance that we find out if the Borg are on the move and if they are we need to figure out why.”

Aryanna stood and walked over to her executive officer and whispered something in her ear which she nodded at. She then looked up at the two other officers “Is that all? If so then it would seem that we have what we need.”

“That is all, for now.” the commander hit a button on the console and the lights flickered from a bluish tint to their normal warm glow to signal that the security parameters had been lifted.