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“I’m here to see the XO, as directed,” Aryanna said to the Lieutenant sitting in front of her at a console.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’ll let him know that you are waiting” The lieutenant hit the internal comms button on the console.

“Captain. Commander Rigras of the Dragon is here to see you as per your message.”

“Send her in”

The lieutenant nodded toward the door on the right as the conversation ended. “He is waiting for you, ma’am”

“Thank you, Lieutenant.”

Entering the room the first thing that she saw was the viewing panels facing out from the station showing her the uptick in traffic as Deep Space 47 was becoming a known commodity within the Expanse.

“Sorry to have called on you so late Aryanna, but I feel I have your next set of orders and these will require the departure of the Dragon to move up. Grab yourself something to drink and take a seat.”

Aryanna nodded toward the caitian sitting behind the desk, grabbing a glass of water and taking a seat in front of the desk.

Kr’Antren reaches for a PADD on a stack of PADDS and looks at it.

“So first things first.”

Aryanna raised an eyebrow.

“We have a vested interest in a particular system in the belt. I have not heard anything from them in a while but the last thing I heard was that they were seeing an increased presence from the Devore in the region. Therefore, I would like for you and the squadron to go take a look.”

“So you want us to go check in on them? Like some sort of babysitter. Keep them safe from the neighborhood bullies.” Aryanna looked at him over the glass “I read the reports from the Blood Dilithium operation, and I can understand your need to make sure what you did during the operation does not blow back on them.”

Kr’Antren chuckled “In a way, yes for the most part.”

Kr’Antren then held up his hand knowing that she was going to say something else. “I know, I know the Dragon is not a babysitter, I get it. But we have another area of concern.” he handed her the PADD. “As you can see…”

Aryanna took the PADD and started to read, “You have got to be kidding me, why didn’t you lead with this.”

“Because we needed a reason. The Delta Quadrant is not exactly our area of concern, as you know.

“Sir. Lieutenants Mathisson and Rockholdt are here.”

“Send them in”

The two officers in red of command entered the Task Force Executive officer office.”

“You wanted to see us, sir, oh hello Aryanna,” Eric said as they entered the office.

Aryanna stood and offered a hand to the two officers “Eric, Austin, nice to see you guys again.”

The two officers shook her hand and took a seat in the remaining chairs in front of the desk.

“So this can’t be good, the whole squadron in one place?”

“We were just getting to that, ” Aryanna said as she retook her seat and looked at Kr’Antren.

Kr’Antren looked over at Aryanna and then towards the two other officers.

“Yes, we were.” as he hands Eric a PADD.

Aryanna looked over at the two of them, “Hope you packed your bags, it’s going to be a long trip.”

Eric read the PADD letting out a low whistle.

“How much do you trust this, sir?”

“About as much as one can, I guess. That’s what we were just getting ready to discuss.”

“Sir, going off of the first part, going to Osiris D-2 doesn’t exactly require two ships,” Aryanna said as she read.

“You’re right it doesn’t that’s why the Aztec will continue with that mission. Moreover, Eric has been there; he knows the area and its people. You will be dealing with what is on there.” he pointed at the PADD in her hand

“So I get to deal with Rhazpaz?”

Kr’Antrn chuckled “Yes and no. I do not expect that part of the mission to take very long. But as you know the wormhole only opens once every thirty days sooo.”

“You’ll get to chase ghosts with me,” Aryanna said

“I wouldn’t call them ghosts Aryanna “

“Sir, according to this we just have scant intelligence on these possible hits. Nobody knows for sure and nobody has seen them.”

“That we know of, they aren’t known for leaving anyone behind now are they.”

“No, they’re not. So what are we supposed to do? Just run around and hope we find something?”

“Aryanna, the Dragon was requested.”

“I see that, but what I’m not seeing is why we were requested. All it says is that upon arrival at the Markonian outpost, we are to report to Commander Eenya Lighia to be briefed on our mission.

Kr’antren ran a hand through his beard “Don’t like it much myself, Aryanna. Nevertheless, orders are orders and these come from higher than me. For whatever reason the Dragon was requested, therefore the Dragon goes. I did what I could; calling in a couple favors I might add, by getting the Aztec into the Belt to be there if you need them.”

“Sir, have I ever told you that I hate surprises?”

“Not that I can recall.”

“Well, I have now.” as she puts her glass down on the side table beside her. “Gentlemen looks like we have some work to do if we are going to make the next opening.” she looked over at the two other officers.

“The Aztec is ready to go now, just have to recall our folks that are on pass.”

“Fine, Aztec leaves as soon as possible. The Dragon will catch up and meet you at the Guardian outpost.” As the two officers rise and exit the office. He motioned for Aryanna to stay seated for a moment more. “Speaking of which, how goes the transfer? Aryanna, and how are the Angels taking it?”

“They had just started when you called for me sir. Commander Thornton says he is ok but I think deep down inside he hates losing the fighters but knows this was the right call. Guess the switch was inevitable with the mission of the Dragon and all, fighters and bombers did not make much sense. It’s going to be cramped in that bay though.”

Kr’antren nods. “They said that it was always the plan for the squadron to be more of a mission-dictated piece versus having one mission and that being at odds with the primary mission of the Dragon.”

“Looks like you will need to find some new homes for the fighter jocks; Thornton said he was only going to keep those that he felt had earned it and then only what was needed for the new squadron configuration.”

“Operations are already getting the requests.”

“Aryanna, if those reports turn out to be true…”

“I know I know…”


Aryanna looked up from the PADD she was reading as she heard the chime for her ready room door.


Meadow entered the room as she looked at a PADD in her hands.”

“Looks like we should be completed with the angel’s transfer in the next two to three hours, Then we should be ready to depart in roughly ten hours.”

Aryanna nodded.

“Did you get a chance to look over the notes I sent you on our next mission?”

“I did, and if Commander Lighia is behind this request then things are not going as they had planned.”

“How so?”

“Last I heard she is a team lead for the diplomatic office for the Markonian outpost. Therefore, if they requested us, and by doing so requested me, then something is going on that they cannot handle within their purview and they needed someone they could trust. Something is going on in the Belt, something that they do not want others to know about hence why they left out the details in the orders.”

“Something besides the Borg possibly moving within their borders.” Aryanna pulled at her chin. “That’s it, something else is going on. Something that they do not want made public”

Meadow rereads the PADD that Aryanna handed her. “It does seem like that part is intentionally placed in these orders, doesn’t it?”

“Only one way to find out. Let us prepare to depart as soon as possible. ” Aryanna takes the PADD back.

Meadow looked at her and then back at the PADD in her hands. “I’ll get the crew on it.”

“I’m going to schedule a meeting as soon as we depart DS47 with Scamandrius, Skagath, Zolitia, yourself, and me. I want to know everything we have on the Borg, I want to know what we could be dealing with, and I don’t want to be caught with our pants down if we run into them. Oh, and get with Scamandrius before we depart. I want to be updated on everything going on in the Gradin Belt for the last couple of months and I want to make sure we have the latest Intel on the region.

“Yes, ma’am”


  • 'Something is going on in the Belt, something that they do not want others to know.....' Well I'm intrigued as to what that could be, if its something other that the Borg. The USS Dragon is up and running.

    October 31, 2023
  • The choice to leave us in the dark about the specifics of the mission helps build the anticipation, and your bit about Rigras being requested specifically and it being something they don’t want others to know, it tells us there’s more at play than just another Borg sensor ghost. All in all, this post gets me hooked and wanting more details. What awaits the Dragon in the belt? And why the extra layer of secrecy and intrigue? Plus, how are the Dragon and the Aztec going to do operating together for this one? Lots of questions it kicks off.

    November 1, 2023
  • There's certainly a mystery here and it's what the mystery even is! Baiting with a very specific lack of information is certainly one way to get the readers to come back for more. I'm interested to see how the Dragon Squadron handles the DQ. And if post-FA they continue exploring out that way as well. But for now, I'm looking forward to some revelations, and hints to keep us hooked and interested. It's a fantastic start and I'm hooked, now just to real the readers in with some tasty morsels...just enough to keep us coming along.

    November 2, 2023
  • You're starting so many fun threads. The stuff in the belt, the borg mission, the Aztec coming in to assist. I'm really excited to see where this storyline goes and how everything shakes out! Great start, can't wait for more!

    November 2, 2023
  • Quite the mysterious beginning. I'm intrigued that the Dragon being requested might be because they wanted Meadows in particular. Though why not just request her alone? Can't wait to read more!

    November 8, 2023