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Part of USS Dragon: Abeloth – Aftermath and Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb


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“Lieutenant, we are sixty seconds out from the piece bravo. Coming up on the starboard side.”

“Thank you, Ensign.” The Lieutenant said as she looked out the shuttle’s front viewing panels. She picked up her helmet from the port side station behind the helm officer’s seat and headed toward the small group standing beside the starboard airlock. “Sixty seconds out. Systems check.”

The three members of the small team quickly checked their suits to make sure that all systems were green and that they were ready. Each in turn gave the Lieutenant a thumbs up and a quick “Good.”

The four team members entered the airlock putting their helmets on as they did so.

“Comms check Aztec one, Jaguar.”

“We read you loud and clear, Lieutenant.”

“Aztec one, Dragon.”

“This is Lieutenant Zhaishi on the Dragon and we read you loud and clear, all systems are reading green on our end.”

“Very well, Jaguar we are a go for the mission” 

“Roger, systems are green on our end; you are good to move over to the debris section. We are currently sitting ten meters from the designated entry point. We will hold a position here.”

The airlock’s lights go from red to white an audible hiss are heard as the shuttle’s starboard hatch opens showing the short jump to the targeted entry point. The team makes the short jump into the waiting darkness of the opened section. As each one makes contact their magnetic boots lock on and hold. As the four members light up the dark interior.

“Dragon, we are all in position and ready to enter.”


Zhaishi looked on as the three teams either entered or made their way deeper into their assigned sections. Watching the main displays set up in the room as each of the team’s different camera views came into view, her crew of engineers and science officers steadily watched.

“Dragon main this is Dragon Two Bravo, we are entering a large open room, there looks to be several consoles in here.”

They watched and listened as Dragon 2 entered the pitch-black room eerily lit by their suit lamps, showing beams of light across the room. 

“This is Dragon Two Charlie, going to try to see if I can hack into one of them and see if we can find anything.”

“Going to try and connect this power source to their systems.” another camera showed a crate being set down beside one of the consoles.

“Dragon this is Aztec one, we have entered into some sort of hallway. Looks to have smaller rooms on either side. They look to be something akin to labs from what we could tell. We are heading towards priority room alpha. Ensign Simmons says that he is reading some residual power signatures along the port side wall.”

“Copy that Aztec one, continue with the current route, and let us know if you find anything.”

The science officer turned toward Lieutenant Zhaishi, “Aztec one reports possible residual energy signatures.”

Lieutenant Zhaishi looked over at that set of cameras and incoming data. “Show me”

She watches as a line of data from a tricorder comes across the display. “Hmmmmm” she pointed at the data. “Looks to be something akin to what the dominion used, but something is different. Look here and here.” as she pointed out a couple of spikes in the data “That’s not typical dominion power signatures.”

“Hmmmm, no, those look like federation power signatures.”

“Yes, they do. Don’t they? Which brings up its own set of questions.”

As the Lieutenant turned toward the set of displays with the cameras from Dragon 1. “Anything?”

“No ma’am, but they think they entered on a lower level, they report that the rooms that they have found so far look to be bunk rooms and offices. They think that there may be another level or two above them. They are trying to find a way up.”

Zhaishi reaches down and hits a button on the console over the officer’s shoulder “Dragon, Ying Long.”

“Go for the Ying Long.”

“Ensign, can you see another entry point higher up?”

“No. ma’am. Not from what we can see, there looks to be no other way besides the one that the team used.”

“Roger that, guess they will have to find a way into the higher levels from their end.”


“Lieutenant, I’ve gained access to the console. It is intermittent at best, as the power source is not fully compatible but it looks like they were working on a way to integrate federation technology into their own. “

“Send anything you get to the Dragon, can you read any of it?”

“It’s in bits and pieces at best, I am recognizing several of the system names in the Deneb Region though.” A piecemeal map of the region appears on a large view screen behind them. “Ahh, what have we here?” the lieutenant said as they made their way to the screen followed by another officer.

“This is the Deneb region.” They point out several known locations within the region. As they look at the screen it quickly goes disjointed and changes to lines of code of some sort before the map comes back, this happens every couple of minutes as the team starts to gather what information they can from the console.

The officer turned from the console “I’m seeing several maps, some of local systems, some of known Breen space, along with information that I cannot read at this time.

The lieutenant nodded, “Get what you can. We got some more to do.” 

“Yes, sir. Though I believe this room will have the information that we are looking for,” they said as they continued to work with the console and their PADD.

The lieutenant nodded, as they walked around the room looking at the other consoles. “What are you thinking?”

“Looking at those maps and the other data we are getting I would guess that this room might have been some sort of operations section. I’m sending the information to the Dragon as we speak. Hopefully, they can figure out what this all is.”

“Ensign Wilson take Ensign Sanders and check out that hallway on the port side. I’ll stay here with Ensign Pialk”

“Yes, sir.”