Obena-class • NCC-91503 • Task Force 93

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USS Saratoga (NCC-91503) is an Obena-class starship of the United Federation of Planets under the command of Commodore Azras Dex as part of Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 93. Saratoga is a vanguard for Starfleet and a respectable and sought-after assignment for any officer desiring to explore the unknown and champion Federation and Starfleet ideals.

Previous Starships to Bear the Name

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19 January 2024

4 - Victory and Relief

USS Saratoga: Victory and Relief

Both the Saratoga and Triumph had been in orbit of Nasara II for the past couple of weeks working on assisting with rebuilding after the Lost Fleet’s occupation of the planet. While the Polaris and a few ships that had teamed up were able to liberate the planet, the Saratoga Squadron was sent to [...]

10 September 2023

3 - Victory and Relief

USS Saratoga: Victory and Relief

Captain’s Log Stardate 2401.5   We are currently en route to the Nasera system to take over humanitarian assistance from the Polaris. While we had left a few days ago we still have several days until we arrive in the system. We received the needed supplies as well as the new command and [...]

29 August 2023

1 - Victory and Relief

USS Saratoga: Victory and Relief

“You’re cheating,” exclaimed Rass while slamming his cards down on the table in frustration. “Nobody wins five games in a row,” glancing at Sashaa who had never played the game before most recently. “I am not cheating. I can’t help it if I have gotten a lucky draw or five,” Sashaa [...]

8 August 2023

4 - Strength In Weakness

USS Saratoga: Strength In Weakness

The Saratoga and Knight had completed repairs, though it was too late to join the Gagarin for the Frontier Day celebrations at Earth. Since they couldn’t be there for the big event, Azras ensured she set up a party for those who wished to attend from both ships. This would allow them to enjoy [...]