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USS Knight

Edison-class • NCC-95164 • Task Force 93

USS Knight (NCC-95164) is an Edison-class starship of the United Federation of Planets under the command of Commander Rayu Isha as part of the Saratoga Squadron in the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 93.

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*Header Edison-class USS Knight is by Pundus

Saratoga Emissary Squadron

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3 June 2024

3 - The Storms of the Past and Present

USS Knight: The Storms of the Past and Present

It had been two weeks since the Knight had been ordered to patrol the former Romulan Neutral Zone, checking for anything out of the ordinary and answering distress calls if they received one. Things were dull, and nothing exciting had happened to the point that the crew had become [...]

13 October 2023

4 - Broken

USS Knight: Broken

The Valkyrie was in disarray all over as if no one cared about how it looked. Giving the impression that they only cared about delivering their cargo and making some currency. After the engineering team arrived onboard the freighter, was led down the corridor towards engineering by what appeared to [...]

24 September 2023

3 - Broken

USS Knight: Broken

Commander Rayu’s ready room was a bit smaller than some. However, it was comfortable with her desk near the middle of the room. It was in the shape of a half circle. Two chairs adorned the front where guests could sit along with a bit more oversized chair behind the desk for her. Near the far [...]

5 September 2023

2 - Broken

USS Knight: Broken

It had been a few hours since they departed Avalon Fleet Yards and they still had several hours to go before arriving at their destination. This was their first mission without the other two ships, they were on their own to assist a broken-down freighter. Nilah had been sitting in the lounge near [...]