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USS Triumph

Inquiry-class • NCC-89887 • Task Force 93

“Your Past battles are part of your story;
it is a powerful testimony that will symbolize victory and triumph
that will inspire others on their journey.”

― Jesus Apolinaris

USS Triumph (NCC-89887) is a Inquiry-class starship of the United Federation of Planets under the command of Captain Tilana as part of the Saratoga Squadron in the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 93.

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for content, which equates to roughly a 16+ rating

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Saratoga Emissary Squadron

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12 April 2024

2 - The Storms of the Past and Present

USS Triumph: The Storms of the Past and Present

Tilana, operating under the alias Riheela, had been on Freecloud for several months, her first assignment undercover. The mission had taken a toll, forcing her to delve deeper into the criminal underbelly than anticipated. Her survival hinged on maintaining her cover, not allowing even a hint of [...]

30 March 2024

1 - The Storms of the Past and Present

USS Triumph: The Storms of the Past and Present

Tilana had been sitting in her ready room onboard the Triumph with coffee in one hand and a PADD in the other on the couch by the window. It had been a few weeks since they arrived back at Starbase 93 from Freecloud, and the prisoners had been exchanged. The rescued xBs were relocated to the [...]

10 December 2023

14 - No Designation

USS Triumph: No Designation

The past couple of days Tilana had chosen to spend more time with Baela to get to know her and gain her trust even more. This tactic had worked in her favor as she had been able to study the area more, finding out things that would aid them when the time came. The time was fast approaching with [...]

2 December 2023

13 - No Designation

USS Triumph: No Designation

The Triumph had been waiting the last couple of days on word from the away team at Freecloud. Tensions were high with the senior staff with the knowledge of the Borg becoming active again, searching for homing signals that had activated. A couple popped up but disappeared once they arrived in the [...]