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Profile Overview

Max Duncan-Court

Human Cisgender Man


Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Duncan


Commanding Officer
USS Odyssey


Maxwell Jack Duncan-Court

2nd October 2363

USS Roehampton


Maxwell Jack Duncan-Court (neé Harrison), commonly called Max, is the commanding officer on board the Federation starship USS Odyssey. Previously, he was the executive officer and the third officer, chief counsellor & chief diplomatic officer. Max, the adopted son of famed fleet commander Fleet Admiral Luke Duncan, is quite an officer and has built a reputable career. After suffering traumatic events during his childhood, he resorted to paying back the support he received by doing the same back for others in need. He is a skilled communicator, diplomat, negotiator and advisor. Duncan relies on his boyish charms, wit and intelligence to help him deal with most situations. As a result of his approaches to his work, contributions and past, he is well respected among his peers.


A handsome man, Max’s dimples show when he smiles and allows him to use his boyish charms to calm a situation down. His sharp cheekbones and chiselled jawline give him a strong demeanour when he is in command. Through the years, he has rarely maintained one hairstyle. This usually happens when he is promoted or takes on a new position; in recent years, there have been several forms of quiff-look, but earlier on, he was pretty keen with his tousled, shiny look. Some have noted that Max’s blue eyes sometimes have a slight glint when the light hits them at a certain angle. Occasionally, he may grow some stubble around his cheeks and chins, but he has never grown a full beard. Max’s peachy skin tone is known to become a rosy shade when embarrassed. Though not as active as others in the Odyssey, Max regularly goes to the ship’s gym to maintain his athletic physique. Max has broad shoulders and somewhat muscular biceps, and he shows them off when he wears tightly fitted tops during his off hours. With a strong posture and since becoming Odyssey’s first officer, Max looks the part of a leader who can command an audience and his crew well.

  • Height: 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Blue


An easy-going kind of guy, Max is known for his open-minded approach and kind personality by those who work with him. Though generous with his time spent with others, a trait he picked up while training to be a counsellor, his attitude of getting on with work and being analytical in his approaches are many qualities that make him a strong leader. He prefers to reflect on a matter before settling on a decision; nevertheless, in a crisis, he has shown he can make quick choices and hand out difficult orders to get the job done. Assertive when he needs to be is something that has only come out of him since entering the command track. He relies on his boyish charms, sense of humour, and practical ideas to gain the confidence of those he leads. Though many feel he is quite extroverted during public gatherings, when it comes to his personal life, he prefers to keep it private.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Recently new to the command track, Max has shown on numerous occasions that he has natural leadership skills and abilities. Eager to do more, Max keeps himself steadfast but does not jump the gun and to prevent coming across as too naive. Though trained in all of the right areas to be a successful commanding officer, Max still finds himself insisting on collaborating with others who know more in other departments, especially with engineering.

Though he sees his adoption as an event that made him stronger, thanks in large part to his adoptive parents, Max has been known to wonder more about his birth parents and whether his life would be different if he had not lost them at such a young age. That said, the relationship he developed as a child and later as a teenager with the Duncans was important to him. He depended on the strength that both Luke and Nicola provided for him. It was both of them who helped him become the man he is today. As a result of this, when Luke passed away in 2399, Max took the sudden death of his adoptive father hard to deal with at first. Losing Luke made him realise that family was important to him and that his career had become such a massive part of his life that he had forgotten everything else. Deciding he needed to do more, Max looked at what else he could do to improve his life. This resulted in him pushing himself into more command-level assignments and exploring other relationships he had never considered.

On a personal note, his recent rushed romantic relationship with the ship’s senior chief was something that did come out of the blue for him but is one that he found to be a form of stability he had not had in his life in a long time. The early days of his relationship with Tobias Court brought something different to Max’s life, and when the two decided to keep their relationship private, the excitement of developing a love interest definitely intrigued Max. It wasn’t until others discovered their relationship and later on made public by an alien that it changed for both men. Eventually, Max knew that he wanted more from it, and seeing as Tobias wanted the same, their relationship naturally developed further. When they became carers, later fathers, for two alien teenage boys, their relationship grew to bigger heights, and Max found himself enjoying fatherhood more than he had expected. In some ways, he found the arrival of Jorgeh and Wylem into his life as a sort of full-circle symbol that reflected his own life. It was his turn to help others who had lost their parents.


Becoming a ship’s counsellor, then chief diplomatic officer had always been what he wanted, but as he climbed the chain of command, Max is now considering other future possibilities. Keen to see where this new career path takes him, he is interested in one day having command of his own vessel and later following his father’s footsteps in joining the admiralty. He no longer sees his later career as one that rests in teaching new recruits, he enjoys being out in the field and helping those who need it. Feeling like he needs to continue the work his birth parents and adoptive parents inspired him to do, it is very likely that Max will not retire from Starfleet unless it is down to medical grounds.


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Federation of Planets


  • Birth Mother: Lianne Harrison, Starfleet Lieutenant Commander (deceased)
  • Birth Father: Nathan Harrison, Starfleet Captain (deceased)
  • Adopted Father: Luke Duncan, Starfleet Fleet Admiral, Fourth Fleet Operations
  • Adopted Mother: Nicola Duncan, Starfleet Captain of the USS Tereshkova (NCC-89894)
  • Husband: Tobias Court-Duncan, Starfleet Commander of the USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
  • Son: Jordan ‘Jorgeh’ Luke Duncan-Court, Starfleet Cadet of the USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
  • Son: William ‘Wylem’ Nathan Winston Duncan-Court


Early Life

Max was born in 2365 to Captain Nathan Harrison and Lieutenant Commander Lianne Harrison on board the Federation starship USS Roehampton (NCC-60221). Born to a ship’s captain and its chief medical officer, meant that Max did not see a lot of his parents by the time he started his full-time education. For most of his childhood, he was looked after either by his teachers or by his friends’ parents when his parents were on duty. He became extremely close to his father’s first officer, Commander Luke Duncan, and chief science officer, Lieutenant Commander Nicola Sand. As a result of this, the young couple eventually became his godparents. Luke and Max would spend a lot of time together on the holodeck or playing a range of sports.

Max would have to deal with tragedy at an early age when his mother was killed in a shuttlecraft accident during an away team. His mother’s death caused his father to become depressed and unfit for duty. As a result of this, his father asked if his first officer would take care of Max once he had dealt with his own issues. Max moved in with Luke while his father was off the ship for two months and would be looked after by the young commander in between shifts. Nicola would also help out where she could too.

When his father did return to command, the relationship between son and father was highly strained as Max had grown a close bond with Luke (unintentionally, of course). Both he and his father would spend many weeks and months in therapy with the ship’s El-Aurian counsellor, Lieutenant Commander Tashanti.

After Luke left the Roehampton to join the Galaxy, Max was pretty upset. Tragedy would hit the poor boy again when the ship was on patrol in the Beta Quadrant and attacked by mercenaries. Fortunately, the Galaxy arrived in time to fight off the attackers and save the ship from destruction. Sadly, though, Captain Harrison was killed by a boarding party. Immediately, Duncan took the young boy with him under his wing, and Max became part of  Duncan’s family. He was the page boy at his wedding to Nicola, and both of them eventually adopted him. The family were displaced into a temporal subspace node for a short amount of time; however, they lived out almost four years within the node. Once they were rescued, Luke and Nicole moved to Deep Space 19. At the station, Max found his new life and was able to start to deal with the trauma from his childhood. He worked hard at school, made some good friends and would regularly play basketball. Luke would always make time to see his games, even though he was now an admiral and running a fleet.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

By the time Max was seventeen, he had already applied to Starfleet Academy. Completing his entrance exam on Kovar, he decided he would honour his birth parents and adoptive parents by following in their footsteps. Leaving Deep Space 19 was a challenge for him as it had become his home and he was part of the close community that had formed on the station. He was fortunate enough to start his training on Earth. 

His first year at the Academy went extremely well; he was strong in all areas of his studies and training. Many of his instructors and professors thought that he would either follow Luke’s career path of becoming a pilot or Nicola’s interest in science. Both areas he excelled well in and had interests in them too. However, when it came to the crunch, and he had to declare what he wanted to major in, he surprised everyone and decided he wanted to become a counsellor. 

The rigorous learning journey he would undertake over the next eight years opened his eyes to so many possibilities. In his sixth and seventh years, he moved from Earth and took up his studies on the orbital campus at Mellstoxx III. The intense experience did not deter him from completing and becoming a fully-fledged qualified counsellor as well as a bridge officer. 

USS Vendetta (NCC-79047)

Graduating in 2383, he gained his first posting on the USS Vendetta as the ship’s assistant chief counsellor. Thankfully for him, he had been assigned to the ship before this to complete his final year with on-the-job training. 

Being on the Vendetta, a Nebula-class ship, gave Max a wide range of people to interact with and engage with. He worked hard and formed strong bonds with many on the crew. The ship’s counsellor and the chief diplomatic officer became a mentor to him. 

Offered the opportunity to take further training by the ship’s captain, Max agreed to attend the advanced diplomatic training. An intense course that he could undertake while still serving on the ship. He stepped up to the challenge and passed the course.

Deep Space 5

Wanting to flex his wings a bit, Max moved on from the Vendetta and joined the crew of Deep Space 5 for half a year as the station’s chief counsellor and assisted the captain with diplomatic matters when required. The whole station’s mental health was a test, too, for the young officer. For the first time, he was more involved not just with the Starfleet personnel but with the civilian population as well. Thinking that his time on Deep Space 5 may be like his time growing up on Deep Space 19, he eventually found this was not the case. 

After a while, he found that remaining in one place was not as exhilarating as he was led to believe and requested a transfer to a ship-based assignment. The station did not see much ‘action,’ and daily life became quite reliable, dull, and lacked energy. Feeling that he was hurting his career by remaining on the station, Max requested a transfer. 

USS Charlton (NCC-71098)

It wasn’t long until Max was offered the position of chief counsellor and chief diplomatic officer on board the USS Charlton, a Galaxy-class ship. With it came a promotion to full lieutenant, and Max loved every moment on board the ship. The ship’s first officer also saw Max’s command potential and started to train him further in starship operations (being the ship’s former chief engineer). Over the course of two years, in between missions and every other duty, Max became quite the well-rounded officer and was eventually put in as part of the chain of command. He undertook the advanced tactical training (something rare for a counsellor to do), but he ended up passing with flying colours. As part of his reward, he was placed in charge of a duty shift, running a decent size department and being involved in most away missions that required his diplomatic expertise. All of this made Max quite the officer. All the time while he served, he did his best to avoid anyone using his adopted surname to his advantage. He did not want special treatment as he was the son of a renowned fleet admiral. While on the Charlton, he made some close friends but found his work kept him from forming long-lasting relationships with anyone. The counsellor had yet to find any romantic interest.

USS Odyssey (NX/NCC-80000)

Consequently, he was headhunted to join the brand-new USS Odyssey as its chief counsellor and diplomatic officer. Captain McCallister, the ship’s commanding officer, had been a friend of the Charlton’s skipper and had been impressed by what he heard about Max. Alongside that, McCallister owed Max’s adopted father everything for putting him in command of his own ship years ago. As some way of paying that gratitude back, McCallister wanted Max to join his senior staff and to make Admiral Duncan proud. Having a ‘Duncan’ on the Odyssey seemed like the right thing. Max was at first reluctant as he had worked hard to avoid using his father’s coattails to advance his career. That said, McCallister went out of his way to persuade the counsellor to join him. As such, a loose sense of friendship started between the two men.

Joining the crew of the brand-new prototype for the Odyssey­­­-class was a complete change for Max. It was much larger, and the work he would deal with would keep him on his toes. He eventually accepted the offer from McCallister, especially when McCallister shared his own story of how Max’s adoptive father had changed his life years ago by giving him a promotion to captain after a battle that took away his own captain and first officer. Max, on some level, could relate to his own birth parents being killed during the line of service. Alongside this, the new ship was a lot larger than the Charlton and it was assumed the ship would be out on the frontlines of Starfleet’s efforts in flying the Federation flag.

Life on the new Odyssey was great. He would find himself quite involved in liaising with civilians who lived on the ship as well as the Starfleet crew. When the ship’s first officer left to assume command of their own ship, Max was promoted to third officer along with the rank of lieutenant commander. Over the course of the next eight years, Max’s work was more focused on his work as the ship’s diplomatic officer than as head counsellor. He advised Captain McCallister many times and his counsel was highly sought after by others too. In between his own work, he mentored his deputies and undertook his own training in developing his knowledge of starship operations with as many engineering courses as he could get his hands on. Deep down, he was preparing himself for one day, wanting to command his own ship, but he kept this desire to himself. By the time he had reached thirty-eight, he was made a commander. He had several offers to leave the Odyssey to take up other more senior positions as well as an interesting offer to teach at Starfleet Academy, but for the first time in his career, he decided to turn them down as he was enjoying what he was doing on the Odyssey. The ship’s mission of working in the Beta Quadrant, especially in helping the Romulans come to terms with their relocation, was one he found worthwhile doing. 

At the start of 2399, though, he received a call from his adoptive mother, Nicola, asking him to come home as his father, Fleet Admiral Duncan, had died. The admiral’s death was of natural causes and he had the opportunity to retire and enjoy his last few years on the colony of Kovar Prime. Thankfully, the Odyssey was already on its way to Deep Space 19 to resupply, which was in orbit of Kovar. Max took the death of the man who had become his father for most of his childhood hard and requested a few weeks of personal leave to grieve. Returning home to Kovar, Max assisted his mother with the funeral arrangements and remained with her for some time after. Not wanting him to be stuck on Kovar, she insisted that he return to the Odyssey at the earliest convenience. Thankfully his crewmates were all there on his return, ready to assist him to deal with his loss and be there for him as much as he had been there for them. It was at this point that Duncan realised he had to do something more with his life besides his career. He needed to push himself beyond his safe limits, try new things and build relationships with others. He also realised he really needed to consider settling down to have a family. The death of his adoptive father made him regret not doing this sooner.

Max went on to command the Odyssey during the Archanis Campaign after the ship was crippled by two Klingon ships heavily damaging and boarding it. Captain McCallister, Commanders Cambil and Reyas were all incapacitated during this attack. Leading the ship to repel the Klingons from taking the ship and recovering from the attack, Max had the full support of the senior staff, which became a proud but humble moment for him. As all three senior officers above him required intense treatment, he was made acting captain by Admiral Beckett while the Odyssey participated in the defence of the Haydorian system. For his strong leadership and the success of the mission, he was commended for his bravery and leadership with the Christopher Pike Medal of Valour. 

In mid-2399, the ship entered the Delta Quadrant, and Max was heavily involved during its first mission to the Uxali homeworld. There, he worked closely with its leaders to repair the damage caused by Friendship One, picking up from where the Voyager crew had left it. He was instrumental in supporting the captain’s efforts in relocating the Uxali to a new planet. His work was split between helping the Uxali come to terms with the trauma they had endured for decades while at the same time leading on the ship’s diplomatic front. Working with his staff, Duncan was successful in persuading the Uxali leadership to sign a pledge that would encourage further good relations between them all. It opened a new doorway for further diplomatic interaction between the Uxali and the Federation in hopes that a strong peace treaty would be created. 

Following on from this mission, Max helped McCallister’s efforts in dealing with the Omega Directive (without being informed about it). He was able to open a strong dialogue with a Kraylor captain who revealed to Max what their people were attempting to do and where. Furthermore, his diplomatic skills helped the ship when McCallister was not present and had left Cambil in command. When two Kraylor ships had arrived, he aided Doctor Sylvexs in making the Kraylor believe their people may be infected and it would be prudent for them to wait until the all-clear was given. After the completion of this mission, Commander Cambil surprisingly resigned her commission from Starfleet leaving the Executive Officer position vacant. As Starfleet Command would not approve the promotion of Commander Reyas as she was McCallister’s wife, the captain asked Max to be his Number One instead. Max agreed on the spot; his aspirations to join the command division were now happening. 

Odyssey began exploring the Delta Hedalos Sector, a region of space in the Gradin Belt that had not been mapped before by Starfleet. While exploring an area called the Burbridge Cluster, the ship found an almost perfect M-class world they named Outrè. While survey teams examined the planet, members of the crew were allowed to visit the planet for recreation and shore leave purposes. While joining his captain on a camping trip, Duncan was part of the team that found a gold obelisk with the T’Kon Empire cress on it on the surface of the planet’s ocean floor. This discovery began a new mission for the ship as it joined with every other ship in Starfleet to deal with the T’Kon crisis that was taking place on a galactic level. Though the mission lasted some time, the crew would transverse through a region of space filled with anomalies designed to slow them down. On the edge of this region, they rescued Professor Shu’varn, a Pendari scientist who had been researching the area and the Tkon for over eight years. Several days into the region, they finally reached the centre to find a Tkon outpost being guarded by a Tkon sentry known as Portal 117. Portal 117 was dying and was hoping the Federation ship could help it. Duncan was ordered to lead the away team down to the planet to investigate the Tkon outpost. Unable to restore its systems in time, the away team witnessed Portal 117’s death and the outpost’s systems started to fail further. In a bold attempt, Shu’varn volunteered to take over the guardianship of the outpost. Though the away team was injured when he did this, his actions and self-sacrifice ensured the outpost remained a secret to the rest of the galaxy, and he was able to use the outpost’s powers to return the Odyssey to normal space. Sadly though, Duncan’s injuries were the worse compared to anyone else on the away team. He was in a coma for over a week and ended up breaking several bones and shattering one of his knees. His recovery took some time, but it was helped with constant treatment from Doctor Slyvexs and regular exercise. The latter was helped by Senior Chief Petty Officer Tobias Court, and it was after a springball match that the two started a romantic relationship.

Initially, their relationship was purely lustful until they decided they wanted to take things further and began properly dating in secrecy. Eventually, their relationship was discovered by others, and as a result, they decided to make Captain McCallister aware of it.

Their relationship took another level when the ship encountered an alien ark vessel, and a majority of the crew were kidnapped. Forced to live on the alien ark (known as the Quirennal) and care for the children that it had kept in cryo stasis for a long time, Court and Duncan’s relationship became full public knowledge when the holographic AI that controlled the ship announced it everyone else. Based on the ship’s former captain, the AI had both Duncan and Court take care of the captain’s teenage sons. Over the next three months, Duncan and Court’s relationship developed so far that they became a family unit with the two boys, Jorgeh and Wylem. When a rescue attempt was made by the Odyssey (with help from the USS League), it was revealed that Jorgeh and Wylem were the only survivors on the Quirennal and that every other child that Captan Jyster (the AI hologram that had kidnapped them) had created from the ship’s impressive technology. Jorgeh and Wylem ended up joining the Odyssey and upon their return, both Duncan and Court agreed to move in with one another with their sons. While escaping from the Quirennal, the ship returned back to the Alpha Quadrant through the use of unmapped underspace corridors. The entire crew were granted R&R on Mellstoxx, where Court and Duncan took both boys camping. They knew their recovery from the trauma endured while on the Quirennal would take time. Their request for the boys to seek asylum in the Federation was approved, and both Court and Duncan began proceedings to legally adopt both of them, allowing Jorgeh and Wylem to become Federation citizens.

At the start of the 25th century, the ship was involved in rescuing those trapped in the Paulson Nebula while a number of ion storms passed through it. When this happened, the Odyssey was hit by a chronokinetic surge, which created a number of timeframes on the ship. Once the ship was eventually free, Duncan, along with every other member of the crew that were involved in the various time travelling incidents to restore the ship, was debriefed by the Department of Temporal Investigations. Furthermore, they were required by the Temporal Prime Directive to keep what happened to them a secret to avoid any further temporal paradoxes from occurring.  Though he was not involved in the timeframes from the past, Duncan was briefed about what his possible future self would do and discovered that he would be instrumental in helping restore the ship to its proper timeline.

Once again, the Odyssey was repaired at Starbase Bravo. Before long, the ship was sent into the Velorum Sector to deal with another crisis. After the collapse of the remains of the Romulan Star Empire, the Federation was requested by the provisional government to aid in rebuilding efforts. Sent to help the Romulan colony of Vorash, the crew were able to uncover a Tal Shiar plot to destroy the colony. Thankfully, the ship had helped establish the colony over a decade ago, so they had a somewhat familiar knowledge of its inhabitants. Duncan was well-liked by the colonists, due to the previous role he had held during this time. During this mission, he played a crucial role in regaining support and trust with Grand DaiMon Deliaros, a Ferengi businesswoman who was helping the Vorash colonists. With help from Court, Duncan was forced to be flirtatious with the Ferengi to ensure a fair deal remained with the colony.

The Odyssey thereafter returned to the Delta Quadrant to resume its mission of exploration in the Gradin Belt. Months later, Court asked Duncan to marry him. The two agreed and were prepared to get married sooner rather than later as they wanted to enjoy the rest of their lives together.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2376 Cadet First Year Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2376 - 2377 Cadet Second Year Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2377 - 2378 Cadet Third Year Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2378 - 2379 Cadet Fourth Year Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2379 - 2382 Counsellor-in-training Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III Campus
2382 - 2383 Counsellor-in-training USS Vendetta
2383 - 2384 Assistant Chief Counsellor USS Vendetta
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2384 Chief Counsellor Deep Space 5
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2384 - 2386 Chief Counsellor & Chief Diplomatic Officer USS Charlton
2386 - 2391 Chief Counsellor & Chief Diplomatic Officer USS Odyssey
2391 - 2397 Third Officer, Chief Counsellor & Chief Diplomatic Officer USS Odyssey
Lieutenant Commander
2397 - 2399 Third Officer, Chief Counsellor & Chief Diplomatic Officer USS Odyssey
2399 - 2401 Executive Officer USS Odyssey
2401 Executive Officer USS Odyssey
2401 - Present Commanding Officer USS Odyssey