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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 3 – Take These Broken Wings

Getting the Band Back Together

Starbase Bravo - Conference Room 3
July 30, 2400 @ 1100 hours
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Harris sat at the front of the table.  He’d taken time to return to Earth and see home.  He and Jordan had spent most of it together. He’d met her parents and had a wonderful time on their Seattle ranch.  She’d showed him the sights and sounds of her world while he’d enjoyed the breath it allowed him to take.  Now it was time for another kind of breath to be taken.  He’d asked his crew to return to Starbase Bravo to meet to discuss the future of the Edinburgh.  Jordan sat beside him, drumming her fingers on the long and wide table.  She was slowly coming to a stronger place of acceptance of the events that had sent them on leave.  The losses weighed heavily on her.  Reid had pronounced each one and completed the autopsies.  The ranch had restored her only so, and both her and Ambrose felt the edge of their situation returning slightly.

The first through the door was their Chief Engineer, Okada Katsumi. Behind her their chief science officer, Sadie Fowler.  They both sat together.  Okada greeted the commander, “You received my message?”  Harris gave a quiet nod.  “I spent a lot of time thinking about my future…and my time so far on the Eddie…and with Sadie’s help I got my answer.  I’d like to remain as Chief Engineer, sir.”

A quiet smile crossed her CO’s lips, “Thank you, Chief.  I’m glad you were able to decide to remain.  Your message seemed like you were thinking of leaving.”

“I…think it was being confronted with the reality of the gig, sir.  On Bravo, I didn’t have to deal with that kind of…thing before.  Seeing it with my eyes open…it shook me up.  I think I need to stay.  Much more adventures ahead.”

Fowler spoke up, “I thought about leaving too, Commander…but with Kat…Lieutenant Katsumi’s help we were able to figure out we’re not done.” 

“Thank you both,” Harris replied, “I am thankful to have you both back with us.  It’s not an easy job.”

The door opened with the Chief Tactical/Security officer Kondo De La Fontaine stepping in followed by Chief Counselor Juliet Woodward.  They took their seats.  Small talk broke loose in the silence and Harris was thankful for it.  Prentice was the last in the room and he slid into a chair by the door.  Ambrose waited a moment before he stood and the silence soon filled the room.  “Good morning.  I’m glad to see you all back with us.  It’s been a hard time for each of us…I’ve kept in regular touch with each of you…I wanted to make sure you found your way through it with the help of others.”  He gave a nod to them all, “And you did.  None of you did it alone…so thank you for listening to my advice.”  He tapped at the console on the table, “Now…there’s been a change in command.”  He tapped again and the image of Captain Geronimo Fontana filled the screen.  “I’ve been temporarily reassigned as First Officer, and Captain Fontana has been temporarily appointed as her Captain.”

The shocked faces and the rabble that soon roused in mutters, whispers, and then open conversation rippled across the table.  Harris put up his hand and they eventually quieted.  He explained the rationale of the assignment and a new bubbling of conversation burst across the room once more until he called for quiet, “It is not ideal for us as a crew, I will admit.  But I will tell you…and order you…to take no action either outright, covert, or otherwise in this situation to attempt to change or address this situation.”  He looked each of them in the eye, “I need to be clear with each of you so that you can be clear with your crew and officers when you reconvene with them to pass on this information.”  He let his words hang in the air for a moment before continuing, “We will prove that we deserve and have earned the right to operate as we have before – but we will do it right and we will do it together.  Agreed?”

He looked at each officer.  Some nodded faster than others but eventually, he got each of them to consent to his request.  “Thank you for agreeing.  Now, our mission.”  He tapped at the console and the image of the Thomar Expanse faded in, “There has been a rise in pirate and smuggling activity within the expanse…and Starfleet is concerned there’s more to this.  We’re being tasked with investigating the situation and taking action if needed.”  He tapped at the console, “Captain Fontana will have a further detailed briefing onboard the Eddie tomorrow morning.  I asked if I could preview the mission and he accepted…under the condition we all return to duty tomorrow.”  His command team…his former command team gave him a collective nod.  “Questions?”

Okada spoke plainly, “I’m really sorry this happened, commander.  This really sucks.”  The others agreed.  She continued, “When are we allowed back on board to see what they’ve done to her?”

“Tomorrow 0700 hours. Until then you are still off duty and ordered to take advantage of the last hours of rest.  To answer your feelings…I don’t much like it either, Chief…but this is the way things are for now.  I’m going to fight like hell to get back in that center chair and prove to whoever thought this was needed…that it wasn’t.  We’ll get her back.”  He looked around the table one last time, “You are dismissed.”  The crew stood and talked until it was just Jordan and Ambrose once more.

She leaned against the wall, “I could just punch out a vice admiral.  I’d do alright in prison.”

Harris chuckled, “I don’t doubt that.  I’d rather have you watching my back and keeping our crew safe and sound.  Whatever is waiting for us out there in the Thomar Expanse…we’re going to need to be ready…all of us.”  She kissed his cheek and headed out the door, leaving Ambrose alone with his thoughts.