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Juliet Woodward

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Woodward


Chief Counselor
USS Mackenzie


Juliet Marie Woodward


Scobey, MT


A no-nonsense counselor who has a bright personality.  A recent Starfleet graduate serving on a smaller starship looking for her next big break.


Juliet stands 5’9 and wears her hair down most of the time. Her eyes are blue and her hair is dirty blond.  She rides her bicycle in holodeck and has taken to learning boxing in her off time.

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No nonsense.  Won’t put up with much.  Strives for excellence and refuses to back down when she’s right.  Driven to succeed by her parents.

Her parents are from Louisana, and Juliet spent the summers across New Orleans, LA to Augusta, GA, to Birmingham, AL  Her accent is a mix of it all, including a Montana drawl.


Early Life (2378-2396)

Juliet was born to Harry and Gladys Woodward in Scobey, MT.  She grew up in the town as it experienced a renaissance expanding to support space operations in nearby Opheim.  She led a fairly normal life as an only child.  Her interests in people and their stories began to expand into thinking about becoming a counselor in her future.  Both parents encouraged her to seek out Starfleet as a possibility and in her senior year she began to take courses online in concurrent enrollment with her high school.  She found that she loved learning and practicing her counseling skills.  Upon graduation, she started at Starfleet Academy as a sophomore.

Starfleet Academy (2396-2399)

Juliet excelled in her classes and socially.  She was known to be friends to many and spent her spare time organizing social events across disciplines.  As a part of her work, she founded the concept of certain months having a celebration of each group – Operations, Engineering, Tactical, Security, Counseling, Command, Communications.  Themed lunches, games, and more were a shining example of her willingness to expand the ideas of what counselors do on campus.  She was elected Class President her senior year and graduated on May 15, 2399.  She was assigned to a Raven class starship in both Counseling and Science.  She served on board from May 16th, 2399 to June 15th, 2400 when she was requested back at Starbase Bravo for reassignment.

USS Edinburgh (6.21.2400-10.15.2400)

Juliet interviewed with Commander Harris on June 21, 2400, and was selected as the next Chief Counseling Officer for the USS Edinburgh.

USS Mackenzie (10.16.2400-Present)

She transfers with the command crew and her CO.  She is promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. In February of 2401, she was promoted to Lieutenant.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - Present Chief Counseling Officer USS Mackenzie
2400 Chief Counseling Officer USS Edinburgh