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Profile Overview

Ambrose Harris

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Harris


USS Douglas


Ambrose Steven Harris


Denver, CO



R332 / House of Pora


He’s been an engineer since he was able to walk and talk.  A hunger for knowledge and learning has pushed him to be the best he can be.  His family owns “Harris Transport”, a civilian transport company that contracts with Starfleet.  He was 36 years old in 2401.


Ambrose Harris was 5’9.  He had broad shoulders, blue eyes, and usually has a five o’clock shadow.



Practical in everything he’s less of a by the book officer and more of ‘solve it in the process’ kind of guy.  He’s always thinking about engineering, research, and development – his mind had always been focused on the way things work.  Harris was a loyal officer, a strong friend, and a passionate engineer.

Girlfriend – Jordan Reid since 5.17.2400.

Mother  – Rachel Harris – Current CEO Harris Transport Operations

Father – Jard Harris – Deceased in 2390

Sister – Natalie Harris was born in 2382.

Aunt – Patricia Harris – Former CEO and Owner of Harris Transport Operations.

Uncle – Lawrence ‘Larry’ Harris – Former CFO and COO Harris Transport Operations.


Early Life (2365-2387)

Ambrose was born 6.1.2365 in Denver, CO to Rachel and Jared Harris.  Rachel was a Starfleet command officer serving on Earth in the diplomatic corps while Jared was a communications specialist working with several branches of Starfleet.  From a young age, Ambrose was engineering-minded – he would take apart anything they could give him.  When he was old enough to draw he would create schematics from either imagined ships or Starfleet ships.

He graduated high school in 2383 at the top of his class.  At the urging of his parents, he applied to Starfleet Academy.  Attending from 2383-2387, he graduated with an engineering focus.

Starfleet Career(2387-2400)

Ambrose was assigned to the USS Garrison as an engineering officer with the rank of ensign.  He proved himself able and talented over the next year and was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineering Officer in 2388 with the rank of Lieutenant.  He continued to serve on the starship until his Chief was killed in a battle with pirates in 2390.  He took charge as Chief Engineer and managed to save the ship and the crew by nearly sacrificing his life in the engine room.  He survived but needed significant medical treatment on his legs.  Due to the damage, one of his legs is replaced by an electronic leg.

He returned to the USS Garrison as Chief Engineering Officer in 2390.  His father dies in 2390.  In 2394, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

In 2395, he was transferred to the  Olympic class USS Watership as Chief Engineering Officer.  In 2399 he was promoted to Commander.  In 2400, he was given his own command of the USS Erigone, a Raven class starship.

USS Erigone (3.20.2400-5.12.2400)

He was assigned as Commander on 3.20.2400.  His first mission, “How a Harris Hopes included working with Master Chief Christopher Grace and the addition of new crew officers.  His second mission, The Salvage Job” has the three-member crew working on investigating some salvage until they came under fire.  His third mission coincided with the Fleet Action mission “Sundered Wings”.  The Erigone’s part in this was in Into the Fire.  The USS Erigon was assigned to assist within the Velorum Sector.  New crew came aboard to fill out the needed spaces, and the Erigone was assigned to make its way to the sector to assist.  On the way, they respond to a distress call and find dead Romulans and a mysterious attacker in the darkness of space.

USS Edinburgh (5.14.2400-8.16.2400)

His command was moved to the New Orleans class USS Edinburgh on 3.14.2400. The first mission, “What Burns in the Darkness,” sends them on a search for Romulan separatists in the middle of the Sundered Wings Fleet Action.  The second mission, “Wings of a Phoenix,” has them chasing Commodore Patra and finding new enemies in the midst of the growing conflict.  At the end of the mission, they lose 50 crew in a successful attempt to save a planet from destruction at the hands of Patra’s device.  Starting with the third mission, Take These Broken Wings,” he is reassigned as First Officer to serve under Captain Geronimo Fontana on 7.15.2400.  He resigns his position and rank on 8.5.2400 after being told by Fontana to end his relationship with Chief Medical Officer Jordan Reid.  In the ensuing days, Fontana discovers he has been set up by a former enemy of Reid.  In discussions with Harris on 8.7.2400, he reveals he never sent the officer’s resignation to Starfleet.  He offers Harris his rank and position as XO back, and Harris accepts.  They continue to work together and navigate their relationship.

On 9.10.2400, Harris is reinstated as commanding officer of the USS Edinburgh, and Fontana reports he has and will be taking action against the person who set him up to destroy Reid and Harris.  The crew is called back into the Commodore Patra saga when a Vulcan operative arrives to tell a mysterious tale, and so begins “These are the Voyages” on 10.5.2400.  He is reassigned to the Excelsior II class USS Mackenzie and promoted to Captain on 10.16.2400.

USS Mackenzie (10.16.2400 – 02.05.2401)

He was assigned as captain of the USS Mackenzie.  On 12.26.2400, they received their orders and began the process of searching in “The Mystery Begins, the opening story to the mission “The Island of Death”.  They discover a planet that is a prison under the administration of the “Vulcansah.”  Originally thought to be ancestors of the Vulcans, it slowly became clear there may have been connections to the Vulcans; it is not precise.  It is soon discovered the theft included several Arretans who are now running rampant in the Expanse.  A mirror universe crew is found and battled until they are finally subdued.  The truth about the facility came to light as discoveries were made, including experimental laboratories and records indicating the test-subject relationship that many of the stasis prisoners experience.  Henry Wyatt, a 600-year-old El Aurien, is found and freed.  The XO’s double from the mirror universe is used to attempt to gain a foothold against the Mackenzie crew, but she is captured and turned over to Starfleet Command.  Jade Dilithium is found as the connection to the Arretans, and Wyatt reveals that is the only way the aliens have their power – as well as a slow-acting poison that accelerates when the Mackenzie finally arrives at the planet they’ve taken over.  The Arretans cannot escape the poison, while the Mackenzie crew attempts to save the bodies they occupied with mixed success.  The Arretans are sealed in custom made containers within which they soon die.  The Mackenzie returned to earth, and Harris received some startling news…

On 1.2.2401, Rachel and Natalie Harris are working at Harris Transport.  In “Harris Transport Chronicles 001” the former engineer who Ambrose saved ten years ago on the USS Garrison arrived with a confession – she was ultimately responsible for the death of their Chief and five others.  With the help of Chief Counselor Juliet Woodward, they helped Rachel “Elizabeth” McKee find out the truth within herself and on the old Miranda Class starship by accessing the records.  McKee began the process of reconciling her guilt with the truth.

Harris was killed on 02.05.2401 by Pantheon, a Devore Imperium officer who had set up a colony on R332 / House of Pora.  He was executed for violations in the Delta Quadrant in Devore Space.

Pandora Crawford brought his body and consciousness back to life in September of 24001 in an attempt to use him against the Dragonfly Division.  In the end, she was forced to flee and abandon the process as she fled to the Gamma Quadrant to complete the work.  The Douglas was able to retrieve his body and understand some of the process.  Ambrose was given the choice to live with no promise of quality of life or to allow his body to die within a 48-hour period.  Harris decided to allow death to run its path, and he dies for a second time.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2388 Engineer USS Garrison
2388 - 2390 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Garrison
2390 - 2394 Chief Engineering Officer USS Garrison
2394 Chief Engineering Officer USS Garrison
Lieutenant Commander
2394 - 2399 Chief Engineering Officer USS Watership
Lieutenant Commander
2399 - 2400 Chief Engineering Officer USS Watership
2400 Commander USS Erigone
2400 Commanding Officer USS Edinburgh
2400 - 2401 Captain USS Mackenzie