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Kondo De La Fontaine

Human Male

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Rank & Address

Lieutenant De La Fontaine


Chief Tactical Officer
USS Mackenzie


Kondo De La Fontaine


Saône-et-Loire, France,


Kondo De La Fontaine is a fighter.  He’s spent his life in the ring as a trained boxer competing from the age of 8 in the rings his father runs in Saône-et-Loire, France.  He is a passionate man who works out regularly as it helps keep his mind clear.


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Passionate, driven, and outspoken – he is purposeful in what he says and will not remain silent in the face of anything.


Early Life (2378-2396)

Kondo De La Fontaine was born to Jaha and Achille in 2378.  He was a fierce child who would often get into trouble in their rural community in France for his tendency to fight with fellow community students.  At 8 years old his father brought him to a boxing gym he owned and began to train the boy.  Over time Kondo earned acclaim as began to win.  His temperament balanced out as he could places for an outlet and he quickly became a local celebrity the more he competed.  He’d worked security for a few local organizations as he went through high school, and on his father’s suggestion, he applied to Starfleet after he graduated high school.  He was accepted.

Starfleet Academy (2396-2400)

Kondo excelled at his studies and joined the competitive boxing club on campus immediately.  He quickly discovered he was not better than most.  It was a humbling experience and he carries those moments with him to this day.  Throughout the four years, he worked hard in both his studies and his competitions.  In his studies he set himself apart from others by forming study groups, scoring high on simulations, and exhibiting a command-level presence when working with others. Professors moved him to command-focused classes to ensure his education matched his talent.  He scored well in those classes and the simulations.  In his senior year, he competed in the Academy Boxing Championships and won a Silver medal.  He keeps it with him wherever he goes.  Upon graduation, he applied to many ships and was eventually placed on the USS Edinburgh.

USS Edinburgh (5.14-2400-10.15.2400)

He became the Chief Security / Tactical Officer on May 15, 2400.

USS Mackenzie

He transferred, along with his CO and the command crew, to the USS Mackenzie on 10.16.22.  He is promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.  He was promoted to full lieutenant in February of 2401 and assigned to Chief Tactical Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 Chief Security / Tactical Officer USS Edinburgh
2400 - 2401 Chief Security / Tactical Officer USS Mackenzie
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Chief Tactical Officer USS Mackenzie