Part of USS Odyssey: Between The Feathers Of Destiny and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Loose Ends

USS Odyssey, Vorash, Vorash system, Velorum Sector, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 77367.5
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“Captain’s log stardate seven-seven-three-six-seven point five. It is with great relief to say that the situation on Vorash has now been resolved. The verified evidence from the Romulan Republic has gone a long way in helping with the healing process. As a result, our relief teams have been able to complete their work without further delays. The planet’s power grid is back up and running, the weather control system is also operational, and those who needed medical attention have now been seen. Commander T’Lawra plans to remain on Vorash for a little while longer, as will Grand DaiMon Deliaros. I’ve given the order for the ship to depart at thirteen-hundred hours.”

While walking towards the shuttle bay with his guests, Captain McCallister was flanked on both sides by them and some of his crew. The illumination levels had been reduced in favour of their Reman guests.

“I do hope this dialogue you have all started will continue to prosper.” McCallister urged them as they passed through the large door. “Vorash’s future does depend on it.”

“If I didn’t know you were a hew-mon, Captain McCallister, I’d say your lobes are large enough for you to recite the Rules of Acquisition.” Grand DaiMon Deliaros said with a toothy smirk.

“I was thinking of several rules, in fact, Grand DaiMon,” McCallister answered her with a similar smile. “The seventh, ninth, twenty-second and forty-fifth, to be precise.”

Chuckling at hearing him note them, Deliaros shook her head. “As always, captain, you surprise me every time, but I believe the fifty-seventh rule best sums up our situation here.”

“Good customers are as rare as latinum. Treasure them.” recited Master Chief Court from behind the captain.

“Absolutely,” Deliaros said as she walked towards her private shuttle. She stopped in her tracks and turned to face both Duncan and Court. “Gentlemen, it has been an honour doing business with you both.” She looked at Duncan before making her final comment. “You’ve got a good one here, Max; make an honest man out of him before someone else comes in and proposes a better business deal.” She winked at him before planting a kiss on his cheek.

Duncan nodded in agreement and thanked Deliaros for her wisdom. Suppressing a chuckle, Court looked back at his other half. “Care to share what you think she means by that?”

“Rule two-hundred and twenty-seven, Tobi.” Duncan said, looking at him, “If that’s what’s written, then that’s what’s written.”

Court rolled his eyes as they turned around to see McCallister finishing off with T’Lawra, Veruk and Taratek.

“Captain, we are in your debt, once again,” Veruk grumbled. He extended his hand towards him, “Your arrival, your aid and the help in exposing the Tal Shiar’s plan here to turn our world away from our brothers and sisters have placed us in your debt. Thank you.”

“You can repay me by ensuring that something like this doesn’t happen again. That evidence you received almost destroyed the homes you’ve built. Keep an open mind and remain hopeful.” McCallister said sincerely as he shook the Reman’s hand. Veruk nodded and headed towards the Romulan shuttle only a few feet away. Accompanied by his brother, the two Remans glanced around the large bay before getting onboard. Turning to T’Lawra, McCallister looked at her. “Commander, I appreciate your commitment to supporting this process here on Vorash.”

She smiled in appreciation at his words. “It’s my honour,” She replied. “The Republic needs to take a further stand and show that what we have fought for has been worth it. If we can’t share it with others who have not been as fortunate as we have, then our sacrifices will be for nothing.”

“It’s refreshen to hear that,” McCallister said.

She bowed her head to him. “You’ve earnt yourself a friend in the Republic, captain. I promise to keep you updated with developments here and around the region.”

“I’d appreciate that and the sentiment is true for you as well,” McCallister stated. “Jolan tru, commander.”

“Jolan tru, captain,” She returned before joining her companions on her smaller vessel.

Both Ferengi and Romulan shuttles began their departures as they hovered above the deck plating before heading straight out of the open shuttle bay doors.

Watching them both speed off into the distance, McCallister was joined by Duncan and Court. “Well, gentlemen, I think we’ve saved another world.”

“For a second time,” Duncan remarked.

“And hopefully for the last time,” Court added.

McCallister turned to his first officer, “Max, the ship is yours. I’m heading off for my final visit.”

“Enjoy,” Duncan said almost sarcastically as he watched his captain head towards the ground vehicle that awaited him.

“So, you are perfectly well from what I can see,” Slyvexs said as she raised her tricorder and showed it to the little Romulan boy that sat on one of the biobeds.

Sighing to himself, S’Tem appeared to deflate at hearing that. “Why does my belly hurt then?”

Realising what may be wrong with him, the Denboulan female pretended to tap something into her tricorder before she quickly rushed the tricorder over his abdomen one more time. “Ah, I see the problem,” She said, pretending to be shocked by her latest scan. “It’s what humans call butterflies.”

“That sounds scary,” S’Tem said with concern. “How did I get them? I didn’t eat anything called ‘butterflies’.”

She chuckled, and before responding, a visitor to her examination room appeared. S’Tem had arrived with Samris and Lizvanna only a few moments ago after the young boy had complained consistently about stomach pains, feeling nauseous and being generally quite upset. Approaching them now was Tomaz.

“Tomaz!” S’Tem called out to the tall young Barzan.

Pleased to see his newest friend, Tomaz approached him with a friendly smile. “Hey, little man, what are you doing in here?” He quizzed.

“I’m not well.” He answered.

Tomaz looked at Slyvexs, Samris and Lizvanna for clarity and confirmation.

“S’Tem wasn’t feeling well earlier when we started to pack everything to return to the orphanage.” Samris shared.

“Absolute candour may not exist right now,” Lizvanna added.

“I’ve diagnosed our visitor with the symptoms of butterflies in the stomach,” Slyvexs asked, still pretending to have found the problem.

“What’s the treatment, doctor?” Tomaz asked, going along with the charade.

Slyvex winced, doing her best acting, “I could operate, but it may take me a long time to find all the butterflies; instead, I recommend a good long talk. Possibly supported by Counsellor Horin and Commander Hunsen’s favourite food.”

“Chocolate ice cream?” Tomaz wondered aloud.

“Indeed.” Slyvex agreed with a singular nod.

Tomaz turned to S’Tem. “What do you think, little man?”

“Will it help?” He asked nervously.

“It will.” Samris supported.

“Only if it’s not an inconvenience,” Lizvanna said, realising what was happening.

“It’s no inconvenience at all,” Tomaz remarked as he smiled and walked away to get a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Excusing herself for one moment, Lizvanna followed Tomaz over to the replicator. “Commander, a moment?”

Pausing in his tracks, he turned to look at the Qowat Milat nan. “Yes, Lizvanna?”

“I’ve spoken about your special bond with S’Tem over with Sister Jew’leanar, and please tell me if I am being too presumptuous with this, but would you consider taking him in?” Lizvanna asked.

He was surprised to hear that. Tomaz hadn’t considered the notion at all. That said, he had become accustomed to Lizvanna and the other’s members of the Qowat Milat’s bluntness in the past day or so. Not sure what to say at first, Tomaz looked at S’Tem from where he was sitting, talking to Samris and Slyvexs. The boy smiled at whatever they had said to him, making Tomaz smile.

He looked at Lizvanna and sighed before he gave her his answer.

Looking up at the colossal warp core that sat in the middle of main engineering, Jorgeh was always impressed by the powerful device. Making his way over to see who he was visiting, he picked up his pace and approached his friend, Alfie McCallister.

Sitting at one of the auxiliary stations, the young cadet looked up at his friend. “Hey, Jorg, what are you doing here?”

“Alf, sorry, I know you’re working, but I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and I’ve got a favour to ask of you,” Jorgeh said, sounding somewhat nervously.

Alfie was baffled by his friend’s request. “Sure, fire away.”

“Help me get into Starfleet.”

With his security protection on either side of him, Captain McCallister entered the small room that Jew’leanar used as a private sanctum. Bowing to her as a mark of respect and performing the standard greeting gesture of placing his hands together and then opening them, he was welcomed in after she did the same.

“Jolan tru, James.”

“Jolan tru, Jew’leanar.” He said as she offered him a seat on a pile of cushions on the floor. He took the opportunity to sit down and cross his legs. “Thank you for seeing me before we leave.”

“You are always welcome to Vorash, James.” She said as she sat opposite him. “Tell me what is on your mind.”

“I wanted to make sure we have completed everything we could do for you and your people before leaving.” He answered.

She nodded a couple of times. “More than enough.” She indicated to the sunny sky behind her. “You have lifted us out of the darkness.”

“I am pleased to hear it.” He replied. “And I truly believe that T’Lawra’s intentions here are genuine.”

“As do I,” Jew’leanar remarked. “I believe it is the start of a beautiful friendship with the Republic.”

“Do you think Vorash will join the Republic?” McCallister asked.

She considered the question for a second before replying. “I think wherever we end; our destiny is ours and ours alone to decide on.”

“Very well, I’ll leave you to your peace,” McCallister said as he got up.

Standing up too, Jew’leanar appreciated his visit and wished him well on his travels.

On the bridge of the Odyssey, everyone was ready to go.

“All stations report ready for lift-off,” Jen announced from ops.

McCallister had just returned to the ship and made his way towards his chair. “Then Number One, take us to Code Blue.” He ordered his first officer as he took his seat.

Duncan tapped at his console and opened a ship-wide channel, ordering everyone to report to their stations. “Code blue status confirmed, sir.”

Relaxing into his chair, he looked around the room at everyone and smiled once again. “Take us up, Lieutenant Commander T’Rani.”

The Vulcan pilot complied and replied with, “Aye, sir.”

Slowly the Odyssey pushed itself up and off the ground as its atmospheric thrusters were activated. Shortly after, the landing struts started to retract back into the secondary hull. Soon enough, the ship climbed up towards the blue sky above them.

Moments later, the ship was gone from view and was back out into open space, back among the stars to explore what lay beyond the final frontier.