Part of USS Odyssey: Runs In The Family

There’s No Place Like Home?

USS Odyssey NCC-80000, Sol System, Alpha Quadrant
Stardate: 76407.1
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“Captain’s log stardate seven-six-four-oh-seven-point-one. We arrived in the Sol system late last night and the ship is currently enjoying a brief respite in the San Francisco Shipyards before heading out to the Barzan Wormwhole. Our stopover will give the crew a few days of R and R while the ship receives further upgrades and modifications ahead of our deep space exploration assignment in the Delta Quadrant.”

The morning breakfast rush in the auditorium was in full swing, however the amount of the crew that were present was low compared to most days. The lack of souls was a welcome sign for Odyssey’s Betazoid chief engineer. Hearing random thoughts and sensing others feelings was difficult to always block out for most Betazoids. Since serving on the Odyssey with its large number of crew he had learned from T’Rani a few Vulcan techniques and meditations to help prevent himself from being overwhelmed with other non-Betazoid thoughts and feelings. After grabbing his breakfast tray and selecting the food he wanted, along with a mug of raktajino, the chief engineer made his way across the large crew lounge towards the table he and his friends normally met every morning for their breakfast. Smiling at them as he approached, Hunsen greeted them and took his seat.


“How’s the eggs Max?” He asked Duncan who was sitting on the other side of the rectangular table.


Counsellor Duncan, who had a fork filled with scrambled eggs in his hand, nodded with approval. “Pretty good actually.” He answered and encouraged his friend to try the portion he had taken. “What’s your day looking like?”


“Pretty standard to be honest, I’ve got a double duty shift in engineering to oversee the added extras that Starfleet is outfitting us with. New transporter enhancements, upgrades to the subspace radio, refit to the deflector dish and installation of new injectors for the warp core.” Hunsen said before eating a mouthful of egg. “You?”


Picking up his mug of tea, Duncan indicated to Court (who was sitting next to him drinking a glass of orange juice) with his thumb and spoke up. “We’ve got a briefing with the captain at Starfleet Command.”


“Oh? Anything interesting?” Hunsen inquired.


Shaking his head before answering, Duncan explained what they were up to. “We’re meeting with command officials about the extra crew we are taking on board for our mission along with a briefing about the races that they want us to meet with first.”


“Along with that Starfleet wants us to take on board a squad of cadets; it’s going to be my job to babysit them.” Court added.


“Cadets?” Hunsen repeated, “That’s pretty unheard of for an Odyssey-class ship to get.”


“We’ll keep some of them, but the rest of them are being posted on other ships heading to the Delta Quadrant. Most of them are juniors or seniors, Starfleet wants us to provide practical training while in the field.” Court stated.


“And I take it their final exams are going to be administered via hyper-subspace?” Hunsen questioned.


“The captain is quite eager to agree to the project,” Duncan stated. “He used to teach at the academy anyway.”


“Well as long as I’m not expected to teach any classes.” Hunsen said as he picked up a slice of toast.


Duncan and Court looked at each other before returning to eat their food. Duncan smirked as he picked up a few mushrooms and before placing them in his mouth he just nodded once to his friend, “I wouldn’t hold your breath there Tremt. The captain told us yesterday that Starfleet feels that by having the next generation of cadets out in deep space, the enthusiasm to be explorers will return. Which means we need to set the example!”


“Oh great!” Hunsen mumbled as he drank from his Klingon coffee. “Anything else?”


“Yeah, one thing that I recall…” Duncan started. “I believe you two owe me.”


Court looked at his friend, confused at the remark. “What do you mean, owe you?”


“If you remember rightly, I told you both a few weeks ago that our mission to the Delta Quadrant would be interrupted and I was right…the Klingons invaded!” Duncan stated with a smug look on his face.


“Damn, he’s right.” Court grumbled.


“Oh damn it!” Hunsen said as he placed his mug down. “Wasn’t it we brought you breakfast for a month?”


“And dinner, so gentlemen as you’ve failed this morning already I will let you off in preparation for dinner this evening.” Duncan said as he finished his last bite and stood with his tray in hand. “I’ll see you boys later!” He said smiling and walked away.


“He’s got too smarmy since he was acting captain.” Court remarked.


“Agreed.” Hunsen said with a chuckle and returned to his coffee.



Waking up in Napreem’s arms was a welcome change and brought a welcome smile. Bexa rolled around to look at her husband’s sleeping body. She smiled at the view, even though he was getting older he still was handsome to her, his sandy brown hair was going silver in some areas and the lines in his forehead were more apparent. Nevertheless he was still hers. Leaving him to lightly snore, she pushed herself gently out of his grip and left their shared king size bed. Walking over to her dresser, she picked up her silk robe and placed it on by wrapping the belt around her waist.


Walking into her living room, she found her sons Edon and Leeyum lying on the sofas playing a holographic game of some sort. Both of them were in their pyjamas. It was obvious neither of them had decided to have a sonic shower yet. Noticing that the two of them had breakfast, as their cutlery and bowls were left on the dining table, she said morning to them both.


“How are you feeling mom?” Leeyum asked as he switched the game off, annoying his brother with his action.


“Fine thank you.” She replied with a warm smile and ordered a mug of deka tea from the replicator. As the replicator made her drink she turned to look at her sons. “What are you two planning to do today?”


“Probably hang out here.” Edon answered back. “Henri, Alfie and Theo are going to Earth with their folks later today and with all of the refits going on the holodecks aren’t available to civilians.”


“Well then you could both tidy up your rooms!” Bexa suggested in between sips of her tea. “Have you both caught up with your latest homework? I’m not having your father complain to me one more time you both have been late in handing in your work.”


“It’s all done!” Leeyum answered back, waving a PADD in his hand which he insinuated had his work on.


Bexa looked at Edon who was trying to reload his game up again. “Edon?” She asked in a stern voice. “Have you done your work?”


“Almost.” He said, ignoring her as he started to play the game again.


“Computer suspend all access to interactive holographic games for Cambil Edon until further notice, authorisation Cambil-two-one-beta-charlie.” She said with a slight wicked smile as the computer complied with her command codes and shut off her son’s game.


Moaning automatically, Edon protested at his mother’s decision. “But mom, I’ll get it done-”


Not giving him the chance to respond, Bexa gave him a look that only a mother could when she was telling her child off. “Edon do not make me drag you into that room to complete your work!”


Sighing in further protest, Edon got up and headed back to his room. His sulking wake followed close behind him.


Cambil then looked over to Leeyum, “And you can clean up this mess!” She said, pointing to what was left on the dining table.


Realising arguing with his mother was a futile attempt, Leeyum did as he was told.


At that point the door chime went off and Bexa moved across the room to see who it was. “Enter.” she said.


The doors parted open and walking in was Doctor Slyvexs. The Denobulan chief medical officer held a tricorder in one hand and a medkit was slung over her shoulder. Smiling, she approached the Bajoran first officer.


“Good morning doctor.” Cambil said, “A house call?”


“I don’t have much of a sickbay at the moment as the whole medical facility is receiving some upgrades, so I thought I would come on over and do your final check up. If that’s okay?” Slyvexs offered, waving the tricorder around.


“Absolutely.” Bexa said and stood still while the doctor scanned her.


“Any problems? Aches? Pains? Nausea? Headaches?” She asked. “Any tightness in the chest?”


Shaking her head, Bexa answered truthfully. “Nothing, the new heart seems to be doing the trick. I’ve not noticed a difference.”


“Good, that’s what it’s meant to do.” Slyvexs said as she finished her scan. “Everything looks like it is in order. I am reporting that you are fit to return to duty.”


Smiling at the news, Bexa appreciated it. “Thanks doc, it’d be good to be out and about today.”


“Indeed. Let me know if you need anything else.” Slyvexs offered as she left the Cambil quarters.


“What do you mean we have to take the yacht?” whined Henri. “Why can’t we use the transporter?”


Sat around the dining table in the McCallister quarters, James was sat on one side with his son Henri next to him. Karyn sat at the head of the table while Alfie and Theo were opposite to the father and other brother. Their day had started out well after Doctor Slyvexs had cleared Karyn fit to return to duty. Before they did start their duties that day, James and Karyn had planned to have breakfast together as a family.


“Now we’ve docked the transporters are being upgraded.” stated James as he poured Henri some orange juice. “So we are going to take my yacht out instead.”


“I heard you guys talking last night that it will be the last ride you take in it before Starfleet gives you a brand new one.” Alfie remarked. “Are you getting sentimental dad?”


Laughing at Alfie’s question, Karyn placed her cutlery down, dabbed her lips with a servette and answered her son before her husband could. “You know what they say about Starfleet captains, they get sentimental over their ships. I think your father is upset to lose the Invicta.”


“Hey if that Klingon ship hadn’t smashed into our side, then I wouldn’t be losing her.” James said in defence. “It’s just a shame we’ve got to say goodbye as I barely got to take her out for any missions.”


“But you want to take your children out in it?” Theo questioned in between mouthfuls.


James stopped himself from eating the fork load of bacon he had and looked to his son. “It’s safe for us to fly down to Earth and anyway Starfleet wants us to have something a bit better before we head to the Delta Quadrant.”


“What are you going to call the new one then?” Alfie inquired as he picked up his glass of apple juice.


“I’m thinking of keeping the same name, seems daft to pick a new one.” James replied. “Plus we’ll be able to pick it up after we’ve seen your grandparents.”


“Are we staying at theirs?” Karyn asked.


“Yeah, my mum confirmed everything last night.” James said. “She sounded excited in her message.”


“Is she going to make us work in the hotel, dad?” Henri asked, almost whining.


Smirking at that remark after the last time they saw their grandmother she had them serving as waiters when her friends visited. “No, I’ve told her this time we are only staying for one night and one night only.”


“I can only imagine the reception we’re going to get when we arrive.” Karyn remarked as she picked up her toast and took a bite out of it.