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Is there Hope?

Part of The Archanis Campaign (USS Vesta)

Into the Unknown

Archanis Sector

Makayla sat in her ready room, looking out the window at which the starbase was in view as well as several other ships that had arrived around the same time they did. Captain Dex had already departed to the starbase, she sat there thinking about their mission and everything that has happened over the last few days since she officially got command of the Vesta. “Everything alright Captain?” Tajir Derohl asked as he walked in which caused her to jump a bit as she didn’t hear the door open.

“Uh, yes everything is fine, I was just lost in thought,” Makayla responded to her Executive Officer who just took a seat in the chair opposite of her desk. “What’s on your mind?” He asked as he sat there looking at her, “just thinking about everything that has happened within the last few days and what is ahead of us.” Makayla replied as she stood up walking over to the replicator, looking back at Derohl who just shook his head as he knew what she was going to ask.

“Coffee with light cream and sugar,” Makayla ordered as the drink appeared in the replicator. “I know I’ll regret this later, but I need this second cup.” Replied Adams as she took the cup and walked back to her desk and sat down. Though it was replicated it still had a good smell to it she took a sip and then set it back on the table.

They had already had a staff meeting that explained what was going on and their mission. “My first command and I get thrown into a huge situation, though I know I can handle it, it just wasn’t what I was expecting our first mission to go.” She said with a sigh, “but then again you have to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst as my father always told me, part of me wished I had listened as I am not prepared for the worst.” She said as she took another sip of her coffee all while Tajir was sitting there quietly listening.

“Would it have been any different if you were assigned to the Relentless?” Tajir asked looking at her asking an honest question, this caused her to sit there and think of a response. Opening her mouth to say something, but quickly closed it as she couldn’t come up with a good enough response. Perhaps he was right, “you’re right it wouldn’t have been any different.” Makayla replied with a sigh, she hated it when she knew he was right.

“Why do you have to always be right?” She asked with a chuckle as she waved her hand as she didn’t want to hear the answer. He chuckled as he shook his head, “just lucky I guess.” He replied even though she didn’t want to hear it, smiling she picked up the padd that Captain Dex gave her, looking at the information again.

“They’re getting more brazen,” Tajir replied as she nodded in agreement. “Indeed, they have caught us off guard now,” Adams replied in return, setting the padd back on the table and sighed.

“Our standing orders are to patrol the colony worlds within the Meronia Cluster,” she began. Looking at her as he knew that wasn’t going to be all, “there is more to this isn’t there?” Tajir replied as Makayla couldn’t help but smile, they have worked together for a long time he knew her, and her habits. “You know me so well Tajir, I don’t know if that is scary or not.” She chuckled as she stood up walking to the window for a brief moment before turning back around to face him.

“The Vesta has ten shuttles and two runabouts, we can pick up supplies here and send four teams in four shuttles down to a colony or two to assist with giving them aid while the Vesta patrols the area.” She began, “we would have at least two more teams on backup if needed.” Makayla finished looking at Tajir who sat there in thought for a moment.

“That could work, I can make arrangements with the Starbase to send supplies over. We do have a good medical team that we can assign to each team.” Tajir replied as he was thinking in his head.

“Great, also gather up the teams which should consist of Security, Medical, Science, and Engineering for each team,” Makayla replied taking a sip of her forgotten coffee that was starting to get cold.

“Understood,” Derohl replied as he stood up to leave then turned around. “Did you want to do the briefing or should I?” He asked though he already knew the answer and held up his hand to stop her, “forget that I asked that question, of course, you want me to do the briefing of the away teams.” He said as he shook his head with a chuckle and headed out of the office.

Adams chuckled as she watched him leave, she tapped a few buttons on the console to contact Captain Dex to run it by her.


“You have to be kidding me?” Yelled Jheria who had just been transferred from Guardian Station to the USS Vesta because of her skills needed for this kind of ship. “We are going to be patrolling an area where there are potential rogue Klingons?” She hissed at her deputy who just stood there looking at the pissed-off Andorian woman who threw up her hands. “Why don’t we just hand over this ship while we’re at it,” she replied as everyone in engineering was looking at them.

Jheria looked around to see everyone staring at her, she just walked back into her office and slammed the padd on the desk. “Are they mad?” She asked as her deputy walked in behind her who hadn’t said one word, he had learned to keep his mouth shut when she was on a warpath.

She looked at him, “well am I here just to hear my own voice?” She asked then just raised her hand and waved it. “Don’t answer that,” she replied with a sigh.

“I understand how you feel Commander, but the Captain has her orders and I am sure she knows what she’s doing sir.” Colin McDowell finally spoke up after her little angry session. “A woman who happens to get this ship for her first command, I hope she knows what she’s doing,” Jheria replied frustrated, knowing very well what could happen if this ship fell into the wrong hands.

“Sir, if she didn’t Starfleet Command wouldn’t have given her a ship like this,” Colin replied, being the voice of reason that caused her to pause and think. “I hope your right for all our sakes Colin,” Jheria replied as she threw up her hands to surrender.

“Now where was I?” Jheria replied but spoke up before Colin could even say a word. “Status report on ships systems?” She asked remembering what she originally asked him for before finding out what their mission was that caused her to get so upset.

“All systems report working within normal parameters,” Colin replied handing her the padd he had been holding this whole time. Taking the padd she glanced it over, “very good. Make sure everything…” she began before Colin cut her off as he already knew what she was going to say. “The ship is battle-ready sir if it were to come to that,” he replied with a grin as he saw the annoyed look on her face. “Why do you always do that?” She asked looking at him as he just shrugged with a boyish grin on his face.

“Do you have anything else for me, Commander?” Colin asked looking at Jheria who just shook her head, “not at the moment you’re dismissed.” She replied with a wave of her hand, he shook his head and turned to leave.

Jheria watched him leave her office with a sly grin on her face as she sighed at the stack of reports on her desk. “Guess these will not take care of themselves,” she said to herself as she started to go through them.

Chit Chat

Archanis Sector

Odan looked at Chon’al the only Klingon stationed at the strategic operations station who was just going over some information. Things have been quiet on the bridge for a while as no one really spoke up which was unusual.

Deciding to speak up, “Lieutenant Chon’al do you know anything on the D’Ghor Hunters?” He asked as Chon’al looked up from his console.

“Aside from the fact that they are dishonorable petaQ that deserve to rot in the pits of Gre’thor?” Chon’al son of Kuvor replied, “just that they were cast out as one of the great houses within the empire, losing their honor. Now they are bIHnuch for attacking civilians, raiding colonies, bringing chaos within the Federation.” Chon’al replied, “from what I have heard their leader Kuskir the youngest son of D’Ghor is ruthless and a formidable opponent in battle.” He added as he shifted on his feet looking at Odan as well as the rest of the bridge crew who turned towards him to listen.

“But, other than that I am not sure what their motives are as they have been quiet for some time to all of a sudden do such attacks,” Chon’al replied as Odan nodded.

Dazra was standing at the tactical station as Chon’al and Odan were talking, remaining quiet. She made a mental note to speak with Chon’al about possibly working with her and her team to train in case they were to come into a combat situation with these Klingons.

Chon’al looked over at Dazra who couldn’t help but grin at the attractive young Trill woman at the tactical station. Walking away from his station, he walked over towards hers. “Lieutenant, what do you have planned for training?” He asked as if he knew what she wanted to talk to him about.

Caught off guard, she looked at him for a brief moment before she spoke up. “I was actually going to ask you if you wouldn’t mind helping us train maybe more so with hand-to-hand combat if we were ever to face off with these Klingons,” Dazra said with a grin on her face.

He let out a Klingon chuckle, slapping her shoulder “you know you can just come and ask me I will be honored to assist.” Chon’al replied as Dazra rubbed her shoulder a bit, “great.” Dazra replied back as she looked at him for a moment, thinking of something to say next. “So how about 1400 hours in the holodeck?” She asked.

Nodding, “I get to pick the program.” Chon’al replied as they talked for a few more moments before the doors to the turbolift opened and out walked Tajir. He looked at both Dazra and Chon’al as he walked up to them, “hope I am not interrupting something?” He asked as both of them shook their heads, “no sir we were just discussing training.” Dazra said as she looked at him then back at Chon’al who just grinned.

“Very well, Lieutenant Loian there is a briefing in fifteen minutes in the conference room,” Tajir said before he turned and headed towards the conference room, Dazra raised an eyebrow. “Wonder what for?” Chon’al asked as Dazra shrugged, “guess I will find out.” She replied as the Klingon officer walked back to his station.

Looking around the bridge as it had gotten quiet again, sighing for a brief moment before finishing her work. She was about to step away from the station when the doors opened to reveal Lieutenant Commander Dilucca, Lieutenant Dedre Rar and Commander Kriia walk out onto the bridge.

Seemed they were heading the same place she was, glancing at Chon’al for a moment who had just shrugged wondering why the Chiefs of Security, Medical, Science, and Engineering were being summoned to a briefing. She headed towards the conference room after they had already entered.

“What do you think that is about?” Odan spoke up looking back at Chon’al, “beats me, Commander.” The Klingon replied as he was working at his station, he was trying to see if he could get any more information about the D’Ghor than what Starfleet had.

Lieutenant Deza Airje looked back from flight control, “It’s got to do something with this mission, the Commander had put in a supply request to the station a few moments ago if you were all paying attention.” She replied as she finally spoke up after listening to all the chatter between the officers.

Odan raised an eyebrow, was about to say something but looked at his console to see that it was true. “Guess I need to pay attention more than talking.” He chuckled and didn’t say much more after that as he went back to work while Airje turned back around towards her console.


The doors to the conference room opened as Kriia, Jheria, Dedre, and Dazra entered to see Tajir sitting at the head of the table waiting for them. “Thank you for coming so promptly, there has been an update to our mission parameters.” Tajir started as he motioned for them to take a seat.

“Thank you all for coming, as you know we have been sent to patrol the Meronia Cluster against the Hunters of D’Ghor. But, those parameters have changed slightly to include sending a few of our shuttles with supplies and teams to a couple of the colonies to help with relief.” Tajir began as each of them looked at each other then back at the Commander, though at the moment they remained quiet.

“As what was talked about in the main briefing, they are dealing with a fungal disease that is affecting their crops. We have gotten some information if the science team could work on a cure.” Tajir replied looking at Dedre who nodded, “we have already been looking at the data and are working on a cure. Though it will not be ready by the time we get there as we would need a sample of it to finalize it, once I have that it would be easy to distribute that to the other teams.” Dedre replied looking at Tajir who nodded in reply as he then turned to the other three.

“Commander Kriia, I would like your teams to help to assist their medical personnel with any of the wounded and sick.” Tajir replied looking at the Caitian doctor, “understood.” She replied back as she sat there listening.

“Now Commander Dilucca, I would like your teams to assist with any repairs as well as help set up any planetary defenses if possible,” Tajir replied as he looked at the Andorian woman sitting across from him.

“Understood Commander,” Jheria replied as she listened.

“Lieutenant Loian, your teams will act as security working with the local law enforcement if they have them to help defend the colonies if they decide to return.” He replied looking at the young Trill woman who hadn’t said much since they entered the room.

“Understood, my teams and I will be working with Lieutenant Chon’al on training on the holodeck starting today. Will be hand-to-hand combat as it seems that is what they are choosing when they attack from what the reports state. We will be doing weapons training as well, we want to be prepared if we come across them.” Dazra replied looking at him, “wonderful.” Tajir replied with a smile before he continued.

“Now I would like to have each department have four teams of four officers with two more teams on standby if we were to need additional assistance.” He added as they all nodded in agreement.

“Any questions?” Derohl asked looking around the room at the different officers present.

They looked at each other but no one spoke up, “alright you have your orders, you’re dismissed.” Tajir replied as they both stood up and headed out of the conference room leaving the Commander there alone.

After a few moments of sitting there lost in thought, he got up out of his chair and headed out of the room heading directly towards his office to file the needed paperwork. The supplies should be ready to transport over within the hour, once that was done they could depart Starbase 27 to head towards the Meronia Cluster to begin their mission.

Gathering Supplies

Archanis Sector

It was a busy mid-morning in the cargo bay as supplies were being delivered from Starbase 27 that was requested. Officers rushing around making sure things were put where they belonged so they didn’t get mixed up with their own supplies. Chief Petty Officer Katie Niko who was the Chief of Watch was put in charge of making sure things went smoothly.

“No, that goes over there,” Katie told one of the officers moving a huge crate, who was putting it in the wrong spot. “Aye sir,” came the response from the officer who was fairly new and fresh out of the academy she just rolled her eyes as she walked around.

She was so busy she didn’t hear or see the doors open, Odan walked up behind her and placed his hands over her eyes. “Guess who,” Odan smiled which startled her for a moment until she realized who it was and smiled. “You know I am working, wouldn’t others start talking if they saw us together?” Katie said to the Bolian as he let go of her face and she turned around.

Shrugging he embraced her for a moment, “let them talk.” He replied placing a kiss on her forehead, which caused Katie to smile. “So looks like you got the fun job of supply person,” Odan replied as he released his embrace of his soon-to-be wife.

“Yep, and there is a lot of it care to help?” She asked with a wink, “sure you know I’d do anything for you.” Odan replied as she smiled, “what would you like me to do?” He asked, “The supplies have been delivered we just need to make sure those supplies match the inventory list.” She said as she raised up the padd that was in her hand, “if you could start on that while I wrap up things here.” She replied with a warm smile as he nodded.

“Of course,” Odan replied taking the padd she offered to him. Giving her another kiss on the forehead he whispered in her ear, “I love you, my dear.” Odan replied before walking off in the direction of where the supplies were being placed. Katie stood there for a moment and smiled before she walked off to finish up.

Looking back at Odan she stood there for a moment and began to think about everything, sure she’s been on assignments that were tough remembering the Dominion War and all the lives lost. Some of them were her close friends, even her older brother was killed during the final battle before the war ended. She couldn’t help but think of their current mission, sighing she shook her head.

“This is all senseless,” she said to no one in particular as she thought she was alone as she went back to finishing her work.

“I know dear,” Odan replied as he had finished checking in the supplies and placed his arms around her, he knew what was bothering her. “We will get through this together,” he added as she turned her head to see him in the corner of her eyes and smiled. He always knew how to make her feel a bit better.

Katie had first met Odan when they were both assigned to the USS Melbourne during the war, they got together shortly after the war had ended and have been together ever since. Though they haven’t always been on the same ship until now, which has made things a bit better for her as she always hated being away from him or communicating through comm channels.

“I know, we been through tougher situations and it is part of why we joined Starfleet but that doesn’t relieve the fact that civilians were being targeted, colonies being devastated by these rouge Klingons, but for what reason?” Katie replied as she turned to face him.

“I know we might not understand what their motives are right now or what they are looking to gain by this, but we will help put a stop to this madness,” Odan said trying to be reassuring as she nodded.

Changing the subject as he knew how Katie could get sometimes when things are bothering her. “Oh all the supplies are accounted for,” Odan replied with a smile. “So let’s go let the Captain know so we can get underway,” he replied as they both headed out of the cargo bay and headed towards the bridge.

“Promise me we will get married after this is over?” Katie asked as she looked at him, they have been putting it off for way too long, and she was ready to settle down.

Smiling at her as he put his hand on her cheek, “of course my dear.” He replied with a reassuring smile.

“Great,” she added as they continued to head towards the bridge.


Tajir sat in his office going over reports when he decided he was going to contact his wife Sari back on Devron Fleet Yards. “Computer open a channel to Commander Mirel at Devron Fleet Yards.” He replied as the computer beeped in acknowledgment as he waited for a response.

Sari came on the screen a short time later, “well hello.” Sari replied with a smile to see her husband. “How’re things going?” She asked, though with a smile deep down she was worried. “We are currently getting supplies from Starbase 27, once that has been completed were heading towards the Meronia Cluster for relief and patrol,” Tajir replied as he could tell she was worried and smiled.

“We will be alright dear, I promise to come back in one piece.” He tried to be reassuring even under times of uncertainty, he had his doubts as to how things will go considering that he had the Derohl symbiont which made any type of battle risky. He knew the risks when he decided to join Starfleet and being joined. Things were not always easy, having some very close calls throughout the years. Sari knew the dangers but she also knew her husband, which didn’t stop her from worrying.

She nodded without as much saying a word other than “you better,” which caused Tajir to smile then change the subject. “So how’re things going on Devron?” He inquired since she took on the role of basically being an aide to Captain Dex who he had the pleasure of meeting on their trip to Starbase 27 to drop her off.

“Quiet, there isn’t much happening here though I am sure that will change since most of the fleets ships have been sent to deal with the Hunters of D’Ghor, I mean we still have some ships in the area but nothing like before.” Sari replied as she adjusted in her chair, “though I wish I were there with you, I know that I am needed here to look after things while the Captain is gone.” She added looking at the screen, he could tell something else was on her mind.

“What is really wrong dear?” Tajir asked looking at her, she shook her head like there was nothing but he knew better. “Don’t lie to me,” he said with a tone that caused her to sigh, closing her eyes for a moment.

“I wanted to tell you when you got back, but since I am not sure when that will be.” She began before pausing and thinking of how to just say what was on her mind. “You’re going to be a father Tajir,” Sari replied looking at him, his expression went from shock to excitement. “That’s wonderful news,” Tajir replied with a grin so big that she was afraid it would get stuck like that.

Sari smiled as they were finally going to be starting a family together, “I hate to cut this short but I have a meeting to attend to in the Captain’s absence I will contact you later on tonight.” Sari replied as Tajir nodded with a smile, “take care and I love you.” Tajir replied and soon the computer went back to the Federation symbol, he shut his computer down just as the door to his ready room chimed.

Looking up from the computer, “enter.” Tajir replied as the doors opened to reveal Chief Petty Officer Katie Niko. “What can I do for you Chief?” He asked as he stood up from his chair which he had been sitting for way too long.

“Supplies have arrived and everything has been accounted for,” Katie replied handing him the padd.

“Wonderful, thank you Chief you’re dismissed,” Tajir replied glancing over the manifest, he set the padd on his desk and headed out of his office and onto the bridge. Tapping his combadge, “Commander Derohl to Captain Adams, please report to the bridge.” He said after he tapped his combadge, “understood on my way.” Adams replied ending the channel.

A few moments later Makayla emerged from her ready room after what seemed like hours going over the many reports. “Report,” Adams requested looking at her first officer. “Sir supplies have been brought onboard and all have been accounted for, we are ready to depart for the Meronia Cluster,” Tajir replied as Makayla nodded and took a seat in the Captain’s chair. Looking towards Lieutenant Deza Airje, “set a course at warp 9.” Adams replied as Airje nodded and tapped a few buttons before turning back to face the Captain. “Course laid in sir,” she replied waiting for her response.

“Engage,” she ordered as the Vesta began to move away from Starbase 27, and once at a safe distance, she went to warp.

Looking around at the bridge officers who remained silent, as she sat there watching space race by as they traveled to their destination. Things were becoming real, Rar had already made adjustments to the deflector dish to help detect any cloaked ships in hopes that it will keep them from getting a surprise attack. Though it wasn’t foul proof there was always that possibility it wouldn’t work. They would be prepared for anything that would come their way, or so they hoped.


Archanis Sector

This was really it, they were on their way into a situation that could go in multiple ways, the crew working together to prepare themselves for what awaited them. Sitting in the center chair watching the stars fly by, looking at Tajir who just seemed to nod as if he knew what she was thinking and feeling. Having worked together for the past several years on the Relentless, they were colleagues and trusted friends.

“Captain, I know I speak for myself and the crew when I say this. We will be ready, we will face this together.” Tajir replied looking at her, he always knew what to say and when and he wasn’t afraid to tell her the truth no matter if she wanted to hear it or not. Pressing her lips together she nodded before looking back out the view screen for a few brief moments.

“You have the bridge Commander,” she replied as she stood up and headed towards her ready room.

Walking into her ready room the doors closed behind her, walking over to the window looking out at the stars flying past. “Computer begin personal log,” she ordered as the computer beeped signifying that the log has now begun. She sighed before she began her recording.

Captains personal log Stardate 76528.6

The USS Vesta has left Starbase 27 after receiving the supplies for the colonies and now we are en route to the Meronia Cluster, where we will be sending away teams with supplies to a couple of their planetary colonies in the system while our main mission will be patrolling the cluster. Where should I begin, the crew is on the edge which they have every right to be. I am afraid that I also fall within that category.

It is unusual to see a Vesta-class ship within the front lines but because of how fast the ship is, she has been designated as a rapid response vessel in these times of crisis. I worry that we will be putting a strain on the ship, she has a very capable engineering team. I think they’re the best in Starfleet and rightful so as to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

But that doesn’t relieve my fear, what if we engage those Hunters of D’Ghor? Will we be prepared enough? We are fast enough but will that be to our advantage? Those are questions I have yet to find answers for. I know I need to have faith in this ship, this crew but…how can I when I am doubting my own ability?

Never would I have thought that I would be sitting in the Captain’s chair let alone in a Vesta-class starship, that is being sent out in the front lines to become a rapid response vessel to render humanitarian aid to those who have been brutalized by the D’Ghor, for what! What are their motives? What are they looking to achieve? Again so many questions that just don’t have answers, at least not answers that are showing themselves right now. 

Why aren’t the Klingon Defence Force not assisting us? Are they trying to remain neutral or do they just don’t want to get involved? Guess those questions will never truly be answered, at least not right now and definitely not to me. My crew is preparing, running every drill possible to be ready for anything that will come our way, and they will, it’s just a matter of time. We will be prepared to protect those who can’t protect themselves if that means we die doing it.

We will stop them…we have to stop them before more lives are lost…we must!

“Computer end personal log,” she said as the computer beeped again to signify that the recording had stopped. Looking back out the window for a few more moments, taking a deep breath in she exhaled before walking over to her desk and took a seat. She had piles of padds on her desk, with everything that has been happening lately she hasn’t had the time to really sit down and get them done.

“Now is a better time than ever,” she told herself as she picked up one of the padds and began to read over the content.


Archanis Sector

The bridge was more or so back to normal, officers rushing around getting work done and making sure the ship was ready for whatever awaited them when they arrived at the Meronia Cluster. Lieutenant Commander Odan was working at the ops station when the computer beeped, his eyes widened before speaking up.

“Commander, we are receiving a distress call coming from a medical convoy that was en route to the Cluster the USS Hope an Olympic-class starship,” Odan replied taking a brief pause with worry in his face, he tried to keep it out of his voice but he failed.

“They are under attack by a pair of Klingon Bird-of-Prey sir, they are requesting assistance.” Odan replied looking at the Commander, “location?” Tajir replied looking back at the Commander. “For a normal ship they are twenty minutes away, but with the Vesta, we can get there in ten minutes sir.” He replied back as he double-checked his findings.

“Red Alert,” Tajir replied as he looked at Airje as she already had anticipated what his orders were going to be. “Course laid in sir,” she replied as he gave the order to alter course and go to maximum warp.

“Bring weapons systems online and ready,” Tajir replied as Makayla walked out onto the bridge once the Red Alert claxon started to go off.

“Report,” Adams ordered as Tajir stood up from the Captain’s chair. “We received a distress call from the USS Hope one of our medical convoys. They are under attack by the Hunters of D’Ghor, we are the closest ship that can get there quickly.” Tajir replied as Adams sat down in her seat and nodded.

“We will arrive in ten minutes,” Airje replied confirming the calculations. “Battle stations,” came his reply over a shipwide channel. The crew raced as they prepared to engage the Klingons to protect the ship. They just hoped they were not too late, it would be a huge blow if they lost that ship.

The bridge was quiet, anticipating their arrival to where the USS Hope was under attack. They had come within sensor range, “sir their shields are failing, multiple hull breaches. I don’t know how much more they can handle sir,” Odan replied looking up from his console.

“We have arrived,” Airje replied looking back at the Captain. “Drop us out of warp Lieutenant,” she ordered as the Vesta dropped out of warp on top of the Hope, “open fire!” Adams ordered as Dazra tapped a few buttons and began to open fire on the Klingon Vessels. The ship moved at impulse engines to take the fire off of the medical ship. The ship rocked as the Klingons started opening fire on the Vesta, “Shields holding at ninety-five percent sir.” Odan replied, “attack pattern beta.” Adams ordered as the ship started to turn as fire concentrating their attack on their warp drive.

Dedre was scanning those Bird-of-Prey ships and noticed an exploit, “sir those are older Bird’s of Prey, from my history lesson they have one exploit if I modify our deflector dish we can cause them to cloak and when they start cloaking we can fire as their shields will disengage.” Dedre replied looking at the Captain, she looked at her for a moment.

“Do you think that they fixed that exploit?” Adams asked looking at Dedre, “I am not sure but there is only one way to find out.” She replied looking at her, “do it, Lieutenant.” Adams ordered as the ship shook violently this time, sparks flying from the consoles.

“Shields down to eighty-five percent sir, reading some hull breaches on decks four and five forcefields are holding.” Odan replied as Dedre began to modify their deflector dish, “it’s ready sir.” Dedre replied as the Captain nodded as the deflector dish gave out an ionized pulse towards the Klingon ship which caused it to start to cloak.

“Fire!” Adams ordered as Dazra pressed a button and the ship fired on the cloaking ship.

“Direct hit sir..” Dedre replied as a few moments later the ship exploded, “Sir the other ship is cloaking and seems to be leaving the area do you want to pursue?” Airje replied looking at the Captain. “No, take us back to the USS Hope.” She ordered looking at Airje who nodded and the ship began to turn back around and head back towards the USS Hope.

As they approached, stopping within feet of the ship, “sir we are being hailed by the Hope sir.” Odan replied looking at the Captain who nodded, “on screen.” Adams replied as the screen changed from the stars to the face of the Captain. “Thank you for assisting, I am Captain Hugh Bellmore.” He introduced himself, “Captain Makayla Adams of the USS Vesta, could you share the damage report?” Adams asked looking at the Captain.

“We were hit hard and out of nowhere while we were en route to the Meronia Cluster, we have several hull breaches, our warp core is offline, shields are down to twenty percent. EPS relays have been shot, and the list goes on and on,” Bellmore replied looking at Adams.

Makayla nodded as the repairs would be extensive, “what is your estimation on repairs?” She asked looking at him, “a couple of days by our calculations though would be faster if we were back at Starbase 27.” He replied with a sigh, thinking before Odan muted the comms and spoke up.

“Sir I can strengthen our tractor beam and we can tow them back to Starbase 27. We just can’t leave them out here like a sitting target in case those Klingons decided to come back and finish them off.” Odan replied looking at the Captain, that would put them behind in getting to the Cluster but Odan was right they couldn’t just leave them there.

She nodded to Odan to unmute the channel, “We will tow you back to Starbase 27 we can’t leave you here as a sitting duck.” Adams replied as Bellmore thought for a moment then nodded.

“That would be great,” He replied.

After the comms ended Odan got to work on reconfiguring the tractor beam, “sir the configurations have been completed and we are ready to take the Hope into tow.” Odan replied as Adams nodded.

A few seconds later tractor beam was attached to the Hope, “helm set course for Starbase 27 at warp five.” She replied as Airje nodded tapping her controls, “course and speed laid in sir.” Airje replied looking at the Captain who nodded, “engage.” She replied as the Vesta went to warp five with the USS Hope in tow.

“Monitor the Hope, if things go wrong or their systems start to fail bring us out of warp.” She replied as Odan nodded, “So far they are holding and the tractor beam is holding at our current speed. But I don’t advise us to go any faster, we should arrive at Starbase 27 within the hour. “Odan added looking at the Captain, “roger.” She replied as she sat in her chair as they traveled.

An hour had passed by to what seemed like an eternity, “sir we have reached Starbase 27.” Airje replied as they slowly came out of warp the USS Hope with the help of the tractor beam came in slow as well. “Send a message to the Starbase that we have the USS Hope who needs tractored inside the Starbase for repairs.” She ordered as Odan sent the message.

They were now close enough to where they had disengaged their tractor beam and a few moments later the Starbase’s tractor beam engaged and started to pull the USS Hope inside. Looking at Airje who already knew what she was going to say, “course and speed already laid in sir.” She replied with a smile as Adams nodded with a slight smile, they were already beginning to work together and already able to anticipate what they wanted.

“Engage,” Adams replied sitting back down as the ship moved away from the Starbase again and began to move towards the Meronia Cluster at maximum warp. They were already behind schedule but she felt she made the right decision and was going to stick by that. Once they were on their way she stood up looking over at Derohl, “you have the bridge.” She replied as she stood up and headed for her ready room, she had to file a report on the incident that happened to explain their delay.

Tajir nodded as he stood up and took the Captain’s chair, “let us hope we don’t get sidelined again.” Tajir replied to no one in particular while everyone on the bridge just seemed to nod in agreement as they went back to work, engineering teams were working on the repairs that the Vesta had sustained in the fight but at least they were on their way.

Hazard Team

Archanis Sector

Right before they had left Starbase 27 again for the Meronia Cluster they had gotten a last-minute assignment of a Hazard team that was heading to the same area. Once their shuttle was in the shuttle bay the Vesta went to warp. Makayla tapped her combadge, “Captain Adams to Ensign Vakai please report to my ready room.” Adams said over the comm as she sat at her desk and wait for the arrival of their newest guest.

Adams didn’t mind tag along as they had the room in their shuttle bay for an extra shuttlecraft. She wanted to meet the leader and get a sense of their mission.

Ensign Vakai stood there with his hands clasped behind the small of his back while he watched Ensign Ryker pilot their shuttle right into Vesta’s shuttle bay. As soon as the shuttle had landed, locked down, and powered down, he could feel a small vibration of the ship going to warp. Very small, but he was very observant, especially after what happened weeks ago. “Can you believe it? A Vesta Class Starship, one of the fastest ships in the fleet and she’s on the frontlines.” Ryker exclaimed.

Vakai just shrugged his left shoulder. “Have you read the mission reports? Hunters of D’Ghor are no joke. Starfleet needed every available ship to do what needs to be done to protect the citizens of the Federation and hopefully put an end to these renegade Klingons.” Vakai then heard the voice of a woman over the Comm, who identified herself as the Captain.

“Looks like you’re being paged,” Ryker smirked. Vakai shrugged his left shoulder, again. “It’s procedure. We’ll talk about the mission again later. Just make sure we still got everything, we did leave the Starbase in kind of a hurry.” Vakai laid out his order before stepping out of the shuttle and making his way to the Captain’s ready room, where he would press the door chime.

Looking up “enter,” Adams replied as the doors parted ways to reveal Vakai in the doorway. “Please have a seat,” she said as she gestured for the two open chairs in front of her desk. “Welcome aboard Ensign,” she added with a smile. “So, we got last-minute orders to transport your team to the Meronia Cluster, if you don’t mind sharing your mission with me.” She replied as she studied the young Romulan Starfleet Officer.

The moment he saw the door open, was the moment he stepped right in and stood before her desk with his hands still clasped behind his back, that is until she gestured to one of the seats, which he took the left one. “Thank you, Captain.” He smiled lightly, “Yes, last-minute changes can be bothersome but it would have been a different, slower, vessel that would have taken us if you hadn’t returned with the USS Hope.” Vakai then thought over the request of sharing the mission with her. Wasn’t classified or anything, so he doesn’t see why not, nor did he feel like lying to a Captain. “Well, we are to be deployed at one of the colonies that are likely under attack by the Hunters of D’Ghor. Course, finding out which one is probably the tricky part if they are smart enough to jam comms. Then we are to eliminate the threat, take one of their shuttles, and head into The Triangle to look for…anything that the D’Ghor owns. Planet. Outpost, anything we can find. The objective is to get intel, as much as Starfleet wants in hopes to put an end to this. But from what I have read, I am not certain how decent the intel will be.” He licked his lips as he paused before shrugging his left shoulder. “Of course, Hazard Teams assignments kind of get changed at the last minute. First, we were just going to be on the Starbase for a week or so, and then just as we arrived, which was over an hour ago, we were given the mission that I just told you.”

She nodded, “with our little set back we will be arriving tomorrow morning even at maximum warp which any other ship would have been close to two days journey.” She replied looking at him. “I have assigned you and your team quarters while you’re aboard,” she added looking at him for a brief moment before continuing.

“We will be patrolling the area as well as sending teams of our own down to colonies who have been affected by the raids as well as assisting them in a cure for their fungal disease that is killing their crops.” She replied, “If you need back up we will be there to assist.” She finished adjusting in her chair.

Vakai nodded his head slowly, “I do appreciate the hospitality, Captain and my Pilot kind of figured with this ship, we’d get there much faster than any other vessel. As for the backup, that would definitely depend on where we are at. The last thing I would want is to risk a lovely ship such as this if we happen to be deep inside The Triangle. I may have missed this in reading but did anyone figure out where the fungal disease is coming from? Like, was it natural or…?”

“From our reports, it seems to be natural but our science team will be able to figure out more once they get there.” She replied looking at him, “oh when we responded to Hope’s distress call we found an exploit with the Klingon Birds-of-Prey that might come in handy.” She paused for a moment before she continued on.

“They are older ships that have one thing that they haven’t fixed, if you recalibrate your deflector dish and send a pulse wave to them it will cause their ship to start to cloak which causes their shields to go down where you can fire on them. Though one ship did get away, so they might have time to fix that problem.” She replied before she continued.

“My offer still stands, contact us if you are in trouble we got you covered.” She replied looking at him with a smile.

Vakai placed his right thumb and index finger onto his chin as he began to think. Of course, it could simply be natural, but it seemed suspicious to him. Course being Romulan by blood, certain things always tend to be suspicious. “Little suspicious to me. But if my team happens to find any intel at all, maybe we will find out if D’Ghor were being unconventional, maybe not. We have no idea what we will find.”

Then he thought over about the exploit and swore he read something like that from the Academy in his first years, but he couldn’t quite remember. He was too focused on his books than listening to historical events from his history instructor. “Well if one ship did get away, I highly doubt that they would let such a thing happen again. But if they’re old B’Rels then they shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. If we had a runabout that is.” He smirked before giving a single nod. “And I will keep that offer in my pocket if the time comes.”

She nodded “I don’t have anything else at the moment. You are free to go settle in, get something to eat, or just relax while we travel. We will let you know once we have arrived.” She replied as she stood up with a smile.

Vakai stood up almost immediately as she started to and clasped his hands behind the small of his back again. “It is a pleasure meeting you, Captain. And again, thank you for your hospitality.”

“Any time, we are in this together.” She replied as she watched him leave her ready room. Looking at the time, she decided she needed to get something to eat as it’s been a while. She too walked out of her ready room and headed to the turbolift, to the mess hall.

A Joint Post by JShepard as Vakai and his Hazard Team and myself.


Meronia System - Archanis Sector

Things seemed to be moving slowly as they traveled, though time was moving just the way it always had, it seemed to drag. Worried what they might find when then they arrived, the crew was busy preparing. The engineering crew was still working on the repairs from their attack protecting the USS Hope. They had gotten lucky, but they might not get so lucky the next time.

“Engineering, what is the status of the repairs?” Adams asked Jheria over the comm channel.

“We are about done, we got lucky Captain,” Jheria replied as she was working. “I know, but there will be a next time and I want us fully ready Commander.” Adams replied as she knew there was, “I know Captain, that is what I am worried about.” Jheria replied as Adams just nodded as she remained quiet for a moment, “don’t worry she’ll be ready.” Jheria said breaking the silence before the comm channel ended.

She had seen reports about the USS Odyssey as well as the USS Endeavour, she turned to Tajir, who also just read them and shook his head for a brief moment. “It’s like they are trying to attack our larger ships, they are up to something we really need to stay on guard,” Tajir replied as Adams nodded, though the Vesta had the advantage she was still worried.

They had finally arrived in the Meronia Cluster, “sir we have arrived.” Airje replied before Odan spoke up, “sir the USS Devastator is already patrolling the area as well sir.” He replied as Adams nodded, “take us out of warp and take us to Meronia III.” Adams ordered as Airje nodded and the ship dropped out of warp and headed towards the planet.

“Captain Adams to Ensign Vakai, we have arrived in the Meronia System above Meronia III.” She said over the comm channel as she also sends word to the away teams taking two of their shuttles down to assist the colonies on the planet below.

Vakai and his team were just filling up on grub in the Mess Hall when the communique came through the intercom. Vakai gulped down the last bit of water he had in his cup before standing up from the table. “You heard the lady. Let’s get to the shuttle and gear up.” He told them, having left everything on the Type 11 Shuttle they came in on, all they really needed to do was just get back into it.

He placed his tray in the replicator and hit the button to de-materialize it, or whatever it was it did, he forgot about that part in the Academy already. As his team was doing the same, he tapped his badge as he led the way back to the shuttle bay. “Hazard Team Delta Squad is heading back to our craft, Captain. Again, we appreciate the ride.”

“Anytime Ensign, and again if you run into trouble please contact us and we will assist.” She reminded him of the offer, “save travels.” Adams replied over the comm as her own team was getting ready and the shuttles were already loaded with the supplies.

“And Like I said Captain, I’ll keep it in my back pocket. We have no clue where we are going from here once we nab what we need to nab. But first, the safety of the colonists is our top priority, of course.” He smirked as his team took a lift to shorten their distance to the shuttle bay.

Ryker spoke up as Vakai did not tap his badge to end the commlink in time. “Personally I’d like to take a trophy home. Maybe a ship or a prisoner, eh?”

Adams raised an eyebrow, “be careful with that.” She replied before the comm channel ended as she looked at Derohl who just shook his head and shrugged.

Vakai slugged Ryker in the shoulder, not too hard of course, as they made their way to their shuttle. “You just had to push it, didn’t you?”

Ryker took the lead since he had to get the shuttle prepped for launch anyways. “Who would I be if I didn’t?” Ryker smirked.

Gomo, a Cardassian holding rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class, caught up to Vakai’s side. “You know, we could just sic him onto the Klingons and this whole conflict would be over.” Rest the of the team behind them snickered.

Vakai shrugged his left shoulder. “Tempting, really. But unfortunately, that might just piss them off even more.”

Once the hazard team left the ship, “what is the status of our away team?” Adams asked as she looked over at her executive officer. “They are preparing to launch,” Tajir replied looking back at the Captain.

“Sir, the shuttles are requesting permission to disembark,” Odan replied as she gave the go-ahead and the shuttles began to move out of the shuttle bay. “Sir, they have cleared the ship and are making their way towards the planet below,” Odan replied as they watched them descend.

After a few tense moments, “sir they have landed.” Odan replied as she nodded, “alright helm move away from the planet and begin our patrol of the system.” She ordered as Airje tapped a few buttons and the Vesta broke orbit and began its movement away. “Open a channel to the USS Devastator,” she replied as Odan nodded in response.

Once the Captain came upon the view screen, “Hello Captain, I am Captain Makayla Adams of the USS Vesta. I have just sent my away team to Meronia III, and noticed you were also in the system.” She began looking at him as he began to talk.

Scotto adjusted himself in the command chair. “Roger that, captain. How can we be of assistance?” He asked.

“Could you give me a status report?” she asked wanting to know what she was walking into or if they had run into any trouble that they could assist with.

Pulling down on his right sleeve, Scotto shot a quick look at his first officer who looked back at him with an equally knowing glance. “Well, we’ve got a dead Klingon hunter in our morgue. And, we didn’t do it. Turns out they’ve got some kind of fail-safe device implanted in their cheek or something. Didn’t turn up on our scans.” He explained.

“Is there anything we can do to assist?” She asked as she looked at him through the viewscreen.

He shook his head, “Not unless you’ve got a spare hunter.” He quipped. “All I would say is keep your head on a swivel out there, captain. We lost a runabout earlier today to a group of hunters. Tracked their cloak here, but haven’t run into them yet. They did a number on the colony on Meronia II.” Scotto said, waiting to hear if there was anything more.

She nodded, “will keep our eyes out, we’re still repairing damage from our encounter with a couple of Klingon birds of prey responding to a distress call from the USS Hope, lucky we got there in time.” She replied looking at him, “we have your back Captain.” She replied with a soft smile she had mustered in light of the grim circumstances they were all facing with these Klingons.

Scotto returned the nod. “Roger that, Vesta. Devastator out.”

With that, the comm channel ended and she looked at Tajir who just nodded in return. They began their patrol with consistent scans of the area, trying their upgraded sensors in hopes they can flush a ship out that might be sitting cloaked waiting to strike. So far they were coming up empty, the whole bridge crew was sitting on the edge. Shoot the whole ship was for that matter.

JP between Ensign Vakai of the Hazard Team, Captain Charles Scotto of the USS Devastator, and myself