Part of USS Saratoga: Is there Hope? and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

Into the Unknown

Archanis Sector
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Makayla sat in her ready room, looking out the window at which the starbase was in view as well as several other ships that had arrived around the same time they did. Captain Dex had already departed to the starbase, she sat there thinking about their mission and everything that has happened over the last few days since she officially got command of the Vesta. “Everything alright Captain?” Tajir Derohl asked as he walked in which caused her to jump a bit as she didn’t hear the door open.

“Uh, yes everything is fine, I was just lost in thought,” Makayla responded to her Executive Officer who just took a seat in the chair opposite of her desk. “What’s on your mind?” He asked as he sat there looking at her, “just thinking about everything that has happened within the last few days and what is ahead of us.” Makayla replied as she stood up walking over to the replicator, looking back at Derohl who just shook his head as he knew what she was going to ask.

“Coffee with light cream and sugar,” Makayla ordered as the drink appeared in the replicator. “I know I’ll regret this later, but I need this second cup.” Replied Adams as she took the cup and walked back to her desk and sat down. Though it was replicated it still had a good smell to it she took a sip and then set it back on the table.

They had already had a staff meeting that explained what was going on and their mission. “My first command and I get thrown into a huge situation, though I know I can handle it, it just wasn’t what I was expecting our first mission to go.” She said with a sigh, “but then again you have to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst as my father always told me, part of me wished I had listened as I am not prepared for the worst.” She said as she took another sip of her coffee all while Tajir was sitting there quietly listening.

“Would it have been any different if you were assigned to the Relentless?” Tajir asked looking at her asking an honest question, this caused her to sit there and think of a response. Opening her mouth to say something, but quickly closed it as she couldn’t come up with a good enough response. Perhaps he was right, “you’re right it wouldn’t have been any different.” Makayla replied with a sigh, she hated it when she knew he was right.

“Why do you have to always be right?” She asked with a chuckle as she waved her hand as she didn’t want to hear the answer. He chuckled as he shook his head, “just lucky I guess.” He replied even though she didn’t want to hear it, smiling she picked up the padd that Captain Dex gave her, looking at the information again.

“They’re getting more brazen,” Tajir replied as she nodded in agreement. “Indeed, they have caught us off guard now,” Adams replied in return, setting the padd back on the table and sighed.

“Our standing orders are to patrol the colony worlds within the Meronia Cluster,” she began. Looking at her as he knew that wasn’t going to be all, “there is more to this isn’t there?” Tajir replied as Makayla couldn’t help but smile, they have worked together for a long time he knew her, and her habits. “You know me so well Tajir, I don’t know if that is scary or not.” She chuckled as she stood up walking to the window for a brief moment before turning back around to face him.

“The Vesta has ten shuttles and two runabouts, we can pick up supplies here and send four teams in four shuttles down to a colony or two to assist with giving them aid while the Vesta patrols the area.” She began, “we would have at least two more teams on backup if needed.” Makayla finished looking at Tajir who sat there in thought for a moment.

“That could work, I can make arrangements with the Starbase to send supplies over. We do have a good medical team that we can assign to each team.” Tajir replied as he was thinking in his head.

“Great, also gather up the teams which should consist of Security, Medical, Science, and Engineering for each team,” Makayla replied taking a sip of her forgotten coffee that was starting to get cold.

“Understood,” Derohl replied as he stood up to leave then turned around. “Did you want to do the briefing or should I?” He asked though he already knew the answer and held up his hand to stop her, “forget that I asked that question, of course, you want me to do the briefing of the away teams.” He said as he shook his head with a chuckle and headed out of the office.

Adams chuckled as she watched him leave, she tapped a few buttons on the console to contact Captain Dex to run it by her.


“You have to be kidding me?” Yelled Jheria who had just been transferred from Guardian Station to the USS Vesta because of her skills needed for this kind of ship. “We are going to be patrolling an area where there are potential rogue Klingons?” She hissed at her deputy who just stood there looking at the pissed-off Andorian woman who threw up her hands. “Why don’t we just hand over this ship while we’re at it,” she replied as everyone in engineering was looking at them.

Jheria looked around to see everyone staring at her, she just walked back into her office and slammed the padd on the desk. “Are they mad?” She asked as her deputy walked in behind her who hadn’t said one word, he had learned to keep his mouth shut when she was on a warpath.

She looked at him, “well am I here just to hear my own voice?” She asked then just raised her hand and waved it. “Don’t answer that,” she replied with a sigh.

“I understand how you feel Commander, but the Captain has her orders and I am sure she knows what she’s doing sir.” Colin McDowell finally spoke up after her little angry session. “A woman who happens to get this ship for her first command, I hope she knows what she’s doing,” Jheria replied frustrated, knowing very well what could happen if this ship fell into the wrong hands.

“Sir, if she didn’t Starfleet Command wouldn’t have given her a ship like this,” Colin replied, being the voice of reason that caused her to pause and think. “I hope your right for all our sakes Colin,” Jheria replied as she threw up her hands to surrender.

“Now where was I?” Jheria replied but spoke up before Colin could even say a word. “Status report on ships systems?” She asked remembering what she originally asked him for before finding out what their mission was that caused her to get so upset.

“All systems report working within normal parameters,” Colin replied handing her the padd he had been holding this whole time. Taking the padd she glanced it over, “very good. Make sure everything…” she began before Colin cut her off as he already knew what she was going to say. “The ship is battle-ready sir if it were to come to that,” he replied with a grin as he saw the annoyed look on her face. “Why do you always do that?” She asked looking at him as he just shrugged with a boyish grin on his face.

“Do you have anything else for me, Commander?” Colin asked looking at Jheria who just shook her head, “not at the moment you’re dismissed.” She replied with a wave of her hand, he shook his head and turned to leave.

Jheria watched him leave her office with a sly grin on her face as she sighed at the stack of reports on her desk. “Guess these will not take care of themselves,” she said to herself as she started to go through them.