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Chit Chat

Archanis Sector
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Odan looked at Chon’al the only Klingon stationed at the strategic operations station who was just going over some information. Things have been quiet on the bridge for a while as no one really spoke up which was unusual.

Deciding to speak up, “Lieutenant Chon’al do you know anything on the D’Ghor Hunters?” He asked as Chon’al looked up from his console.

“Aside from the fact that they are dishonorable petaQ that deserve to rot in the pits of Gre’thor?” Chon’al son of Kuvor replied, “just that they were cast out as one of the great houses within the empire, losing their honor. Now they are bIHnuch for attacking civilians, raiding colonies, bringing chaos within the Federation.” Chon’al replied, “from what I have heard their leader Kuskir the youngest son of D’Ghor is ruthless and a formidable opponent in battle.” He added as he shifted on his feet looking at Odan as well as the rest of the bridge crew who turned towards him to listen.

“But, other than that I am not sure what their motives are as they have been quiet for some time to all of a sudden do such attacks,” Chon’al replied as Odan nodded.

Dazra was standing at the tactical station as Chon’al and Odan were talking, remaining quiet. She made a mental note to speak with Chon’al about possibly working with her and her team to train in case they were to come into a combat situation with these Klingons.

Chon’al looked over at Dazra who couldn’t help but grin at the attractive young Trill woman at the tactical station. Walking away from his station, he walked over towards hers. “Lieutenant, what do you have planned for training?” He asked as if he knew what she wanted to talk to him about.

Caught off guard, she looked at him for a brief moment before she spoke up. “I was actually going to ask you if you wouldn’t mind helping us train maybe more so with hand-to-hand combat if we were ever to face off with these Klingons,” Dazra said with a grin on her face.

He let out a Klingon chuckle, slapping her shoulder “you know you can just come and ask me I will be honored to assist.” Chon’al replied as Dazra rubbed her shoulder a bit, “great.” Dazra replied back as she looked at him for a moment, thinking of something to say next. “So how about 1400 hours in the holodeck?” She asked.

Nodding, “I get to pick the program.” Chon’al replied as they talked for a few more moments before the doors to the turbolift opened and out walked Tajir. He looked at both Dazra and Chon’al as he walked up to them, “hope I am not interrupting something?” He asked as both of them shook their heads, “no sir we were just discussing training.” Dazra said as she looked at him then back at Chon’al who just grinned.

“Very well, Lieutenant Loian there is a briefing in fifteen minutes in the conference room,” Tajir said before he turned and headed towards the conference room, Dazra raised an eyebrow. “Wonder what for?” Chon’al asked as Dazra shrugged, “guess I will find out.” She replied as the Klingon officer walked back to his station.

Looking around the bridge as it had gotten quiet again, sighing for a brief moment before finishing her work. She was about to step away from the station when the doors opened to reveal Lieutenant Commander Dilucca, Lieutenant Dedre Rar and Commander Kriia walk out onto the bridge.

Seemed they were heading the same place she was, glancing at Chon’al for a moment who had just shrugged wondering why the Chiefs of Security, Medical, Science, and Engineering were being summoned to a briefing. She headed towards the conference room after they had already entered.

“What do you think that is about?” Odan spoke up looking back at Chon’al, “beats me, Commander.” The Klingon replied as he was working at his station, he was trying to see if he could get any more information about the D’Ghor than what Starfleet had.

Lieutenant Deza Airje looked back from flight control, “It’s got to do something with this mission, the Commander had put in a supply request to the station a few moments ago if you were all paying attention.” She replied as she finally spoke up after listening to all the chatter between the officers.

Odan raised an eyebrow, was about to say something but looked at his console to see that it was true. “Guess I need to pay attention more than talking.” He chuckled and didn’t say much more after that as he went back to work while Airje turned back around towards her console.


The doors to the conference room opened as Kriia, Jheria, Dedre, and Dazra entered to see Tajir sitting at the head of the table waiting for them. “Thank you for coming so promptly, there has been an update to our mission parameters.” Tajir started as he motioned for them to take a seat.

“Thank you all for coming, as you know we have been sent to patrol the Meronia Cluster against the Hunters of D’Ghor. But, those parameters have changed slightly to include sending a few of our shuttles with supplies and teams to a couple of the colonies to help with relief.” Tajir began as each of them looked at each other then back at the Commander, though at the moment they remained quiet.

“As what was talked about in the main briefing, they are dealing with a fungal disease that is affecting their crops. We have gotten some information if the science team could work on a cure.” Tajir replied looking at Dedre who nodded, “we have already been looking at the data and are working on a cure. Though it will not be ready by the time we get there as we would need a sample of it to finalize it, once I have that it would be easy to distribute that to the other teams.” Dedre replied looking at Tajir who nodded in reply as he then turned to the other three.

“Commander Kriia, I would like your teams to help to assist their medical personnel with any of the wounded and sick.” Tajir replied looking at the Caitian doctor, “understood.” She replied back as she sat there listening.

“Now Commander Dilucca, I would like your teams to assist with any repairs as well as help set up any planetary defenses if possible,” Tajir replied as he looked at the Andorian woman sitting across from him.

“Understood Commander,” Jheria replied as she listened.

“Lieutenant Loian, your teams will act as security working with the local law enforcement if they have them to help defend the colonies if they decide to return.” He replied looking at the young Trill woman who hadn’t said much since they entered the room.

“Understood, my teams and I will be working with Lieutenant Chon’al on training on the holodeck starting today. Will be hand-to-hand combat as it seems that is what they are choosing when they attack from what the reports state. We will be doing weapons training as well, we want to be prepared if we come across them.” Dazra replied looking at him, “wonderful.” Tajir replied with a smile before he continued.

“Now I would like to have each department have four teams of four officers with two more teams on standby if we were to need additional assistance.” He added as they all nodded in agreement.

“Any questions?” Derohl asked looking around the room at the different officers present.

They looked at each other but no one spoke up, “alright you have your orders, you’re dismissed.” Tajir replied as they both stood up and headed out of the conference room leaving the Commander there alone.

After a few moments of sitting there lost in thought, he got up out of his chair and headed out of the room heading directly towards his office to file the needed paperwork. The supplies should be ready to transport over within the hour, once that was done they could depart Starbase 27 to head towards the Meronia Cluster to begin their mission.