Part of USS Saratoga: Is there Hope? and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

Gathering Supplies

Archanis Sector
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It was a busy mid-morning in the cargo bay as supplies were being delivered from Starbase 27 that was requested. Officers rushing around making sure things were put where they belonged so they didn’t get mixed up with their own supplies. Chief Petty Officer Katie Niko who was the Chief of Watch was put in charge of making sure things went smoothly.

“No, that goes over there,” Katie told one of the officers moving a huge crate, who was putting it in the wrong spot. “Aye sir,” came the response from the officer who was fairly new and fresh out of the academy she just rolled her eyes as she walked around.

She was so busy she didn’t hear or see the doors open, Odan walked up behind her and placed his hands over her eyes. “Guess who,” Odan smiled which startled her for a moment until she realized who it was and smiled. “You know I am working, wouldn’t others start talking if they saw us together?” Katie said to the Bolian as he let go of her face and she turned around.

Shrugging he embraced her for a moment, “let them talk.” He replied placing a kiss on her forehead, which caused Katie to smile. “So looks like you got the fun job of supply person,” Odan replied as he released his embrace of his soon-to-be wife.

“Yep, and there is a lot of it care to help?” She asked with a wink, “sure you know I’d do anything for you.” Odan replied as she smiled, “what would you like me to do?” He asked, “The supplies have been delivered we just need to make sure those supplies match the inventory list.” She said as she raised up the padd that was in her hand, “if you could start on that while I wrap up things here.” She replied with a warm smile as he nodded.

“Of course,” Odan replied taking the padd she offered to him. Giving her another kiss on the forehead he whispered in her ear, “I love you, my dear.” Odan replied before walking off in the direction of where the supplies were being placed. Katie stood there for a moment and smiled before she walked off to finish up.

Looking back at Odan she stood there for a moment and began to think about everything, sure she’s been on assignments that were tough remembering the Dominion War and all the lives lost. Some of them were her close friends, even her older brother was killed during the final battle before the war ended. She couldn’t help but think of their current mission, sighing she shook her head.

“This is all senseless,” she said to no one in particular as she thought she was alone as she went back to finishing her work.

“I know dear,” Odan replied as he had finished checking in the supplies and placed his arms around her, he knew what was bothering her. “We will get through this together,” he added as she turned her head to see him in the corner of her eyes and smiled. He always knew how to make her feel a bit better.

Katie had first met Odan when they were both assigned to the USS Melbourne during the war, they got together shortly after the war had ended and have been together ever since. Though they haven’t always been on the same ship until now, which has made things a bit better for her as she always hated being away from him or communicating through comm channels.

“I know, we been through tougher situations and it is part of why we joined Starfleet but that doesn’t relieve the fact that civilians were being targeted, colonies being devastated by these rouge Klingons, but for what reason?” Katie replied as she turned to face him.

“I know we might not understand what their motives are right now or what they are looking to gain by this, but we will help put a stop to this madness,” Odan said trying to be reassuring as she nodded.

Changing the subject as he knew how Katie could get sometimes when things are bothering her. “Oh all the supplies are accounted for,” Odan replied with a smile. “So let’s go let the Captain know so we can get underway,” he replied as they both headed out of the cargo bay and headed towards the bridge.

“Promise me we will get married after this is over?” Katie asked as she looked at him, they have been putting it off for way too long, and she was ready to settle down.

Smiling at her as he put his hand on her cheek, “of course my dear.” He replied with a reassuring smile.

“Great,” she added as they continued to head towards the bridge.


Tajir sat in his office going over reports when he decided he was going to contact his wife Sari back on Devron Fleet Yards. “Computer open a channel to Commander Mirel at Devron Fleet Yards.” He replied as the computer beeped in acknowledgment as he waited for a response.

Sari came on the screen a short time later, “well hello.” Sari replied with a smile to see her husband. “How’re things going?” She asked, though with a smile deep down she was worried. “We are currently getting supplies from Starbase 27, once that has been completed were heading towards the Meronia Cluster for relief and patrol,” Tajir replied as he could tell she was worried and smiled.

“We will be alright dear, I promise to come back in one piece.” He tried to be reassuring even under times of uncertainty, he had his doubts as to how things will go considering that he had the Derohl symbiont which made any type of battle risky. He knew the risks when he decided to join Starfleet and being joined. Things were not always easy, having some very close calls throughout the years. Sari knew the dangers but she also knew her husband, which didn’t stop her from worrying.

She nodded without as much saying a word other than “you better,” which caused Tajir to smile then change the subject. “So how’re things going on Devron?” He inquired since she took on the role of basically being an aide to Captain Dex who he had the pleasure of meeting on their trip to Starbase 27 to drop her off.

“Quiet, there isn’t much happening here though I am sure that will change since most of the fleets ships have been sent to deal with the Hunters of D’Ghor, I mean we still have some ships in the area but nothing like before.” Sari replied as she adjusted in her chair, “though I wish I were there with you, I know that I am needed here to look after things while the Captain is gone.” She added looking at the screen, he could tell something else was on her mind.

“What is really wrong dear?” Tajir asked looking at her, she shook her head like there was nothing but he knew better. “Don’t lie to me,” he said with a tone that caused her to sigh, closing her eyes for a moment.

“I wanted to tell you when you got back, but since I am not sure when that will be.” She began before pausing and thinking of how to just say what was on her mind. “You’re going to be a father Tajir,” Sari replied looking at him, his expression went from shock to excitement. “That’s wonderful news,” Tajir replied with a grin so big that she was afraid it would get stuck like that.

Sari smiled as they were finally going to be starting a family together, “I hate to cut this short but I have a meeting to attend to in the Captain’s absence I will contact you later on tonight.” Sari replied as Tajir nodded with a smile, “take care and I love you.” Tajir replied and soon the computer went back to the Federation symbol, he shut his computer down just as the door to his ready room chimed.

Looking up from the computer, “enter.” Tajir replied as the doors opened to reveal Chief Petty Officer Katie Niko. “What can I do for you Chief?” He asked as he stood up from his chair which he had been sitting for way too long.

“Supplies have arrived and everything has been accounted for,” Katie replied handing him the padd.

“Wonderful, thank you Chief you’re dismissed,” Tajir replied glancing over the manifest, he set the padd on his desk and headed out of his office and onto the bridge. Tapping his combadge, “Commander Derohl to Captain Adams, please report to the bridge.” He said after he tapped his combadge, “understood on my way.” Adams replied ending the channel.

A few moments later Makayla emerged from her ready room after what seemed like hours going over the many reports. “Report,” Adams requested looking at her first officer. “Sir supplies have been brought onboard and all have been accounted for, we are ready to depart for the Meronia Cluster,” Tajir replied as Makayla nodded and took a seat in the Captain’s chair. Looking towards Lieutenant Deza Airje, “set a course at warp 9.” Adams replied as Airje nodded and tapped a few buttons before turning back to face the Captain. “Course laid in sir,” she replied waiting for her response.

“Engage,” she ordered as the Vesta began to move away from Starbase 27, and once at a safe distance, she went to warp.

Looking around at the bridge officers who remained silent, as she sat there watching space race by as they traveled to their destination. Things were becoming real, Rar had already made adjustments to the deflector dish to help detect any cloaked ships in hopes that it will keep them from getting a surprise attack. Though it wasn’t foul proof there was always that possibility it wouldn’t work. They would be prepared for anything that would come their way, or so they hoped.