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Task Force 86 July 2022 Report

August 11, 2022


The operations center was relatively quiet as Malik walked to his office.  Given the recent events of the past week, he was ready for the silence that everyday life provided.  The chaos that unfolded in the Velorum Sector had been stressful for everyone involved.

He looked over to Captain Lewis’s office; the man had long retired, leaving Malik to sort out what remained of the task force reports.  It wasn’t the greatest or the most exciting task, but it was something that needed to be accomplished.

“All things considered, I expected a bit more…” Malik spoke as a lieutenant walked into the office, shaking the PADD in his hand.  “Gotta say, I am impressed with the level of dedication each ship demonstrated.”

Malik looked down at the most recent report and stopped.  He looked up at the officer. “You couldn’t have led with this?”

“Sorry.” The lieutenant shrugged.

The report was everything that Starfleet had predicted.  With the end of the Romulan Star Empire, various independent factions had started picking apart what was left of the former Romulan Star Empire.  The less than savory members of the Triangle had already swept in to claim forgotten prizes.

Malik sighed. “Pirate activity along the border is getting more aggressive.” He wished he could give everyone the needed time off, time to relax.  However, if this report was an indication of the next few weeks, no one would get any time off. “We’ve allowed these people the ability to grow, and now that’s coming back to bite us. The Federation should have dealt with this years ago.  Situations like the Velorum Sector make for easy prey, and these people,” he said, pulling up a holographic map as he pointed to the area known as the Triangle, “will take full advantage of this opportunity.”

He stood up, looking at Captain Lewis’ office. “Time to loop in the boss.” He nodded to the lieutenant as he tucked the PADD under his arm.  “You’ve ruined my evening.”

The State of Task Force 86 In-Play

Task Force 86 has a new Priority Mission! Members can use this briefing to write Stories connected to the TF’s narrative and the newest developments in fleet canon:

Now the Romulan Star Empire is gone, the Federation’s coreward Beta Quadrant borders are even more dangerous. The old imperial territory has collapsed into the disparate Independent Romulan Factions, with many worlds ruled over by warlords either from the spinward reaches or the disintegrated military. Many non-Romulan pirate groups benefited from the chaos, raiding and pillaging unprotected worlds and bolstering their resources and equipment. These new threats challenge the Federation borders between the Free State and the Triangle, the home of many of these pirates.

TF86 is charged with border defense and, where reasonable, threat elimination – such as destroying weapons caches that have fallen into the hands of pirates and aggressive warlords. Others require a simple threat assessment through long-range observation or the negotiated acquisition of intelligence.


As with most of the fleet action weekly wrap-ups, you can view the progress of the entire fleet and each of the task forces from the links below.  As we move from the Sundered Wings Fleet Action, I am excited to see the many adventures our creative members of the golden trident will develop.  As a general reminder, don’t forget to update those missions and get your stories into BFMS. 


After the recent fleet action, we have several individuals to recognize.  These members recently received a promotion or award, and it’s time to put those who deserve a big shout-out.  Here is the group of Task Force awardees and what they did to deserve center stage:


Silver Palm

Star for Distinguished Service

Meritorious Service Cross


Promotion to Cadet Freshman

Promotion to Cadet Sophomore

Promotion to Lieutenant 

Promotion to Lieutenant Commander

Promotion to Commander


Over the next few months, we’re wanting to add more gaming to 86 to help you not only with promotions but also the ability to have a wider net in the community. This will be something that we as the staff will be working on in the near future. The plan only requires you to participate to earn ribbons. We will have more information regarding this in the near future! Until then, I recommend checking out the Gaming Policy and shooting any questions to Darth or myself! We will be glad to help.

In closing, I know I speak for Darth when I say that we are delighted with the level of involvement during the recent fleet action.  These are great opportunities to get involved, interact with other players, and earn ribbons for awards and promotions.  To all those who jumped in feet first, thank you for your continued dedication to Bravo Fleet. I know we will continue to see great things from everyone.  If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Darth or me.