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Task Force 47 April Report

May 5, 2022

“New kids on the block”

The office for the task force commander of the newly minted Task Force 47 was just as new as the rest of the newly constructed space station Deep Space 47, save for while chaos reigned supreme elsewhere within the station, within these walls was an ocean of calm tranquillity. The nature of the station design precluded any exterior windows for much of the Operations level, but luxuries were a privilege of rank and position, with two walls covered in holoprojectors capable of nigh-perfect renditions of whatever view as desired, or whatever information needed to be displayed when required.

The office furnishings were relatively spartan, the trinkets and mementoes one collected in their career still in transit from storage, a few having been with Captain Sudari-Kravchik and therefore home in a few places around the office, a couple on her desk.

“Ma’am, your morning reports,” a young yeoman, her yeoman now, Lieutenant Gerald Cartwright spoke as he entered her office with a couple of padds in hand and a cup of tea in his other, settling both in front of her.

“Is there anything new from Engineering?” she asked, tea the priority over the reports right now. She’d been reading the reports in her inbox for the last half hour and had yet to find anything from the station’s Engineering department about anything.

“Yes ma’am. Chief S’rel expects to have the power faults that started last night fully resolved by mid-morning and a root cause by the end of Beta shift.”

“Excellent. I am sure Commander Sh’tru will be pleased to have his station working properly once more. Anything else of interest I should know before I start on these?” she asked. She knew of a few key items herself already and was testing the Lieutenant.

“Gul Renok of the Xepox has requested permission for her crew to take leave aboard the station for a few hours when they pass by in two days. There’s been another formal diplomatic protest from the Breen Confederacy though it is word for word the same as the last, just with a different Thot signing it off.” He stopped for a moment, then clicked his fingers as he remembered something. “Oh yes! We’ve had two new requests for commercial space on the Galleria. Already forwarded to the station commander’s office.”

“Such requests are the domain of the station commander, not the task force itself,” she replied.

“Ah, but I thought you might like to see them ma’am. Both are from non-Federation entities. A request by a Ferengi wanting to open a franchise of a particular successful eatery and another from a Cardassian wanting to establish a transport office here for cargo and passenger services on regular runs.” Gerald smiled, then looked at the stack of padds. “Second padd down ma’am.”

She looked at her yeoman, refraining from smiling and taking the moment to think, hiding it with a sip of her tea. He’d mentioned the two major diplomatic points she was interested in, citing the regularity of the Breen complaint as well. The commercial aspects weren’t her primary concern, but he’d done well to bring them to her attention.

“Alright Lieutenant, you are dismissed. Please inform Captain Jori I would like a meeting with her in an hour if she is free.”

“Very well ma’am. Should I also arrange a table at Georgio’s for lunch again as well?” he asked.

“No, I think I will try that new Romulan-Andorian fusion place that opened a few days ago. Look at Captain Jori’s schedule and book around that, we will make it a working lunch I think.”

Task Force 47 Introduction

Hello Bravo Fleet from Task Force 47! It’s been a wild month and a bit since I was asked to take the reins of Task Force 47 by MJ and oh man do we have a wee bit to share with the likes of Bravo Fleet!

I’d like to take this time to introduce myself and my XO briefly.

I’m McGig aka the Puzzle God aka Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik, the Task Force 47 CO. I’ve been with BF for just under two years now and have to say I’ve really enjoyed my time here! I’ve been predominantly with Task Force 17, but recently was tasked to head up Task Force 47 when it was brought into existence.

Then we have Leah aka AzrasD aka Captain Imya Jori, the Task Force 47 XO. I’ve been with BF for nineteen years now (I know I am old), I’ve been in many different Task Forces over the years with TF93 for the last year and a half before being asked to head up Task Force 47 with McGig. I have an open door policy so if you have any questions or concerns I am just a DM away!

Fiction updates

That said, let’s get onto the good stuff about Task Force 47 since we opened the doors!

As previously mentioned, the Lore Office has opened up a whole new part of the galaxy for Bravo Fleet to explore and plopped TF47 right in it! It’s exciting folks and we’re looking forward to exploring this space together.

We’ve got a new sector, a new space station and a new space station class! I’d highly recommend everyone have a read of these articles, just to see some of the awesome work that’s gone into this from the Lore Office.

Then we have the current plots within TF47 folks and oh boy do I encourage people to give them a look over!

  • McGig’s Captain Theodoras and the intrepid crew of the Atlantis, bound for the Delta Quadrant, are suddenly ordered to Memory Alpha, the detour enough to cost them their return trip.
  • Leah’s Captain Dex and the USS Saratoga are en route to Trill for some much deserved R&R after the events of the Century Storm and their rescue of Aarius VII
  • Kai’s USS Temeraire, under Captain Tharia sh’Elas, have just completed an overhaul of the ship and she faces the task of blending the crews of the Temeraire and Santa Fe together. Animosity abounds as they head for the Thomar Expanse.
  • R’Tor’s USS Adventure under Lieutenant Command R’Tor continues to experience issues following on from the Century Storm.
  • And that loveable band of rogues aboard the SS Vondem Rose complete a daring, high stakes, high reward raid on a sleepy, barely thought of Starfleet scrapyard, all to steal a…chair? A chair? Really?

Competition Results

We’ve had a number of competitions lately run by members of TF47 and man oh man have they been good quality. That said, let’s give kudos to the winners once more.

Task Force 47 Competition Winners

Cardassians Oh My

Background Characters of Star Trek

Where in the TF47 Region is that?!

Task Force Recognition

Since opening the doors for TF47, we’ve had numerous members transferring across to give us a solid core of old hands and I’m grateful to all of them as well. These folks have come from across Bravo Fleet and their assistance by being active, encouraging new members and pitching in with competitions and just their normal writing helps a lot!

And then we have the new members! Oh so many new members at the moment and I want to give a personal shout out to Leah, for being really on the ball with this! She’s really leading the charge here, contacting new members, watching activity, filing away new activity almost as quickly as it happens. We’ve seen a couple of new faces join and work their way through the ranks in pretty good speed and I think a decent amount of that is Leah’s encouragement.

Speaking of these new people, I want to highlight some of the promotions we’ve had since we opened up TF47 and how some of these people are going. It’s a fantastic pace and I truly hope an indication of greatness to come.

Promotion to Cadet Sophomore Grade

Promotion to Cadet Junior Grade

Promotion to Ensign

I also want to take this time to mention two other promotions for members who transferred over to TF47. So glad I was able to do these promotions once these two transferred over as it gave us a really cool start to the show!

Keep it up 47! This is looking really, really cool and I’m so glad to be part of this!

We’re starting off strong in TF47 with the Mentorship program as well, with Leah and Kai both currently mentoring new members. This bodes well for us and I encourage more people to help out in this capacity if they feel comfortable doing so across BF.

We’ve also hit the ground running on new competitions as well! We’ve got competitions in the wings from R’Tor, waiting to get out there for all to enjoy. There have also already been a few already in front of Bravo Fleet from Kai and AzrasD, with more on the way I hear! Keep an eye out folks, as competition entries help keep the competition creators energised and making more! If you want to help out with your own, contact your Task Force staff or the Competitions team, always room for more!