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Cardassians Oh My!


Cardassians and Starfleet have had an estranged relationship, from the Bajoran occupation to the Dominion War. Throughout history, there were many notable Cardassians from Dukat to Garek and even Seska. Complete the jigsaw puzzle to see if you can figure out who they are.

Click here to complete the jigsaw puzzle


  • Submit a screenshot of the completed jigsaw, including the time completed.
  • Do not alter the shape or number of the pieces; it should be 204 pieces in "standard" shapes.
  • Entries will be placed on time to complete and then time submitted.


User ID Date Entry
Th'lora Vehl 2240 2022-04-23 12:20:28
Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik 2121 2022-04-22 23:27:16
Tia Dalia Savik 2220 2022-04-21 15:26:55
R’Tor 2309 2022-04-20 20:49:19

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