Echoes of the Tkon Final Results, Winners, and a lot more!

September 19, 2021

To the members of Bravo Fleet:

Now that the Fleet Action is complete, I’d like to present to you the final results. I won’t go on too much here at the top because I know you’ll just scroll past it and look for the results, so without further delay:


Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Fleet Action Wide


Quick Notes/Reflections

  • This was an incredibly competitive Fleet Action! The separation from second place to fifth place was only 7 points. It was really hard to tell who was even going to be in the top three by the time we started the third phase. In the end, only one person can win and only 3 people can place overall, but boy was it a ride to get there. So kudos to everyone in the top 10 who duked it out, and congratulations to our top three!
  • As with last year, this year was no different. Participation matters and its what made all the difference. For instance, only one person participated in the STO Scavenger Hunt in Phase III, and therefore took first place by default and all 13 points that went with it. In such a close race, anyone else participating and taking second place could’ve completely changed the landscape of the final placements.
  • In the competition submission boxes, there is no need to justify or explain your submission. This is especially true for trivia, puzzle, and flash game competitions. In those style of competition, the results are the results, and a paragraph trying to justify your results does nothing but use up the time of the person grading the competitions who then have to read it. In one instance during the Fleet Action, it cost someone a placement because they had spent so much time typing up a justification that someone else got an equal submission in before them.
  • Those who did really well in gaming competitions did so because they collaborated and coordinated with others, even those not in their task forces, rather than try and go things alone. Which really just reinforces the idea that Bravo Fleet is a community of like-minded Trek fans. Even during the heated battles of a Fleet Action!
  • Some people used the Fleet Action to start doing some collaborative writing, and kudos to them! Seeing people interact on a fiction scale and having their ships and captains work together in some instances was great to see!
  • Between this Fleet Action and the previous Archanis Campaign, we’ve been able to really hone in on feedback for the duration of events vs burnout. That feedback was invaluable, and we’ll be making adjustments in the future! We think that our goal going forward will likely be one Fleet Action and one, maybe two, Campaigns per year, strategically spaced out.
  • I think I speak for the entire Senior Staff when I say that this was a really, really fun event to organize. For many, it was the first real brush with something of this size and scale, but it was a really focused team effort to get everything ready to go and done on time. Kudos to everyone who helped make this possible!

Challenge Coin

Every member who participated in a competition or organized a competition in the Fleet Action will get one Echoes of the Tkon Challenge Coin, per. These are a one time offering that will never be available again. They will display on your dossier in the Badges section. Bragging rights for all your work! Huzzah!


New Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

Now come all the non-Fleet Action related news! Since May of this year, I have been pulling double capacity as the Chief of Staff. This is a position that I am intimately familiar with from the ground up. During that time I’ve brought on almost an entirely new staff. We began as a team evaluating stuff on a case-by-case basis as it came in until the point where I was satisfied to back off a little and let the staff run the OCS, more or less. Now that the FA is over I am ready to hand over the reins entirely. After a lot of discussion with Emily, we’ve decided to appoint FAdm James Preston McCallister aka MJ, the current TF17CO, as the new Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff! MJ has a really strong grasp of the concepts of the OCS from his time as both a TFCO and now as a staff member in the OCS for these past few months. I’m also happy to announce that MJ has chosen a Deputy Chief of Staff out of the current OCS and that Commander Th’lora Vehl will be the new Deputy! Congratulations to both of you and I know you’ll run the OCS like a well-oiled machine and the trains will arrive on time!

Task Force 17 Commanding Officer

With MJ moving over to the Chief of Staff role this leaves a wide-open gap in the TF17CO position. Filling this position, however, was practically a no-brainer. Sliding up from the TFXO slot will be Captain Tikva Theodoras aka McGig. McGig has been TFXO of TF17 now for over 10 months and is intimately aware and involved in all things TF17! As TFXO, McGig has also helped MJ run TF events, develop canon, and his heavy involvement in getting TF17 a win in the Fleet Action! Congratulations, McGig!

Additionally, McGig has already selected a TFXO in TF17s very own Commander Th’lora Vehl, who will be pulling double duty as 17XO and Deputy Chief of Staff! Congratulations!

Deputy Loremaster

And last, but not least, a new Deputy Loremaster has arrived. Fleet Captain Jonathan Ransom aka Mark will be taking on the reigns of Deputy Loremaster. Over the past few weeks, Mark has been helping our Loremaster, Cath, with all aspects of the Lore Office and its daily and project work business. Not a moment too soon, either, as Cath will be celebrating one year as Loremaster on Wednesday! Congratulations to both of you! Lore away!