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One of the best parts of the new model that Bravo Fleet follows is that we have user ranks. This is one of my favorite things because it allows leaders in Bravo Fleet to promote members and say really great things about them! And while it is the responsibility of the BFA to award members […]

Hello Bravo Fleet! Our new model is always a work in progress. We want our award and rank schemes to reward people for the work they’re doing, and encourage people to sometimes try out new activities, engage in this wider community we’re building. With that in mind, the Office of the Chief of Staff has […]

We’re a month now into the new model, and we at the Office of the Chief of Staff are constantly trying to streamline the process for everyone – new members, current members, the leadership. So here’s our latest update on a couple of changes, intended to improve everything for everyone. Legacy Awards Some of you […]

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the all new monthly awards. In the past, Task Forces picked out their own preferred candidates and rewarded them accordingly. Things have changed in the new model, as these candidates are now submitted to the Office of the Chief of Staff where we pick out those who shone brightest this […]

It’s been a busy two weeks of the new system, especially here at the Office of the Chief of Staff. We’ve been thrilled to see the high levels of engagement from all corners of the fleet with activity records, award nominations, and even a few promotions going through! Today we bring you three updates. The […]

It’s been over a week since our relaunch of Bravo Fleet, and we’re really excited to see this fresh flurry of activity. But we know that there’s a lot to take on board. We’ve made a lot of changes to the system and to the website, and we want to make sure everyone has the […]

Welcome to the monthly awards for March 2020! These are particularly special, as they will be the last of their kind ahead of the imminent changes coming to Bravo Fleet. Going forward, our monthly awards for games and their players will go fleet-wide. Task Forces will be welcome to submit their nominations to the Office of […]

April is going to be an exciting month for Bravo Fleet! In just a few short weeks, on April 25, the new model for the Fleet will be rolling out. We’re excited to be able to reveal more details of how this is going to work. A broad overview has been released already with our Roadmap […]

  It is a little difficult to have verve and joy with the state of the world at present. I would hope very much that our corner of the internet is a place we can find some solace or, at least, entertainment. As such, I’m particularly pleased to hand out our awards for February. They […]

It gives me great pleasure to issue my first round of monthly awards for the Task Forces who submitted such excellent nominations. This, as well as the uptick in Hall of Honour nominations really does mean I have the best job in the Fleet if I get to recognise excellence in our organisation. So without further ado: […]

  TO  All Fleet
 VIA  Office of the Chief of Staff

Hello! And may I begin by saying what an honour and delight it is to assume the office of the Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff. This is a great opportunity to give more to the Fleet and build on everything we’ve developed these past 20 years, and I’m looking forward to it greatly. As such, […]

Members of Bravo Fleet: This weekend the BFA conducted the voting to determine the 4th Quarter 2019 and 2019 Yearly award winners for both sim and players in those respective categories. Without further delay, here are the winners: Yearly Awards – 2019   Player of the Year (2019) LCDR Nirak, USS Mercury (TF64) “I am […]

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