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August 2022 Operations Report

August 20, 2022

Hello, fellow members of Bravo Fleet!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I write this report, as it’s certainly been a few thrilling months, and I am pleased to share some updates from the Operations Office. Read on to find out about the latest with our Role Playing Games and our upcoming Operation!

Fun With Flags

But first, let’s take a step back as I want to share the winners from one of the competitions I ran during the Fleet Action, entitled Fun With Flags! 

The overall winning entry was from Evelyn Sommers with this great design:


I went back to the first design seen in TOS with the red raptor, thinking the Romulans would recall their roots with their new beginning. So, I chose the color red from that first Romulan ship in “Balance of Terror”. The raptor design is inspired by the Roman symbol along with the lightning bolts for power and the wheat, a symbol for renewal. The blue and green is a callback to the old Romulan Star Empire emblem. The yellow or orange is a sunrise, representing a new day, again, renewal. There is a hint of the Phoenix with the combination of reds and yellows (fire) within the raptor.”

Second place went to Muninn Musgrave, again with another unusual design.


“The flag chosen by the leaders of the Revolution in the Oumoren System, after the successful overthrow of their Imperial Governor, bears special meaning for the revolution, for Reman heritage, and for the Oumoren System’s hope as a truly independent system with its own government, laws, and respected territory. The Oumoren flag consists of highly traditional Romulan colors, but with a pronounced gold bordering that differentiates from the Romulan Imperial silver-tone aesthetic. This gold bordering is composed of intersecting gold lines and nine stars: two top-middle, two lower-middle, one at center-fly, and one at center-hoist, as well as three unique corners. The two fly-side corners, and the lower hoist-side corner, feature different star designs. The nine stars refer to the nine planets in the Oumoren system, and the three unique stars refer to the three inhabited planets in the Oumoren system. On the flag’s gradated teal-green field is the device of a Reman bird of prey sporting one unique wing-feather. The bird of prey is reminiscent of Romulan style, and is considered a depiction of strength and power. The singular feather is a reminder of the Oumoren system’s dream of existing as a fully independent State, with its own laws, borders, and government. The flag’s canton is framed by two intersecting gold lines. In the canton’s center are three elements: a circle surrounded by 67 stars, a sword and a pick, crossed at the hafts, and a pair of white spread wings beneath. The 67 stars represent the average number of Reman workers who died each year due to the appalling working conditions. The sword and pick describe the worker’s rebellion, which included many of the low-class Romulans who were treated almost as poorly as the Reman slaves, and who joined with the Reman miners in rebellion. The spread wings are both a symbol of peace, and a reminder of the Reman and Romulan shared heritage as distant descendants of Vulcan.”


While third place went to our FA Champion, McGig!


“Planetary flag for Daloon IV. A white-edged blue diagonal bend, dividing diagonally from the lower hoist-side corner, with an upper black triangle and a dark green lower triangle. A star device in the upper hoist-side triangle with a jade raptor device overtop. The shield of the House of L’rilt sits in the lower fly-side. The green triangle represents the verdant plains and habitable nature of Daloon, guarded over by the House of L’rilt as the near-constant Magistrates of Daloon. The blue diagonal bend represents the clear skies of Daloon and its shield against the vacuum of space, represented by the upper black triangle. The Star and Raptor, a common design at the time of settlement, represents the Raptor of Romulus watching over Daloon and keeping the world safe. The jade raptor’s talons are red with the blood of the Romulan people’s enemies, signifying the Raptor’s commitment to keeping its subjects safe. The shield of the House of L’rilt is a simple gold-edged red shield in quadrants with a tower in the upper left and a silver sword in the lower right. This represents martial might in ages past but has come to represent the stalwartness of the modern house, with the downward angle of the sword indicative of a desire to turn swords into ploughshares. While many have called for a new flag for Daloon, in particular removing the raptor device and possibly the House of L’rilt’s coat of arms, this call is of less importance currently than navigating the fallout of an attempted coup, an entire civil change of regime type, opening relations with the Romulan Republic and securing the future of Daloon going forward. In these troublesome and turbulent times, the flag of Daloon serves at least in some capacity as a continuation of the yearned for peace and surety of times past.”

Role Playing Games Update

You asked, and we listened! Some of the feedback from our recent member survey highlighted to us that members would like to have more Role Playing Games available. With this in mind, we have looked at this from several angles. 

The first work we looked at was the RPG policy, particularly around RPG proposals. We have elaborated the guide further for everyone to use so there is a clear understanding from members of what we are looking for in a quality game being developed. So, if you are interested in doing your RPG, please take a look and get in touch with someone from the Operations Office. We must also stress that for RPGs to work successfully then they need committed Game Managers who have the time, energy and passion to make them enjoyable for those who are a part of them. 

On to other great news and as Vince shared recently, we’ve launched a few new RPGs. Here’s a reminder on two of them and the latest one!

USS Mercy

First off is the USS Mercy, an Olympic-class science and medical ship led by Lieutenant Commander Peter Crawford (aka aarondelay)

Already the Mercy has members on it, but do take a look at some of their stories and speak to Aaron about joining if you are interested. 

Eos Station

Our second RPG is our first Watchtower-class starbase in Bravo Fleet, Eos Station! Managed by our very own TF86XO, Captain London Malik (aka Harrington), Eos is located by the former Romulan Neutral Zone. It is now tasked with guarding the Federation’s interests in the area.

Many positions are open, so do take a look and see what Harrington has planned!

USS Venture

And finally, our most recent addition is the Sovereign-class starship the USS Venture which will be led by our newest TF72XO, Captain Italia Ruas (aka Kai)

Again, like Eos, many positions are ready for you to apply for as the Venture plans to head into deeper parts of the Federation’s frontier between Gorn and Tholian territory.

With these additions, it takes our number of RPGs up to ten! Other plans are being looked at how we can facilitate more collaborative writing across BF, so watch this space for that update. 

In the meantime, don’t forget we have the following games available for any BF member to join and play on:


Game Manager: Fleet Admiral Zack Marshall-Bennet (aka MJ)

Assistant Game Manager: Vice Admiral Alexander Beckett (aka LadyBlue)

Era: 2150s United Earth Starfleet

What’s the Endeavour about? 

Set in 2157, Star Trek: Endeavour follows the stories of the valiant crew of the starship Endeavour during the Earth-Romulan War. Endeavour NX-06 is our current longest-running RPG (it’s been going since September 14th 2019) and is starting its next exciting mission by visiting a matriarchy world with some interesting consequences! If you loved Star Trek: Enterprise, then take a look to see what positions you can contribute to on this Columbia-class ship!  

USS Altai

Game Manager: Captain Erill’Yun Mek (aka Wooz)

Assistant Game Manager: Captain Henry Maxwell (aka JShep) 

Era: 2400 Starfleet

What’s the Altai about? 

This is the edge of Federation space, where creature comforts are hard to come by. We’re here to keep an eye on the Breen and whatever else may come across the border. A cramped ship. A barren outpost. No support. If you like the sound of that, you’d be just like us. Visit the Steamrunner-class starship USS Altai and see what else the members have been up to, including a spooky abandoned Breen ship!

USS Aquarius

Game Manager: Captain Th’lora Vehl (aka Alexia/Brian)

Assistant Game Manager:Lieutenant Commander Francheszka “Frankenstein” Braxton (aka ResidualRose/Wes)

Era: 2400 Starfleet

What’s the Aquarius about? 

Our first Excelsior II-class RPG in Bravo Fleet! Since the attack on Mars and the subsequent withdrawal from evacuations from the impending supernova, many Romulan refugees distrust Starfleet. The Aquarius will face challenges as they attempt to give humanitarian aid to these refugee worlds. Currently, the ship is trying to help a trapped Romulan vessel that does not want their help; how will they overcome these difficulties? Take a look to find out!

USS Columbia

Game Manager: Admiral Liam Dahlgeren (aka David)

Era: 2400 Starfleet

What’s the Columbia about? 

Carrying on the venerable legacy of her fore-bearers named Columbia, this Galaxy-class ship is one of Starfleet’s foremost exploration platforms. Working deep in the Delta Quadrant, in the Nacene Reach, the Columbia is about to get into the middle of a situation between two races that many of you who loved early Star Trek: Voyager will enjoy! 

USS Cygnus

Game Manager: Lieutenant Commander Bane Plase (aka Lisald Vatt)

Assistant Game Manager: Lieutenant JG Erik Larsen (aka Raygi)

Era: 2400 Starfleet

What’s the Cygnus about? 

The Nebula-class USS Cygnus is currently on a mission to explore uncharted space on the relative ‘back side’ of Cardassian Space. Upon investigation of a new star system, they discovered that a Crystalline Entity had made a reappearance and wiped out the civilisations there. The Cygnus has tracked down the CE and is currently working to divert it from its present heading towards Cardassian (and eventually Federation) space. Things are exciting, with new things being discovered while seeing familiar places.

USS Denver

Game Manager: Captain Aoife McKenzie (aka Jess)

Assistant Game Managers: Captain Vausees Vax (aka Vivid) & Lieutenant Commander Ambrose Harris (aka aarondelay)

Era: 2370s Starfleet (Dominion War period)

What’s the Denver about? 

It’s the height of the Dominion War. Thrust into the center seat of a Nebula-class starship a young captain must navigate the horrors of war and bring her crew home safely. After a recent skirmish providing key intelligence for the war effort, the Denver heads home to Earth before one of the biggest battles in the Dominion War’s early days takes place: retaking DS9! 

Starbase Bravo

Plus don’t forget about all of the fun that takes place in our open sandbox, the home of Bravo Fleet

Visit Starbase Bravo’s page to see what positions are open and read the following guides to help you:

Back To Basics – Upcoming Operation

Last year we had Operation: Homestead, but this year starting on 29th August 2022 and through 1st October 2022, our next Operation will occur. Entitled, Back To Basics, this will be an excellent opportunity for our members to develop a few of their characters and their primary command (ships) a bit more and participate in some great competitions! In case you weren’t here for last year’s operation or can’t quite remember it, below is a summary. 

What is an Operation?

An operation is a coordinated effort led by the Operations Office during which Task Forces prepare competitions fitting a unified theme over the course of several individual event weeks to bridge between the stories of Fleet Actions and Campaigns. These are lower-intensity events designed to make sure that there are consistent opportunities for people to enter competitions. They are also opportunities to provide guided ways for members to interact directly with the canon surrounding their home task force, both in their fiction and world-building challenges. Unlike a Fleet Action, task forces are not in competition with one another, and unlike a Campaign, there are no regular lore updates with story beats, as it is intended to be free-form and at the members’ discretion. Also, unlike a Fleet Action, members are not prohibited from proposing their own unrelated competitions during this time, and, indeed, Task Force staff are encouraged to seek out members of their TFs willing to put on competitions.

The Operations Office will share more information about the Back To Basics soon. Watch this space!