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USS Aquarius (NCC-87003)


Resolute-class • NCC-87003 • Task Force 72

Welcome aboard the USS Aquarius as it begins its adventures in the old Romulan Neutral Zone. Since the attack on Mars and the subsequent withdrawal from evacuations from the impending supernova, many Romulan refugees distrust Starfleet. The Aquarius will face challenges as they attempt to give humanitarian aid to these refugee worlds. Hopefully, over time with diplomacy and patience, they can begin to repair the damage.

The USS Aquarius (NCC-87003) is a Resolute-class heavy cruiser designed to respond to any given situation, thus designated as a multi-purpose vessel. Launched in 2390, the Aquarius has already been through its first refit, under the command of Captain Tajir Derohl. The Aquarius is operating in the old Romulan Neutral Zone in the Beta Quadrant.

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13 June 2022

Accidental Damage

USS Aquarius: Gravitational Anomaly

Once established in Sickbay and getting used to her new colleagues and the new equipment both, Ellie was beginning to find her feet.   Sitting at Reception during a break, talking to her newest acquaintance – a young junior vulcan doctor called Salpai – the two were smiling and chatting [...]

22 May 2022

Ghosts in the Halls

USS Aquarius: Gravitational Anomaly

The stone floors were warm to the touch, heated by an ancient and antiquated system of steam pipes installed over a thousand years ago, throughout the main temple complex to drive the frigid cold of the mountain peaks upon which the complex was built even longer before, in Q’no’os’s [...]

10 May 2022

New Chapter - Anticipation

USS Aquarius: Gravitational Anomaly

It had been a long journey in more ways than one but the Denobulan side of Elowen Adair didn’t need as much sleep as the human side so her body did what it always did and compromised with a short nap which did all she needed it to. Settling at last into her new quarters, she got up from her nap [...]

2 May 2022

What About Now?

USS Aquarius: Gravitational Anomaly

Ghant Xerix took a moment to consider his reflection in the small head of his quarters. The Betazoid had large, dark features handsomely arranged on his face. He was of middling height, but excellent posture and an air of self importance picked up where the tape measure left off.  That [...]