Lieutenant Junior Grade

27x27x Legion of Honor
2x Action Medal with Star Cluster

2x Action Medal with Planet Cluster



Steve Brown

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United States

Im a 40 year old guy that loves Star Trek. I grew up when the original run of Star Trek: The Next Generation was out on TV, and it was my favorite show for the longest time. As time marched on, I ended up falling in love with Deep Space 9, and even to this day, it is my favorite series of Trek.

I am a Logistics Marine Manager in my professional life. When off, I love to go to places that have seen history, and try to learn more about it. My travels have taken me all over the United States (where I am from), to Japan, England, Scotland, France and Germany, and all over the Middle East. Like my character Jonathon Rey, I do enjoy picking up relics and pieces that are appealing to me. I have quite the collection in my home.

Some of my other activities I enjoy is flying airplanes. I am a Private Pilot, and have been know to eat my breakfast, then go to the airfield, get in my plane and fly 400-500 miles just to have lunch somewhere exotic (well, exotic to me).

I got into Star Trek email role playing WAAAY back in 2000, and wrote for almost 17 years with one character, taking him from the Academy all the way up to Rear Admiral (Upper Half) in story, taking almost 15 years to make it that far. I stopped writing for about three years due to personal issues and commitments, but I am happy to be back and writing again.

I am a pretty friendly and jovial sort of fellow, and love to make new friends. If you are reading this, and have gotten this far, and are interested in having an email, texting, or phone call friend, reach out and we will do just that!